A year since Parahoy

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Martin H. (@martinhardee)

Mountain View, California, USA

aysp005“First, it was so much fun meeting fans from all over the world, all converged on the single little ship, with a single mission: To sing, listen and dance to music of their favorite band… and have fun just hanging out with one another. We often use the word “parafamily” as a name for the Paramore fanbase, and it’s a pretty accurate feeling of the vibe aboard the cruise. People were friendly, helpful, supportive, and kind. There were folks of all ages, and even though we were on the older side, we made fast friends young and old whom we’ve kept in touch with closely to this day.

The cruise let us connect with with each other, and also learn about new bands that we might not have known in great detail. For instance, it was so much fun chatting about all kinds of music with Aaron from mewithoutYou, and really getting into their music that I hadn’t previously known before. We talked to quite a few members of the different bands about all kinds of topics, usually returning to music at the end, and it was awesome.

And, like a lot of people, I brought my guitar, at the encouragement of Sixthman, the cruise organizers. While I’m not nearly as good as some of the amazing musicians we had on board among the passengers, we all had so much fun playing songs with each other — everything from Dave Matthews, to Sinatra, to Charli XCX, and of course lots of Paramore songs. We arranged a fan singalong for two nights of the cruise, and had lots of people joining. It was an amazing mix of the virtual and real world’s coming together. We made lots of friends, and also cemented some relationships with people we previously only knew through fan forums or Twitter.

One of the great things about Parahoy! is that the passengers were all dedicated fans — and the bands knew they could play songs that might not find a following on mainstream tours. It was magical to hear songs like Escape Route, Franklin, (One of Those) Crazy Girls, Let The Flames Begin + Part II, and all the other rare songs from Paramore.

My only regret is that the band didn’t get a chance to hear The Only Crustacean at the fan sing-along, but I know we’ll be glad to sing for them any old time.”

Tony P. (@xyeahtony)

Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

“Parahoy was an amazing experience for me for two main reasons. Although seeing my favorite band was one of them, the main reason was because I got to hang out with so many friends that lived so far away. These were friends that liked a lot of the same things as me, and even though we lived so far apart and saw each other very few times a year, we still all clicked as though we were best friends who hung out everyday.

I will always cherish the friendships. All the other things like the amazing cruise experience, the Paramore shows, and fun activities… even if I didn’t have that I still would have had the time of my life being with my closest friends. Having paramore around was just the cherry on top!”

Hannah B. (@haychbee_)

Melbourne, Australia

“What can I say? Going on a boat with the two guys from Paramore and the lead singer from N*Sync was freaking UH-MAZING. There are a few insane life changing split decisions that you make in your existence, and this was undoubtedly one of them for me. Travelling solo from Australia, paying off a credit card for months later and living off top ramen in order to get there was all worth it tenfold.

I’ve never been as happy in my life as i was for those four days. It’s hard to pinpoint if it was the people, the location, or a combination of pure healthy awesomeness, but for those few days, I had no inhibitions, I was too happy to care about anything other than that moment.

Parahoy was about being able to appreciate that everyone was there for a different reason.
The cruise was made so fantastic by not just Paramore, but all of the bands that came together to create such a (and I don’t say this lightly) once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Not only did I get to witness the greatest setlist put together from my favourite band, holy shmoke n a pancake, but was able to hear the older Paramore songs that I would most probably never get a chance to have witnessed live ever again. Crazy.

Probably the highlight of Parahoy for me was meeting some of the most amazing people (they don’t make them like that in Australia,) particularly Paramore fans that I’d met online and wouldn’t ordinarily get a chance to meet otherwise.

That a band would do this for, and with, their fans is pretty ridiculous, and I never would I have imagined this could’ve happened a few years back when I was crying hysterically into my cereal (salt water milk isn’t tasty) when listening to the band that would ultimately change my life for the better. What a dream. 1234 Happy days.”

Bobby T. (@bobbytaft)

Fort Edward, New York, USA

“Parahoy was a mixture of great music, good friends, amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. The friends I met through my love of Paramore made the whole trip so much fun! Whether we sat down together for dinner, enjoyed the concerts together or just bonded and talked, I’ll never forget any of those moments.

One major moment that made the trip was during the last intimate show Paramore played, during Last Hope & during some older All We Know is Falling songs, my friends and I all had tears in our eyes. That’s how I knew I was on a great vacation with great friends that I’d be friends with forever. That was Parahoy.”

Karen H. (@karencjharris)

Clifton Park, New York, USA

“Parahoy was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many people from all over the world. Without this trip, I would not have made some new lifelong friendships. I have been singing since I was four years old, and I was lucky enough to participate in the Paraoke competition. To sing on the same stage as Paramore was a dream come true. To see the crowd that Paramore sees cheering and singing along with me…I’m just in awe of that experience.

From steak dinner after the first show with best friends, exploring the private island, and experiencing the second concert (so special), this trip has so many memories that I will carry when me forever. This vacation was life-changing, and I feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of such an amazing maiden voyage!”

Elle S. (@ellesnodgrass)

Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

“One of my favourite moments from the cruise was when my friend and I were stood on our balcony looking out at the sea and could hear people singing Paramore songs. We looked and saw that it was coming from some girls a few balconies down, and we joined in. Then they invited us to come and sing with them, so we ended up standing on a balcony on the ship in the middle of the ocean, all singing our hearts out. I’ll never forget how happy we all were, complete strangers, singing ‘Looking Up’ together. I’ll never forget that!

I had more fun at all of the shows on Parahoy than I’ve had at shows ever, and being able to see NFG and Tegan and Sara for the first time was so great. Of course, I’ve gotta mention the second Paramore show too – I’m pretty sure I just cried continuously throughout the whole thing. I met friends for life on Parahoy, and it was some of the best few days I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful for the wonderful memories I made both with my favourite bands and new friends, and not a day goes by where I don’t miss the soft serve ice cream. Parahoy II better come soon!!”

Philip G. (@theevileye666)

Wimborne Minster, England, UK

“In all honesty, my Parahoy experience could have actually been a lot better! I didn’t really do anything during the day I spent in Miami beforehand, I missed bands, events, didn’t meet up with people I wanted to, spent a surprising amount of time just wandering the shop on my own, heck, I haven’t even kept in touch with the people I shared a cabin with!

But, for the memories that truly stand out (the pick throwing contest qualifying, snorkeling in the Caribbean, Paramore’s second set, the acoustic singalong on the final night and then wandering round with random people never, ever wanting it to end) it was so absolutely worth it!

What I got most out of it, though, was not a memory or experience, but the confidence to go travelling on my own. Without that, I would never have done the things I did last year. I ended up seeing most of the people I missed on Parahoy during my Monumentour travels, creating even more memories than I could have ever dreamed of, and it all culminated in getting onstage with Paramore in June! Without Parahoy that would never have happened!”

Anna S. (@annaleighsmart)

Mildenhall, England, UK

“How do I even begin to write about Parahoy? Where on earth do you start? I guess maybe I should start with saying that this was the best experience of my whole entire life and I cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to attend it! I was so worried that the 4 days on board would fly by and be over before I knew it, so from the get go I was determined to make every second count. When I look back now it feels like it was just a day thing because it went so quick, but I actually managed to make the most of it and while I was there, the 4 days felt like 2 weeks, it was beyond perfect!

When Parahoy was announced I never thought I’d be lucky enough to get to go. Miami is quite a way away from where I live (England) so the cost of flights on top of the cruise was too much for any of my friends to be game (I personally would’ve cut off my little toe to be there). I was totally devastated but I kind of knew the whole idea of going was a long shot. Luckily though, I met a fellow Paramore fan at a show a couple of months before the announcement, we kept in touch throughout social media and fortunately we ended up putting a plan together and decided we would go. (YAY!)

I spent a lot of the spare time on the cruise eating and playing air hockey.. And then eating, and then playing some more air hockey (seriously the bill statement thing at the end was INSANE). Who can resist delicious buffets and 24 hour soft serve!? No one. That’s a fact. Plus it would be rude to not see the cruise workers as often as possible and let them know how great they’re making the experience for us, right? #WashyWashyHappyHappy

Aside from eating, me and my travelling buddy went to a lot of the smaller events that went on throughout the day. I was for some reason incredibly optimistic about winning on bingo, I didn’t win but it was still a super fun activity. I managed to get lost about 3 times a day despite constantly looking at the cruise map and claiming to know where I was! It’s a pretty big boat and every stairwell/elevator section looks almost exactly the same okay!?

I have one very large regret from the whole experience and that is not going to the Casino earlier. Sure I went there during the day to have a nose around and maybe throw away a few dollars here and there on some slots, but oh my god the atmosphere at night was CRAZY. On the last night, me and my roomie went for a walkabout and ended up in the casino at about 11pm when we couldn’t find anything else to do.. We played blackjack for about 5 hours straight and I definitely do not have any regrets about that. I made so many more friends as people came and went to the table we were sat on. When I first sat at the table I knew how to play Blackjack, I just didn’t know how to win properly. The guy sat next to me kindly helped me as we went along and I ended up doubling my money (I may have also lost it by the end of the night but we won’t talk about that). An hour or so later an Irish girl sat next to me with a few $100 chips in front of her debating whether or not to put one down. I convinced her it was a good idea and this sums up why you should never listen to me, oops!

Queuing for 10 hours in the blazing sun, somewhere in the Middle of the Bahamas is certainly something I will never forget. Usually queuing for shows isn’t something I enjoy however this was so very different. I’ve never been surrounded by so many people that I know love the thing we’re waiting for as much as I do. I mean I’ve queued hours for shows before, but the dedication to this band was oozing out of us all and you could definitely feel it. Those 10 hours were possibly my favourite of the cruise. I’m a very shy person so talking to new people isn’t always easy for me. With the help of the few people I had already met, I settled down and I can comfortably say now that I’ve made some friends for life. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who turns down the opportunity of chilling on a private island in The Bahamas to sit and wait with you for hours on end is worthy of a life long friendship! When you’re surrounded with good people times flies by, and playing card games, singing Paramore songs and messing around on a guitar makes it fly even faster. (Huge shoutout to the cruise workers for bringing us multiple pizzas and lots of water so we didn’t die in the heat, that should definitely be a standard queuing procedure!)

This whole experience seems so bittersweet now that it’s been a whole year. I’m still so happy that I was on the very first Parahoy but at the same time I’m gutted because now, I’m not on it. I think I speak for everyone that was there when I say I wish it lasted forever. Like they say though “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – I’ll try to keep that in mind until the announcement of Part 2.

Parahoy 2.. You have ALOT to live up to!”

Lissette M. (@lissettemedina)

Redding, California, USA

“My experience on Parahoy was the best choice best decision best everything I have ever made so far in my life. I was able to disconnect from the real world, and actually enjoy who and what I was surrounded by I felt like for the first time in forever. I could breathe and not worry about anything or anyone bringing me down, to be surrounded by so many people who share the same love for the three people that have been there forever is insane, and so nice I didn’t feel alone for once meeting people from around the world, and having them recognize me just from chatting online pretty much made my life I felt like I actually belong somewhere, and that’s never happened in my life.

The funny thing about it all is you will literally have no time actually explain everything that went on on the cruise. I hardly slept, met a lot of people, had the best time ever and the hardest time saying goodbye but I left there was so many amazing new friendships and I wouldn’t change it for the world so thank you Hayley Jeremy and Taylor and all the other bands and people that made this possible here’s to hoping for Parahoy II.”

Kathryn K.

Redding, California, USA

“So first off I think being on a cruise with my all time favorite band didn’t even comprehend till the first night my friend, Lissette, and I we’re walking around, exploring, and we see Jeremy and Kat hang out with friends. That’s when we were like “omg we are on PARAHOY”. I remember that we couldn’t sleep at all and we wanted to make the most of every hour that we were there. We didn’t want to waste a single moment. We didn’t really sleep at all. Haha. We would just walk around and dance and sing on the pool deck when We thought everyone was asleep, we would lay down under the stars and watch them pass by, we would just explore, we felt like this trip was our daydreaming video and we could not have felt more grateful for the experience and family that we grew to know while there.

Although I didn’t talk much to everyone I did enjoy how everyone that was there all had the same appreciation for the music, the artists and we all went through the struggles and appreciate the outcomes that Paramore went through. Not only do I feel like I got to meet my Parafamily and enjoy their company, but also got to experience the greatest thing of my life. I don’t think I will ever forget the time spent with my friends and my newly explored family.”

Talia Oriana J.

Logan, Utah, USA

“I’ve always really loved Paramore, so when my friend Dan asked if my husband I wanted to come with he and his fiance Jade, I was too happy to oblige. I have been friends with Dan and Jade for years, the exact count I’m not entirely sure on, but it’s roughly around 6-7, but they live in England and we had never met in person. We met online and had remained friends for all those years, talking about meeting one another but never actually doing it. So Parahoy was our opportunity to finally meet in person, which was something we’d always wanted but had never gotten the opportunity to do.

Going on Parahoy gave me the chance to do a lot of things for the first time; visit Miami Florida, go on a cruise, visit the Bahamas and meet two of the greatest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The cruise had a lot of wonderful things to offer, shows, games and events with the bands etc. Though all of the on board events were a blast, some of my favorite memories were just spending time with my friends and walking the ship. We went on walks all the time, walking around the ship and down various floors we’d never explored.

My favorite memory was one night when we were hanging out in our room and we stayed up for hours just talking about how we met, and reading old conversations, watching videos and laughing like complete goons. It was a really heartwarming and wonderful experience to finally be able to be with the people I had only talked to on the internet for all those years, and to be able to laugh and talk like we’d known each other our whole lives.

Parahoy was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget and always cherish, not only for the great times I had with my friends, but also for the new friends I made, the laughs I had, the memories I made and the stronger and more profound love I found for Paramore. I will always hold this experience in my heart and never forget a single second of it, and I am so grateful to Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy for all they did for their fans. We love you!”

Amy Z. (@azav_)

Crown Point, Indiana, USA

“I went on Parahoy with my boyfriend, jake and our two friends. None of us had ever been on a ship before so the whole thing was so exciting. I can honestly say it was the best time of my life. From seeing our favorite band play on a tiny stage with no barricade in the middle of the ocean, to the beautiful weather, to the never ending food, and all the activities.

Some of the highlights for me were obviously both of Paramore’s sets but specifically the second one. Though I couldn’t keep my good spot in the crowd because people were pushing soooo bad, it was amazing nonetheless. I got to hear so many old songs that I’ve never heard live before. I’ve been a fan for 10 years but only saw them for the first time in 2013, I felt like I was able to get back some lost time! I remember I starting crying my eyes out when they played Let The Flames Begin and Part II together because I was overwhelmed with emotion. Like I couldn’t believe I was in the middle of the ocean with my favorite band. It was so cool to see them do the Q&A and for Taylor to do the basketball thing. Even though we didn’t hang out with them personally that’s what it felt like.

It was just amazing to be able to do whatever we wanted for a few days and not have to worry about responsibility all while listening to good music and being surrounded by the nicest people in the entire world. I’ve never been in such a huge group of different people that were all super nice! it was cool seeing people from all different backgrounds and different countries all come together for a shared passion.

It was also so liberating to be without contact to the outside world for a few days! It felt like I was able to enjoy my time more because I didn’t have to worry about people calling or texting me or getting caught up in social media. It was honestly just such an amazing time from start to finish that I could talk about for days on end. I want to thank paramore and everyone who even went on there for making it happen and making it so amazing. I really hope I get to experience parahoy again it was awesome to feel a part of something so amazing.”

Scott N.

Chippenham, England, UK

“Funnily enough, my wife Caroline and myself, have just been saying how this time last year we had just landed in Orlando. It seems like a million years ago. For me the best part, apart from the bands, was the friendship throughout the ship.

It was almost like a group of mates had booked a holiday together. We both made some amazing friends and believe it or not, we both joined in with all the fancy dress nights which is unusual for us. We felt free from the norm and could do what we wanted. Easily the most amazing holiday ever. So looking forward to the next one. Take care and see you on the 2016 cruise!”

Ashley L.

Denver, Colorado, USA

“Parahoy was the best experience of my life! I don’t even know how to put it all into words because you had to be there to know how incredible it was. I’ve been to 14 Paramore shows including Parahoy, and the concerts on Parahoy were by far my favorite. I still can’t even believe it was a thing haha! There was sooo much more that went on than the concerts – the entire experience was irreplaceable and it started some of the best friendships of my life. When I first heard about Parahoy, I told my best friend that no matter what, we needed to be on that ship.

I didn’t realistically think I would be able to make it happen, being a broke college student putting myself through school, but I managed. We booked a 4 person cabin with two people we had never met. I was wary of doing that, but in the end, it was the best decision! Our two roommates have now become close friends, as has the whole Parahoy family. Though I live in Colorado and my roommates live in Canada and Florida, we have found ways to meet up and make adventure for ourselves a year later – we are going to Harry Potter world together this summer!!! Anyway! The cruise itself! In between shows, there was so much to do, and my roommates and I had a blast doing it. Cocky basketball with Taylor was so funny — he is definitely the cockiest. One of my favorite things was Jeremy’s DJ set – WHO KNEW HE COULD DJ?! That was the most fun I’ve ever had at a dance party.

I remember almost winning Paramore trivia with Adam from FBR, but sadly we tied for second place — it definitely tested our knowledge. (The winners were a group called “Asian Persuasion with a Little Caucasian”, their group mostly consisted of Asian people) The second Paramore set was so so special, to me and to everyone, it felt like we were in a tiny club, but in the middle of the ocean! On the last night, my roommate and I were coming back from the headphone disco, and some people in an elevator handed us a cookie and were singing Paramore songs — that truly captured the carefree, fun experience of the entire cruise for me. It was really a once in a lifetime experience that can’t be summed up with words. I really hope it happens again!”

Nancy S.

Forksville, Pennsylvania, USA

“My name is Nancy, and I’m 23 years young. I’ve been listening to Paramore for 10 years, and can’t get enough! It was love at first listen! This past March, my sisters Michele, MaryAnn and I all went on the Parahoy cruise which was both beautiful, and magical. It was the best time we’ve ever had! From the amazing shows, activities, and people we met. I had a permanent smile for that whole weekend! And catch myself still smiling anytime I think about it! Just waiting in line checking in on the first day, I remember I had a belly full of butterflies. As we got on the boat, from the floor stickers, to banners in the elevators, and TV logo’s! We were in absolute heaven! I couldn’t believe it was real! The first show alone, brought tears to our eyes. We were in absolute glory! I remember thinking to myself when I woke up the next day, “wow, is this real? Am I really here?” we would wake up, throw on our rock tee’s and head to the pool deck where we started our morning’s chilling with the awesome fans, workers, and band mates. Everyone was super nice, and so much fun!

There were so many beautiful moments that happened, but one that sticks out was when Paramore played ‘last hope’ and my sisters and I all put our arms around each other, sang, looked up at the moon, and cried. But it was a good kind of cry, a happy cry. One that makes your heart smile. This cruise was seriously amazing. The last night my sisters and I were walking around, and bumped into a group of friends we met, and all had a Paramore sing off in the lobby. It was super terrific, it made me feel like I was at home. No matter what has happened in my life, or where I move to, as long as I have Paramore to listen to, I feel home. Parahoy changed my life in many ways, that’s where my sister got to sing in front of thousands of Paramore fans, I met beautiful people, danced, laughed, and in all had the best time I’ve ever had, and got to share it with a group of non judgmental, life long friends. Thank You!”

Adam R. (@therainbowbeard)

San Diego, CA

“Parahoy was a special place where the underdogs could be heard, seen, and felt like they were apart of something. It was a unique and special vibe. For me, it was the birth of RainbowBeard. It literally has changed my life’s direction. I will be forever grateful.”

Charlotte L. (@itsch4rlieyall)

Aix-en-Provence, France

“I am really thankful for Paramore. Thanks to them, I met my best friends, and I had the chance to travel so many times. After doing the EU tour in 2013, I booked the cruise with two of my best friends. We had so much fun before, during and after the cruise. We went back home closer and stronger that ever.

We lived our best vacations together, we will never forget it. Never ever. Thank you so much, Jeremy, Hayley and Taylor. Thank you for bringing me friends, travels, happiness and hope every day.”

Louisa G.

London, England, UK

“Parahoy was a wonderful, life changing and amazing experience for me. It not only meant that I got to go on a cruise with my favourite band since 2005 but also seeing other awesome bands too.

Parahoy gave me the opportunity to meet my pen pal who I had known for 2 years but never met, as she lives in Louisiana and I live in England. We are so much closer now and had the best time all thanks to our love of Paramore, we are sisters and are planning to meet up again soon.

I made so many new friends on the cruise too, a lot from all over the world, who I love more than anything and we still keep in contact and hangout now, it’s amazing, our connection through our love for one band. The friendships I formed will stay strong forever, I know it. Parahoy brought me so much joy and happiness, I cannot thank Paramore, NCL, Sixthman or my new friends enough.”

Emilie H.

Hope, Indiana, USA

“When I saw the ship I couldn’t believe how big it was. I mean you expect it to be big. But I was in shock. I never been on a ship. It was my first time really traveling alone as well. So I was nervous but excited. I’ve never been good at making friends. But being there with other people who were there for the same reason was special. It was easy just having a good laugh with others.

I met so many people that if I ever see again I’ll tackle with excitement because they are now family to me. Also I didn’t know my roomie before hand. But right away she and I became good friends. She and I still talk and can’t wait for the next one. I loved being able to see both of my favorite bands, Paramore and Shiny Toy Guns, on the same cruise.”

Bring on Parahoy II!

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