Airplanes Live in Nashville, TN!

B.o.B had a show in Nashville, TN, USA at the Vanderbilt University Homecoming Concert. He played Airplanes and because this was Hayley’s hometown show, she joined B.o.B on stage to perform their hit song, Airplanes! As said before, Airplanes will be seen live the third time at the EMAs in Madrid, Spain on Nov 7th! We also have a picture of Hayley and B.o.B backstage of the Nashville show last night, it’s the latest add in our gallery – check it out!

It has been confirmed that Brandon Chesbro, Paramore’s friend who directed “The Only Exception” will also be directing the music video for “Playing God”. Hayley’s car, which broke down, Miss Anne, will be making a cameo appearance in the video!


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  1. Jayde says:

    This is deffinitly one of my favorite songs!!! I could listen to it a million times and it would never get old!!!

    Hayley’s pants are awesome! So cool!!! XD

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