hey yall…  just woke up and i’ve watched every rerun of every american reality tv show with spanish subtitles that bogota has to offer.  (celebrity apprentice is on now. Cyndi Lauper is fierce).  it’d probably be nice to get outta the hotel but we’re kinda surrounded. not sure that we’d actually get to see anything. it’s bittersweet, you know? i’d rather have fans everywhere be stoked that we came to their city to see them than not care at all. i mean, sure, i wanna go do touristy things in every city but the best experiences are the shows.. and we wouldn’t have a show without people to play for. so i’ll take that compromise!

we only have 3 more shows left before we head back home. WHAT? this tour has gone by extremely fast. it’s been amazing to come back to some of these places for the second time and extremely overwhelming to get the responses we’ve gotten. especially in all the cities we’ve never played before. we met one guy the other night in Peru, named Roger, who joined our fan club in Feb. 2007. that’s pretty much when we started the fan club!! he waited all that time just to meet us and see us play a show… i can’t even tell you how incredible that feels… and when he walked up to us at Meet & Greet with these big tears in his eyes, I almost lost it. he asked to come up and sing with us and OF COURSE we said yes.

check that shiz out here:

i almost cried again just watching this. hahah i’m such a baby. he broke my heart in the best way. i’ve just never seen anyone get so completely lost in our music the way he did on stage. it was humbling and real. we all felt really grateful to meet him. so if you’re reading this Roger, thank you!

in other completely unrelated news, i’ve been trying to do my Pure Barre dvd on tour. not as consistently as i’d like but… well, enough to know i’m doing it. my ass is literally burning en fuego right now. i couldn’t really recommend this work out to dudes – cause it could be super awkward if you’re not into ballet or pushing your pelvis forward all the time – but i will say that if you’re looking for a good workout that is low impact but with quick results, get on this stuff! and then on the opposite end of that spectrum… i would like teleport myself to LA and get raw chocolate pie from Native Foods. it shouldn’t even be possible how good it is. somehow it is.

and back on Paramore planet we have some rad stuff planned for the rest of the year. i actually just amazed myself with the whole Paramore planet thing. and not in a good way. who am i? anyways, as everything unfolds and becomes more official, we will let you guys know. hope you’ll be as stoked as we are.

enjoy your day!! talk later


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