02 Nov 2012

Taylor tweeted regarding finishing up tracking for 4th album

Taylor tweeted this:

“So we have finished tracking our fourth album.This is surreal. Stoked. I am exhausted. I
hope you all love it. K bye.”

06 Sep 2012

Riot! on Sale on iTunes.

iTunes is running a sale this week with Paramore’s Riot! Yes, you will be able to digitally purchased the album for a sweet $7.99. Please go here to purchase the album.

06 Sep 2012

Taylor updates Instagram:

Today is cool. A guitar that was born in 1958 and a coffee born a few minutes ago. Yes, that coffee will turn into a guitar one day. -Taylor

06 Sep 2012

Paramore at NME’S Signing Tent.

Check out a video and photos from Paramore’s time in the NME Signing Tent at the Leeds Festival at:

02 Sep 2012

X Factor Hopeful Sings ‘The Only Exception’

We have all heard various covers of Paramore songs from the extremely bad to the awesomely brilliant. Well, X Factor hopeful Jayden Sierra belted out “The Only Exception” for the auditions of X Factor for Australia. Do you think he did Paramore justice? Check it out for yourself!

08 Jun 2012

Kerrang awards

Paramore was nominated for three Kerrang! awards: Monster was nominated for “Best Video”, Hayley for “Hottest Female” & “Tweeter of the Year.” Hayley won for “Tweeter of the Year.” Thanks to all the fans that voted! Hayley also responded via twitter regarding her winning “Tweeter of the Year”. “”Thx 4 affirming my social disease!!”

(Thanks to Roger for image screencapping the award, as well as Hayley’s twitter response).