01 May 2018

Halfnoise news: Flowerss EP

The official release date for the Flowerss EP is May 4th but it has been pre-released and you can listen to it here!

This is the tracklist:
1. Flowerss
2. She Said
3. All That Love Is
4. Inter Luau
5. Every Single Time
6. My Girl
7. Always Young

Hayley features on “My Girl”.

To get tickets to their upcoming US-tour go here.

30 Apr 2018

Paramore in New York City

Paramore are currently in NYC doing press
at SiriousXM and getting ready for the Late
Show tomorrow.







The Late Show with Paramore airs tomorrow night at 11:35/10:35c on CBS.

23 Apr 2018

Paramore to play on The Late Show

Paramore will be performing their latest single off After Laughter called “Rose-Colored Boy” on The Late Show. They’re doing it live. Go check it out on CBS, May 1st.

Sadly there are no tickets left, it’s been sold out for months.

But there are still tickets for the Summer Tour! For that go here.

20 Apr 2018

Parahoy! Deep Search recap

Parahoy has set sail for the third time! The Paramore cruise with artists like mewithoutYou, HalfNoise and many more, went from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas and back. It was sold out way before the line-up was even announced.

Day 1 (4/6/18)

On April 6th the pool deck was filled and ready to watch an amazing show by Paramore. Fans were excited to hear a mix of old and new songs . “Tonight we can sorta sing this song ironically” Hayley says as Fake Happy starts to play, setting a feel-good mood for the 4-day festival.

For a more detailed break-down of day 1 check out Billboard’s recap!


Photo by Will Byington


Photo by Jessica Xie



Looking Up
That’s What You Get
Fake Happy
Here We Go Again
Let The Flames Begin
Last Hope
Hate To See Your Heart Break
Brick By Boring Brick
(One Of Those) Crazy Girls
Misery Business
Turn It Off
Grow Up
Told You So
Rose-Colored Boy


Our gallery will be updated with photos ASAP!
In the meantime you can check out photos by Will Byington.


Day 2 (4/7/18)

Paramore played an acoustic mini-set to start off the second day. A cover of Passionfruit by Drake and Caught In The Middle and Misguided Ghosts were the three songs they performed. Split into three groups, every fan on the boat got to experience the set in the Stardust Theater.

Photo by Will Byington

Following Now, Now Taylor York unexpectedly gets on stage to introduce HalfNoise on the pool deck. They played two new songs (Flowerss and She Said) from their up-coming EP called Flowerss. It was hot out in the sun but it was all good™. Everybody was excited to be there and groove to some tunes.


Photo by Kyra

At night it was time for Paraoke. The winner of last Parahoy’s contestant Keli Thompson gave a lovely speech at the beginning to encourage the new contestants. Paramore chose three of the ten singers to sing the whole song, once again. Then it was up to the crowd to decide a winner.


Photo by Will Byington


Day 3 (4/8/18)

It’s time for the Bahamas! The Jade docked in Nassau in the morning and after breakfast most cruisers got off the boat to enjoy their time in the Bahamas.

After a sunny day in the Bahamas Paramore played their second pool deck show.


Photo by Will Byington

Photo by Will Byington


Feeling Sorry (not played due to problems with the weather)
Crush Crush Crush
Still Into You
I Caught Myself
Never Let This Go
When It Rains
Playing God
Idle Worship
No Friend (featuring Aaron Weiss)
Caught In the Middle
Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Ain’t It Fun
Hard Times



Day 4 (4/9/18)

Following a mewithoutYou show Paramore get on stage for their Q&A session. A few fans were picked to ask them questions regarding the concepts of their music videos, their favorite foods and rituals they have while on tour.

You can watch the whole thing here.

Photo by Kyra

For the last question Paramore’s manager appeared with something special! Hard Times had just certified gold and both the band and the fans were pleasantly suprised.

Photo by Will Byington


All in all this Parahoy was for sure the best one yet! Paramore never fail to impress us!


Keep an eye on the band’s social media for the recap video!


19 Apr 2018

New photos of Hayley Williams

Here are some new photos of Hayley taken by Phoenix Johnson back in 2017.

You can purchase the white Paramore t-shirt Hayley is wearing here.


09 Mar 2018

Paramore announce Tour Five!

Paramore just officially announced Tour 5 which will take place in the US and Canada this summer. Support is the californian indie-pop band Foster The People. The “After Laughter Summer Tour” starts June 12th in St. Augustine, Florida and ends July 24th in Morrison, Colorado. You can register for ticket presale here.

For more details visit

Keep an eye on the bands social media to find out more about the ticket sale.