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Paramore say they are ‘stronger’ after split
Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams says she didn’t consider making a solo album in the three year gap since the band’s last album.
The group’s third album Brand New Eyes came out in 2009 – their self-titled fourth album will be released in April.
“No, not one bit,” the 24-year-old star confirmed when asked about the prospect. “Definitely no solo stuff in the works.”
“Even if it had crossed my mind there was no time,” she added.
No solo plans

In the past Williams has featured on B.O.B’s track Airplanes and performed with We Are Young-rockers FUN in Radio 1’s Live Lounge. But she said a solo album is not on the cards: “Number one – we took a little break and then we were onto writing this album. “I am definitely more in love with this band than I’ve ever been before which, if you know me, that’s kind of impossible. I’m the number one Paramore fan in the world – it’s kind of annoying, really.”
Paramore Paramore with Radio 1 Breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw

The band have been through some line-up changes since the release of Brand New Eyes.
Guitarist Josh Farro left Paramore with drummer brother Zac in December 2010, claiming the band had become a “manufactured product”. The band is now slimmed down to a threesome, with guitarist Taylor York and bass player Jeremy Davis completing the line up.

“Everything happens for a reason,” said Williams about the split.
“We’ve been through a lot but it got us to this point. We feel like we have the best record we’ve ever made. We’re in the best headspace and our friendships have just honestly become stronger.
“For the past couple of years it’s just been about moving forward and focussing on whatever is next.”
Alt-J Paramore say Mercury Prize winners Alt-J are one of their favourite bands

They’ve also discussed some of the varied influences which helped shape new material – including Mercury Prize winning Alt-J.”They’re one of my favourite bands right now,” said guitarist Taylor York. “I said it in an interview and then everyone assumed our band was going to sound like them. It doesn’t, “They were super inspiring to me just personally, but I don’t think our music reflects that at all.”

This week (22 January) the Tennessee rockers debuted the first track, Now, from their forthcoming self-titled fourth album. It comes out on 8 April.


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