Catching up!

Sorry for the lack of updates here, all of us have been incredibly busy and focusing on the Finnish & Spanish section of Paramore Online! So a lot of stuff has happened since October, and I’m doing my best to fill you guys in!

Brick By Boring Brick Music video was released, and I think it’s awesome! Check it out below:

Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick (Vídeo Oficial) [] from Paramore Spain on Vimeo.

And if you’re interested in how the video was made, check out this “Behind the Scenes of Brick By Boring Brick Music Video”

And Paramore was interviewed by CNN a while back, you can watch the interview here.

And for Paramore’s LJ updates I don’t think there is a need to post a link to the new ones, you all know where to read them and if you’re a fan, I’m pretty sure you’ve already read them. :)

The US tour of BNE ended and was a huge success, even though Hayley got laryngitis and the band was forced to postpone their tour dates. She even had to quit singing in the middle of the set, but the fans finished it for her. The European & UK tour starts from Helsinki, Finland on November 29th, which is this week’s Sunday! I am attending and going to a meet&greet, so hopefully we’ll have lots of stuff to share with you and new images to add.

When it comes to images, we have promotional stills of BBBB in our gallery and LOTS of other new additions, so check those out!

There is still probably a lot of catching up to do, but those things are so old that I think you all know them by now. We’ll PROMISE and try to keep up with the massive amount of news, pictures and media that surface every day.


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