14 Aug 2017

Paramore meet fans in Billings, MT

Paramore recently met some fans before their show at MontaFair in Billings, Montana! You can check out the pictures in our gallery by clicking here.

29 Jun 2014

Caleigh meets Paramore

We have a new fan encounter story in our archive now! This time our story features Caleigh, a 20-year-old girl from New Jersey who got to meet Paramore on the Parahoy Cruise back in March. Read all about her experience here.

22 Sep 2013

Paramore Online presents: Fans meet Paramore

We have been gathering stories from fans that have met, been on stage with or otherwise interacted with Paramore and we’re now going to present them to you one at a time! Paramore has always been a band that interacts with their fans on a very personal level, and we wanted to give people who have had the joy of meeting the band a chance to share their story with the world. We will try and post a new fan encounter every week, be aware, there are a lot of them!

First up is Jennie‘s story about the time she skyped with Paramore on a live radio show. Jennie had never met or talked to Paramore when she won a contest Radio 1 had, so when she found out she’d be talking to Paramore via Skype on air, she was very excited! Read a snippet of Jennie’s story below and read the whole story here!