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Hayley and Pete Wentz play a game of “Who is most likely to…”

In this new video Hayley and Pete Wentz weigh in on which member of their bands, Fall Out Boy and Paramore, would be most likely to eat everything at craft service, start a twitter feud, and more.

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i106 Hits interviews Hayley

Hayley recently sat down for an interview with Butter, from the Afternoon Drive LIVE on i106 in Nashville. Knowing she was a big fan of the show, Butter made sure to talk about the Walking Dead. You can watch the interview below.

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Hayley stops by 107.5 The River to talk about the Walking Dead

Hayley visited the 107.5 The River Radio in Nashville, TN and talked about The Talking Dead & The Walking Dead

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Power 96.1 Interviews Hayley

Power 96.1 from Atlanta, Georgia, interviewed Hayley last Friday! Hayley talks about Parahoy, Monumentour, their tattoos, fave songs to play live, fights etc. Check it out!

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SiriusXM interviews Hayley

Hayley  stopped by at SiriusXM Hits 1‘s The Morning Mash-Up last Thursday to share her feelings about Valentine’s Day, Justin Bieber’s latest antics, and her yearnings for a puppy. You can listen her interview in three parts below.

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Hayley and Pete Wentz discuss Tony Romo

Here’s a short clip of Hayley and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy discussing Pete’s awkward encounter with Tony Romo, the football player. Paramore and Fall Out Boy are going on tour in June, get your tickets to Monumentour on paramore.net!

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