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Hayley updates her Instagram profile

Hayley updated her Intagram profile photo, biography and then posted three white photos without any descriptions. She’s also only following two accounts at the moment: Paramore’s and Good Dye Young’s.

Her bio now says “recovering realist & singer of the American genre-neutral band Paramore | founder/CEO of goodDYEyoung.”

What does all this mean and does it have something to do with the upcoming Paramore album? We have to wait and see!






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Hayley taking over Seventeen Magazines Instagram

Hayley is taking over Seventeen Magazine’s Instagram today! Below first photo from Hayley, follow @seventeenmag to see all the upcoming photos.


Hi emoji It’s Hayley from #Paramore and I’m takin’ over Seventeen’s Instagram today! Taylor, me and Jeremy. At a radio station…signing posters of ourselves while talking about ourselves. Total divas. #paratour #hayleytakeover

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Hayley meets Maurício Rua

As we know, Hayley is a big fan of wrestling, and yesterday before Paramore’s show in Curitiba, Brazil, she met Maurício “Shogun” Rua who is a Brazilian mixed martial artist. According to Hayley’s tweet, Rua was her “very 1st favorite UFC fighter”. Turns out he’s also a Paramore fan! (Click the pictures to see what Maurício and Hayley had to say about the meeting.)

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Much Music

Paramore stopped by Much Music yesterday to be interviewed, mainly about their new album. Hayley has updated her Instagram with a few pictures from this interview.
We have also uploaded some pictures in our gallery.

Stopped by Much Music today. #nothingtoseehere

I really do wish we had a unicorn in our band though.

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AP Instagram pictures

Paramore has started to take over Alternative Press’ Instagram! You can find the actual posts from here. Or just find the pictures in our gallery.

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AP Instagram Takeover

Today Paramore is about to take over Alternative Press’ Instagram. So be sure to follow AP’s Instagram if you don’t want to miss it! Click here to find their Instagram.

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