05 May 2015

Win handwritten lyrics from Hayley!

MetroLyrics asked Hayley to handwrite out the lyrics to Paramore’s song ‘Proof’ and they are now giving away the the first sheet of the lyrics, autographed by Hayley, to one lucky fan!

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win it.

1. Follow @MetroLyrics and @yelyahwilliams on Twitter (if you aren’t already)

2. Send a tweet that includes #ProofLyrics, the handle @yelyahwilliams, the handle @MetroLyrics, and the link to this post to receive an entry into the contest.

Example tweet: “I want to win #ProofLyrics from @yelyahwilliams and @Metrolyrics! [link]”

You must be legal resident of one of the United States or Canada to enter. Read more about the contest rules here. If you can’t enter you can also print our the lyrics, large version of the lyrics available here. Below new photo of Hayley with the lyrics.


09 Mar 2015

Hayley Williams to host a beauty-focused ‘Kiss Off’ video series on a new online magazine

Hayley will be hosting a beauty-focused ‘Kiss Off’ video series on ‘Popular’, Nylon magazine’s co-founders’ new online magazine that features editorial and video content targeted at women ages 18 to 25 that touches on fashion, music, celebrity, beauty, culture and travel. The tag-line Popular is “the anti-social network.”

In addition to the digital magazine, Popular will publish a quarterly magazine. The first edition will arrive this spring. You can read more about Popular here and also on the magazine’s official website.

Hayley mentioned Popular on her Twitter in the beginning of last month already and again today, saying that she’s very excited about it.

06 Aug 2014

MTV Spain judges Hayley’s stretches

Titled as “Hayley Williams risks her neck onstage”, MTV Spain has shared this post earlier today (Aug. 6th) which I’ve found rather interesting for all fans to read. You can also see the original post in Spanish HERE.


“Truth is real rock stars are no longer made. Back in his time, Mick Jagger was capable of spending all night long partying with his good friend Jack Daniels and get onstage the next morning to shake his hips in his tight jeans.

That is why we don’t even want to think of what the Rolling Stones would say if they found out that Paramore’s singer Hayley Williams never forgets to stretch so she doesn’t hurt her neck during the show.

”These days I have to do stretches so I don’t hurt my neck head banging. I’m loving it but I might collapse at one of these shows.” said the band’s front woman to the newspaper Daily Star.

Even though you could say she’s just being cautious, she’s had the chance to see what the rock star life is taking to her band-mates. The bassist of the band, Jeremy Davis who is 29 years old, got a beautiful hernia after their tour around the US.

After what happened to him, it seems logical to us that this girl stretches as much as she wants, and a little bit more.”


I personally think that MTV’s writer should give it a second thought before publishing such post, where Hayley’s health seems to matter less that Mick Jagger’s tight jeans. I also hope you noticed the lack of respect for the band, which is quite unprofessional of such a big company as MTV.

We encourage you all to leave your thoughts below. Thank you for reading.


20 Jul 2014

Hayley’s New Dog, Alf

Hayley has quite recently revealed that she’s now got a dog called Alf! Alf is a goldendoodle puppy.
Hayley has already been tweeting a few pictures of him and you can also find those pictures in our gallery.

30 Oct 2013

Paramore’s Converse Sneakers Sold For $1.095

Paramore’s custom Converse sneakers have been sold for $1.095. That amount of money will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as part of the Warner Music In Their Shoes charity auction.

16 Oct 2013

LiveNation Twitter takeover

Paramore will be taking over Live Nation’s Twitter account for a Q&A session today! If you are a legal US citizen, send in your questions here and get a chance to win tickets to a Paramore show! If you aren’t a US citizen or don’t want to take part in this contest, tweet your questions using the hashtag #AskParamore.

The Twitter Takeover will happen today at 3.30 pm (11:30pm UK time) Pacific time (Los Angeles time).