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Hayley’s New Dog, Alf

Hayley has quite recently revealed that she’s now got a dog called Alf! Alf is a goldendoodle puppy.
Hayley has already been tweeting a few pictures of him and you can also find those pictures in our gallery.

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Paramore’s Converse Sneakers Sold For $1.095

Paramore’s custom Converse sneakers have been sold for $1.095. That amount of money will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as part of the Warner Music In Their Shoes charity auction.

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LiveNation Twitter takeover

Paramore will be taking over Live Nation’s Twitter account for a Q&A session today! If you are a legal US citizen, send in your questions here and get a chance to win tickets to a Paramore show! If you aren’t a US citizen or don’t want to take part in this contest, tweet your questions using the hashtag #AskParamore.

The Twitter Takeover will happen today at 3.30 pm (11:30pm UK time) Pacific time (Los Angeles time).

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Paramore’s tour drummer Miles McPherson in a golf cart accident

Paramore’s tour drummer, Miles McPherson, who has been touring with the band since April, has been involved in a serious golf cart accident. Miles was just preparing for the upcoming European tour with Paramore, when the accident happened.

Miles, his wife Jessica and their two friends were riding in the golf cart and suddenly the golf cart flipped on top of him. Miles, who was driving the cart, suffered the worst injuries. His wife and friends only suffered minor injuries.

Miles has some severe third-degree burns on his body, 7 broken bones on his face but he is conscious. According to his wife he has been cracking jokes and has been able to move as well.

Below is a video of a news segment from Fox17 News regarding Miles and his accident. Please note the video is not for the faint-hearted.

His friends have set up a fundraiser to help Miles and his family with all the hospital costs, because Miles, a father of two, plays drums for his livelihood and is not able to do that now. It’s too early to tell if his injuries will have a lifelong impact on his ability to play drums. It’s unknown whether or not Miles will be joining Paramore on the upcoming tour.

To read more about Miles’ accident and what you can do to help, go here. Even if you can’t donate, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We’re rooting for you Miles, have a speedy recovery!

Source: Fox17 News

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Paramore in Rocksmith 2013

Paramore’s song “Now”, the first single from their newest self-titled album, will feature in the a video game called “Rocksmith 2014” in which you can learn how to play a real guitar by plugging it to the console. Easy and fun way to learn playing your favorite songs from your favorite bands.

Click HERE for more info about the video game.

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Anklebiters video

The video for Anklebiters is out now! You can watch it below.

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