01 May 2013

Hot Minute

Hot Topic made a Hot Minute video with Paramore and you can now find it on Youtube. In the video Paramore are talking about things such as smoothest pickup lines and what they wanted to be as a kid.

28 Apr 2013

More videos from The Buzz session

You can now also find videos of Paramore performing “Still Into You” and “In The Mourning/Landslide” at the Buzz session.

22 Apr 2013

Full Grimey’s video

If you want to see Paramore’s whole performance at Grimey’s you can now find it on Youtube.

20 Apr 2013

Videos from 107.5 The River

If you missed Paramore performing at 107.5 The River’s studio yesterday, you can now find a few videos on Youtube.

17 Apr 2013

#1 on the Billboard 200

Paramore earned their first #1 on the Billboard 200! You can read an article about it here. Paramore also commented on being the number one on You can read their blogpost below.

#1 on the Billboard 200!
Posted by Paramore

This is so unbelievable. A #1 album?! The three of us are still in disbelief. We’ve never had a #1 album and if there were ever a Paramore album that we’d want most to get there, it would definitely be this one. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this gift.

We also want to take the opportunity now, as a band, to say that Boston is still heavy on our hearts and minds. We are praying for all of you there and we look forward to getting back there and helping out however we can.

Love to all of our fans. We are beyond grateful for you.

16 Apr 2013

More videos from Penthouse Concert series

You can now also watch a video of Paramore performing “That’s What You Get” and “Misery Business” at Penthouse Party Pad aside of “Still Into You” which was uploaded earlier. These songs have been made into a playlist and you can now watch all of them below. (This means that the video below includes, and will automatically lead you to “Misery Business” and “That’s What You Get” right after “Still Into You”)