14 Apr 2013

Paramore’s UStream Chat with Fans

Paramore had a UStream video chat with their fans yesterday. If you missed the chat, don’t worry, you can catch the whole thing on UStream’s website! It’s in two parts, Part I and Part II.

06 Apr 2013

Paramore on Graham Norton Show

Paramore appeared on Graham Norton Show yesterday. They performed “Still Into You” and chatted on the show for a little bit. If you didn’t have a chance to watch it yesterday, you can now watch it from Youtube! We have also added a few pictures from the show in our gallery.
Check them out as well.

05 Apr 2013

Vote for Paramore now!

MTV’s Musical March Madness 2013 is still going on and Paramore is against Ed Sheeran right now. The voting will end in 3 hours so keep voting when you can! You can vote as many times as you like. Go here to vote!

03 Apr 2013

AP Instagram pictures

Paramore has started to take over Alternative Press’ Instagram! You can find the actual posts from here. Or just find the pictures in our gallery.

03 Apr 2013

New Paramore posters on Kerrang!

You can find several new Paramore posters on the newest issue of the Kerrang! magazine.
We have uploaded pictures of the posters in our gallery. If you want more information about the issue, click here.

03 Apr 2013

AP Instagram Takeover

Today Paramore is about to take over Alternative Press’ Instagram. So be sure to follow AP’s Instagram if you don’t want to miss it! Click here to find their Instagram.