02 Apr 2013

“Still Into You” video’s premiere

The music video for “Still Into You” is going to premiere this Saturday on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown. You can also watch a video of Paramore talking about the music video down below.

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15 Mar 2013

“M.A.C Hayley Williams” Launch Party

As you might already know, Hayley Williams teamed up with M.A.C Cosmetics and is launching a new make up line on April 9th. The M.A.C Hayley Williams Launch Party was held yesterday and we now have some pictures from the event. Hopefully we’ll have more soon!

We have also added some pictures to the “At SXSW” and “mtvU Woodie Awards 2013” albums, check them out.

13 Mar 2013

Hayley’s hair

If you look at Hayley’s hair closely, it seems to be half pink and half orange now!
Hopefully there will be better pictures soon

08 Mar 2013

Hayley Williams teams up with M.A.C Cosmetics!

Hayley of Paramore will be teaming up with MAC Cosmetics and is bringing forth a new make up series. Read more below!

MAC’s celebrity collaborations are always head-turning, but they’ve never been quite this bright before. Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has teamed up with the brand to release a four-piece collection, all in her signature shade: vibrant orange.

“I didn’t wear makeup at all. Photographers would beg me to wear chapstick and I’d say no,” Williams tells PEOPLE of her days before discovering MAC. “I went to a [store] and picked up orange eyeshadow from MAC, that was the beginning of the end. It’s been key in making me feel like I have an onstage personality.”

And even more of a no-brainer than partnering with her favorite makeup brand was the shade she’d select for her signature collection. “Orange was it for me from picking up the eyeshadow when I was 17,” she says. “It’s not a natural color, but when I wear it, people say ‘It looks normal on you!’ I feel like it was born with it. It matches my soul.”

For girls a little more timid about diving headfirst into such a bright color, Williams says to start with the eyeshadow and work your way up. “The Daydreaming shadow is soft and pretty when you don’t keep layering it. I love colors like that … you get two looks,” she says. “The orange lipstick maybe isn’t for [every] girl. But it could be!”

Williams says she loves to have fun with her makeup and is inspired by her fans; she especially loves seeing them wear looks she’s sported in the past. “The best thing about makeup is that it’s complete self expression, it’s art on your face,” she tells PEOPLE. “Makeup can be really empowering, and I’m excited to be part of the MAC family … and for fans to get ahold of it.”

To check out Williams’s online-exclusive collection, visit on April 9.

04 Mar 2013

Hayley at the airport in Perth

A few lucky fans got to take a picture with Hayley at the airport in Perth. Apparently she has dyed her eyebrows blue! Click the picture to see a bigger version of it and read the short post about the encounter here.

23 Feb 2013

Hanging out with fans in Sydney

A video of Hayley and Jeremy talking with fans and signing stuff for them before Paramore’s show in Sydney was uploaded to YouTube. You can now watch it below! Taylor doesn’t appear in the video because he was meeting fans at another window.