23 Feb 2013

Hayley’s new Instagram username

Hayley has changed her Instagram username from hball1988 to yelyahwilliams. She also uploaded a new picture of herself.

Pre-Brisbane Soundwave. #NOW color explosion test… Think I’ll have to go harder in the paint tomorrow

23 Feb 2013

Malaysia Saya

Malaysia Saya has uploaded a video on Youtube where they first interview Malaysian Paramore fans and then show footage from the show in Malaysia. The video includes “Now” and “That’s What You Get”. You can watch it below.

22 Feb 2013

Hayley’s new tattoo

Here’s a picture of Hayley’s new tattoo that was mentioned before.
We’re still waiting to hear the story behind it!

17 Feb 2013

M&G in Manila

Check out this video which was shot by a fan at the M&G in Manila.

12 Feb 2013

Thailand Setlist

The setlist from tonight’s show at Bankok, Thailand seems to be already published.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

12 Feb 2013

Behind the scenes of Now

MTV uploaded a video called On the Set of Now.
By clicking the picture below you can watch the video to see behind the scenes.