24 Dec 2012

Video by Paramore Finland

Some finish Paramore fans have made a video for Hayley and Taylor’s Birthday! it’s worth watching it! :)

23 Dec 2012

The most anticipated music of 2013

Paramore is featured in the newest issue of Alternative Press as part of the most anticipated music of 2013. If you want to check out the brief article, you can read it below.

03 Dec 2012


Paramore has posted a few pictures on their Instagram from Germany, Hamburg.

Christmas in Hamburg

The worst case of jet lag. Solo slumber party w/ Katy Perry: Part of Me – hayley

28 Nov 2012

Promo shoot

Hayley has recently updated her Twitter. In her tweet she revealed that they are having a promotional photoshoot for Paramore!

27 Nov 2012

New York

Paramore has posted a new picture on their official Facebook page and on Tumblr.
They are currently in New York.

We’re in New York City :-#

23 Nov 2012

Thanksgiving post

Hayley wrote a thanksgiving post on her Tumblr yesterday. On her short post she wrote about the things she is thankful for. You can find the original post from here.
Belated happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!

Thankful today for music and my bandmates. For having an album to put out next year. Humbled by the opportunity to express myself through song lyrics and to share my life experiences with anyone who listens. Thankful most of all for the people who choose to listen and more than that for the ones who even choose to sing along.