05 Apr 2015

New photos and videos: Hayley at her friend’s birthday party

Hayley was at her friend Abigail Anderson’s birthday party last night. The party was held in Nashville, TN and Hayley was there with her sister Erica and bunch of friends including Taylor Swift. Go to our gallery to see new photos from the party.


Below few videos from the party posted by Taylor and Abigail.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

26 Mar 2015

New photos: Hayley spotted by fans in Cincinnati, OH

Fans spotted Hayley in Cincinnati, OH yesterday. She was seen at a beauty shop and also at the New Found Glory show at local venue called Bogart’s. Go to our gallery to see new photos with fans.


24 Feb 2015

New photos: Paramore performs at Hilton Play Concert

Paramore played the first show of 2015 last night at Hilton Play Concert in New York City. Our gallery has been updated with photos from the show and meet & greet, you can see all the photos here. The bands setlist can be found below.


Still Into You
That’s What You Get
For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
The Only Exception
Brick By Boring Brick
Hate To See Your Heart Break
Last Hope
Misery Business
Ain’t It Fun

19 Feb 2015

Hayley at PTTOW!’s Music Summit

Hayley attended PTTOW!’s Music Summit in Beverly Hills, CA earlier this month. She was a keynote speaker at the event and talked about the importance of fans and how Paramore always thinks about fans when making decisions:

“Consider your consumers as fans. My barometer is.. What will Paramore fans think?” “At the heart of this we are all people. Not consumers…We are all fans.” “The fans are the barometer for the many decisions we make as a band.”

She thanked PTTOW! on Twitter for having her and promised to bring Taylor and Jeremy for the next summit.

Unfortunately there’s no video footage from the event, but you can see new photos in our gallery.


You can read more information about PTTOW! on their website.


02 Feb 2015

New photos and videos: Hayley at New Found Glory’s music video shoot

Hayley was at New Found Glory’s ‘One More Round’ music video shoot in Los Angeles on February 1st. Go to our gallery to see few new photos from the shooting. Below two new videos of Hayley, Chad and other New Found Glory members with Lloyd Kaufman on the set of the video.


TromaMovies posted a behind the scenes video from the shoot. Hayley can be seen in the beginning. Watch the video below.

24 Jan 2015

New photos: Taylor in New Zealand with friends and fans

Taylor has been on vacation with friends this week! He has been spending time in New Zealand with Zac Farro and other friends too, they have been at least in Auckland and yesterday at Festival One in Hamilton. Go to our gallery to see new photos with friends and fans.