16 Feb 2013

New pics from the Manila show

We have added a couple more pics from the show in Manila, Philippines! Check out our gallery or click the pictures below to see more! :)

16 Feb 2013

Paramore arrives to Kuala Lumpur

Paramore has arrived to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, today, and we have some pictures of the band at the airport.

You2Play posted a video of Paramore’s very first concert in Thailand, it features some of the Thai fans sharing their thoughts and then a clip of “Now” being performed live for the first time. The audio quality is poor though. Watch the video here.

12 Feb 2013

Videos and pictures from Bangkok (“Now” performed live)

We have uploaded some pictures from tonight’s show in Bangkok in our gallery.
You can also find a few videos from the show in Youtube. Hopefully there will be better quality pictures and videos later!

// The first live performance of “Now”, just a warning, the sound quality is sucky.

11 Feb 2013

Paramore in Bangkok, Thailand!

Paramore arrived to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, yesterday, and held a press conference for the press today. We have some pictures of the boys of Paramore exploring Thailand, and a few pictures from the press conference. We’ll hopefully have more, higher quality pictures of the band soon!

Press Conference with Rock Entertainment – 11.02.13

Out and about in Thailand – 10.02.13

Paramore’s first show (ever) in Thailand, presented by Rock Entertainment, is tomorrow. More pictures to come then.

01 Feb 2013

Pictures from the UK

We have uploaded new pictures in our gallery. These pictures were taken in the UK by Ross Trevail. Click the pictures to see the full size images.

22 Jan 2013

Paramore meeting fans

Paramore met some fans today outside of the BBC Radio 1 entrance. They signed some autographs and chatted with the fans. We have uploaded some pictures of Paramore with the fans in our gallery.

You can now also check out a video clip of the fans brief meeting with Paramore.