13 Dec 2012

New photo

Paramore posted on their websites today a photo from the promotional photoshoot they did with Pamela Littky last month. Check out the newest photo of the band!

04 Dec 2012

Christmas pictures!

Fueled By Ramen have been changing their site layout every day with different pictures of band members that are signed to their label. Check out the Paramore ones in our gallery!

22 Nov 2012

Hayley out and about at the Grove with Chad

We rarely post candid pictures (because there aren’t many haha) but we now have two pictures of Hayley and her boyfriend Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory leaving the movie theaters at the Grove in Hollywood, CA on Nov 21st. Yes, we do feel a little bit creepy about posting these but… what the heck. ;) There is also a video of the two walking around but we haven’t gotten our hands on it yet.

04 Nov 2012

Jeremy, Kat & Solo in Vegas

Jeremy, Kathryn and Solomon took a road trip up to Vegas the other day and saw a Guns N’ Roses concert. Kat uploaded a few pictures on her Instagram so we uploaded them to our gallery. Check them out!

03 Nov 2012

Instagram contest

A few days ago Paramore posted a picture of a signed setlist from their Reading and Leeds tour on their Instagram with a text telling that the first person to find the setlist will also find Paramore and get the setlist!

Just posted this signed set list from our Reading and Leeds shows outside the studio. If you can find it, you find us, and the set list is yours!


A little bit later on the same day they posted a picture with the fan who had won the contest! Belated congratulations to the lucky winner!

Winner!! Nice to meet you @samasadeghi from Melbourne , we shall see you at Soundwave, right? Thanks everyone for letting us have a little fun on our last day in the studio. Happy Halloween!

03 Nov 2012

Halloween costumes

Hayley updated her Tumblr again a few days ago with a picture of herself and Chad in their Halloween costumes. They clearly made an effort to look incredible in their costumes!

Another amazing Halloween with my guy. We were The Frankenstein’s: Married With Children edition! Hope you all had a good one and are over the sugar shock… I’m still in a Reese’s cup coma.