13 Oct 2012

Another picture of Hayley’s new hair and some more Instagrams

Check out the new photo of Hayley where you can see that she can clearly pull anything off because she is looking fabulous with that hair. Also check out the new instagram pics of Jeremy slappin’ da bass and Taylor shreddin’ it on that guitar!

10 Oct 2012

Hayley in Nashville

Hayley updated her Tumblr with a collage of pictures taken in Nashville last weekend. She went home to attend Justin York’s wedding and hung out with her friends and family. She’s now back in LA to finish the recording of the 4th album with Taylor and Jeremy.

08 Oct 2012

Justin York’s wedding

Paramore’s tour member, Taylor’s big brother, Justin York, got married to his sweet Jana yesterday. The wedding was held in Nashville, TN and at least Taylor and Hayley attended the event. We have two pics in our gallery, but we will add more as they surface. In other news, Hayley has dyed her baby bangs purple! Congrats to Justin and Jana, Mr & Mrs York!

03 Oct 2012

Photos of Paramore on JMJ’s Instagram

Paramore have been updating their Instagram with photos of them in the studio, and their producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen has been doing the same too! Check out some of the pictures that he has been posting of the band.

03 Oct 2012

Meeting fans

Hayley has recently met a lot of fans in Orlando, Florida. There has been new pictures of Hayley and the fans and we have added some of them in our gallery too.

Check out the pictures below

27 Sep 2012

New picture on Tumblr

Hayley has posted a new picture of herself and Chad on her Tumblr. The picture can also be found in our gallery.

2 days and I get to hang with this hunk!!!