25 Sep 2012

New pictures in our gallery

Our gallery has been updated with lots of new pictures like photos from old concerts, screencaps from Paramore’s music videos, old photoshoots and more. Be sure to check out all the new pictures you can find from our gallery!

24 Sep 2012

More Instagram pics

Paramore have been posting a lot of pictures onto their Instagram (paramorestudio) Take a look at some of the new pictures.

15 Sep 2012

Instagram update

Paramore’s Instagram has been updated a lot lately. Take a look at the new pictures.

No… But really.

Jeremy’s pj’s keep the P-more vibes alive… Even his sweatpants are red.

Taylor’s ’58 Junior. I have a ’59 so of course he had to go and one up the girl… – h #duelingguitars

Done for the night… #louisck #inflatablefurnishings


More new pictures on Instagram:

11 Sep 2012

Instagram updates – time for cupcakes

Paramore has updated their Instagram a lot lately. You can see some of their pictures on and their tumblr as well.

Immediately after a real heavy duty sweaty good workout, I find it’s best to make cupcakes to share with your bandmates and also to eat some yourself… – h #foryourhealth

Weapon of choice (for tonight, anyway)

06 Sep 2012

Taylor’s new Twitter picture

Taylor has recently changed his profile picture on Twitter. Check it out below.
The picture can also be found in our gallery.


05 Sep 2012

New Instagram pictures

The band has now entered the studio and kept us updated via their Instagram & Tumblr posts.