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Pictures from Edinburgh

There are new pictures uploaded to our gallery from the gig in Edinburgh!


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Taylor in NYC and more Mobile Stream pics

Taylor tweeted that he was in NYC a while back. We have some pics of him on board and in New York. Check them out below!

And more pictures on the mobile stream, posted by Hayley!

Someone’s feeling better…

Saw @best_coast last night at The Wiltern!

A day in the life of Jerm.

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Hayley dyes her hair and Hello Cold World on FBR’s Summer Sampler!

Paramore’s Hello Cold World (from Singles Club) will be featured on Fueled By Ramen’s new album called “Summer Sampler”. This album was given out for free at the FBR tent at the Bamboozle Festival. It also features songs from other FBR bands. Did you manage to get one?

Our song “Hello Cold World” makes its Compact Disc debut on the new Fueled By Ramen Summer Sampler. Pick it up at the FBR tent at The Bamboozle Festival! -Hayley

Hayley updated paramore.net’s Mobile Stream with a new picture of herself sporting a new bright hair color!

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Mobile Stream pics from Taylor and Hayley

Props to @schzimmydeanie for stayin’ up late with me! – Hayley


Rehearsing with @ournameisfun over Skype! – Hayley

#foodtweet – Hayley

I don’t think I could live without this. – Taylor

And last but definitely not least, Hayley updated her personal Tumblr with the following:

Forgot to blarg about how much fun Unique LA was this past weekend! So many talented people there and I’m still a bit little jealous that my crafty/artisan skills aren’t up to par. I will have to just start gluing things like little sticks together and painting them bright colors and then maybe someone will buy them from me? Can’t wait to go back!


Blurry love photos. I never really post these but sometimes it feels nice to share the butterflies. ; ))

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January cookout & Hayley at Disneyland

Hayley recenty posted some pictures from a cookout she had at her house back in January. These pics can be found in our gallery and on her Tumblr.

Never posted these photos. From the best cookout back in January.

Hayley has been spending time with her boyfriend, Chad Gilbert, and the couple recently visited Disneyland in California. Pics below:

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Mobile Stream pics

Sorry for the lack of updates here, we’ve all been pretty busy in real life. :) Below are some mobile stream pics from the band!

“Jeremy in the studio tracking bass.”

“I’m contributing to Wear Your Paramore Shirt Day! Yes, there is in fact an annual holiday for such a thing. What can I say? Paramore fans are rad.

This happens to be my favorite P-more shirt ever made. It was the first band merch Fueled By Ramen ever made for us… and we only gave them out to people who pre-ordered our first album, All We Know Is Falling. So there’s that story.” -Hayley

Taylor in the live room with JMJ (during the ‘Daydreaming’ session)

Taylor and Justin working on guitars. From the ‘Daydreaming’ session with Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Juice cleanse has begun. Gotta get this bod in check before R+L fest! -Hayley

Gang’s all here! – Hayley

Making a run for the border (from the ‘Daydreaming’ session)

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