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Mobile Stream Picture from Hayley


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More pics from Musink + Hayley’s Tumblr

As said before, Taylor and Hayley attended the MusInk event a while back. We now have some more pictures from the event. Hayley also commented on this all on her Tumblr.

“Went to the MusInk fest last night in Orange County and met this lovely lady… with a sick Paramore tattoo! A P-more ticket stub on her left forearm! I secretly want the same tattoo but that might be weird, I think.”

Hayley also wrote another thing on Tumblr, regarding some rumors about their fourth album. Someone wrote a fake article online saying they are going to release the new album in September – this is not true. Think about it people… why would she say something that important in a magazine interview, without the boys, without posting it on Paramore.net? That makes no sense.

As we’ve always said… unless it’s been posted on Paramore.net or another official site of ours, please don’t believe anything you read regarding our new album or any other Paramore news. Thank you and we love you.

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Paramore in California

Hayley has been spending quite a lot of time in California, and Taylor flew there a few days ago. Yesterday they were spotted together at the Musink event in Costa Mesa, CA. Click on the picture to see other pics of them in California.

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Pictures of Taylor

Taylor recently changed his Twitter profile picture. Check it out below and visit his Twitter by clicking the image!

Paramore’s Facebook also has a picture of Taylor

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New video on Paramore.net (Paramore in Los Angeles 1)

A new video of the band exploring Los Angeles was posted on Paramore.net. Check it out by clicking the image below!

Make sure to check out the following pictures of the band meeting with potential producers.

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Paramore in LA looking for a producer for their 4th album!

A new post was made on Paramore.net. The band is now in Los Angeles, CA and they are meeting up with potential producers for their fourth full-length album. Today they have a meeting with one producer, according to Hayley’s tweet. Read the post about going to LA below or on Paramore.net.

Heading To Los Angeles
Posted by Paramore
January 29, 2012

Well… It’s been about 4 months since we’ve written to you guys. Awkward! But honestly, this “off-time” has set the record for the longest amount of time we’ve ever spent off since before the couple of weeks we spent making our 1st full length album back in 2005.

Don’t kid yourself though. It hasn’t been all hangs and no hard work!

What the three of us want you to know is we are headed to Los Angeles next week to meet with a whole mess of really incredible producers. And we are – basically – bringing you along with us to find the one that will help us create our 4th full length album.

So, we’re taking a video camera with us to producer meetings, hotel recording sessions, and all of our LA adventures. If you don’t know, now you know, next week is a big deal for us and we are psyched to make you a part of it.

See you in Los Angeles.
– Paramore

PropertyofZack also wrote an article on this, check it out here.

While the band has been in LA, they have been meeting their friends and having lunch together. Check out the photos of these events below:

A not great representation of our 1st day in LA.
– Hayley on her Tumblr

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