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Hayley visits A Rocket To The Moon

Hayley stopped by at A Rocket To The Moon’s studio today. Check out the picture below!

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Under the Guise

Heidi Jewell, a local Nashville street style photographer took some photos of Hayley and posted them in her blog (Under The Guise). This photoshoot was not planned, Heidi just spotted Hayley walking on the street!

She also commented the photos she took:

I don’t know what I like more, the hair or the outfit. Absolutely beautiful.

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Jeremy and Kathryn pose for Solomon Davis

Turns out that Jeremy’s new profile picture on Twitter was taken by his talented photographer brother, Solomon Davis! Over 20 new portraits of Jeremy and his wife Kathryn were posted on Solo Photography‘s Facebook page today! Check them out below and make sure to visit Solomon’s Facebook page!

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Jeremy’s new twitter photo and a Hayley candid

Jeremy recently updated his Twitter with a brand new photo of himself. It’s stunning! See the picture below.

And below is a picture of Hayley and her boyfriend Chad with a fan at a cafe, supposedly taken at a mall.


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New AP pictures by Lindsey Byrnes

New photos from the Lindsey Byrnes photoshoot for Alternative Press have surfaced. Take a look!

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Hayley thanks Paramore fans

A while back we posted about a holiday drive organized by ParamoreFans.com. The idea was to donate money to Toys for Tots on behalf of all of the Paramore fans, instead of sending the members of Paramore individual gifts. The Holiday Drive raised 321.66 US dollars for Toys for Tots and helped many children this year! Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

When the Holiday Drive ended, a Christmas card including all of the donators and word-spreaders’ names, was sent to Paramore. Hayley posted a few pictures of the card on Paramore.net. Check them out below and see Pmore Online, Paramore Norway and Paramore Finland there as well :)

“Thank you all so much :)”

“From the Pmore Fan Community! Thank you guys SO much. What an incredible gift!”

“$321.66 went to Tots for Toys on behalf of the whole Pmore Family!! So amazing!”


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