05 Jan 2012

Hayley thanks Paramore fans

A while back we posted about a holiday drive organized by The idea was to donate money to Toys for Tots on behalf of all of the Paramore fans, instead of sending the members of Paramore individual gifts. The Holiday Drive raised 321.66 US dollars for Toys for Tots and helped many children this year! Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

When the Holiday Drive ended, a Christmas card including all of the donators and word-spreaders’ names, was sent to Paramore. Hayley posted a few pictures of the card on Check them out below and see Pmore Online, Paramore Norway and Paramore Finland there as well :)

“Thank you all so much :)”

“From the Pmore Fan Community! Thank you guys SO much. What an incredible gift!”

“$321.66 went to Tots for Toys on behalf of the whole Pmore Family!! So amazing!”


31 Dec 2011

FBR15 pics and Hayley with fans

Below are two “new old” pictures of the band, they can be found from the FBR15 Anniversary book. The first picture was taken in September at the backstage of the FBR15 Anniversary Concert. You can see FBR’s John Janick posing with the band. The second one was taken at Warped Tour in 2007.

We also have two pictures of Hayley at a store with some fans. Apparently these fans ran into her by an accident.

31 Dec 2011

Pics from Hayley’s birthday

Hayley shared a few photos from her birthday for the fans of the band on the mainsite and on her Tumblr.

“My 23rd bday cake! Such a surprise! (It’s inspired
by Caia Koopman’s Little Red Riding Hood)…<3"

Arcade days

“Arcade days. Won 1400 tickets…used ’em to get a ring with my birthstone on it. #Yay”

Air hockey

“My air hockey skills are outta sight. #23yroldkid”

“i’m 23 =)”

31 Dec 2011

New Lindsey Barnes promo photo

This photo was taken for the FBR 15 by Lindsey Barnes.

This is also updated in the gallery under promotional pictures.

20 Dec 2011

Singles Club package and a new promo picture

A fan received the exclusive Singles Club package and made a video of “the opening process” of the package. The video shows you the content of the box which includes new pics by Lindsey Byrnes and the lyrics for all of the four Singles Club songs.

Speaking of Lindsey Byrnes, we have added a new, low quality, promo picture into our gallery. It’s definitely worth of taking a look so go ahead and do so!

Below is a message and a picture that are featured in the Singles Club box.

11 Dec 2011

Hayley and Taylor’s pics from Twitter and Tumblr

Hayley posted some new pics on her Tumblr and Taylor on his Twitter


Stopped by an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party tonight… sans ugly sweater… SORT OF. – TUMBLR

Dropping by an ugly Christmas sweater party wearing a not-ugly, not-Christmas sweater. This could get…. ugly. – TWITTER

I’m a huge fan of The Nutcracker Ballet with Baryshnikov.. Always secretly wanted to dance ballet… but I don’t have time to learn that kinda grace. After all, I spit on stages for a living!

i don’t know whether i’m still sad about this or still laughing at his response


Sometimes you just feel like a wolf that wants to take a picture in the mirror

Super indie

+ Taylor now has over 200,000 followers on Twitter! Amazing!