04 Dec 2011

More pics from Jeremy and Kathryn’s wedding!

We have added four new pics from Jeremy and Kathryn’s wedding held in Las Vegas, NV on September 30th. Hayley is looking absolutely stunning, she was Kat’s maid-of-honor so no wonder! Taylor is looking good in a tux as well! You may spot Hayley’s boyfriend Chad and FBR’s Adam in some of the pics. The professional wedding photos were taken by Jeremy’s brother, photographer Solomon Davis.

04 Dec 2011

A new AP photo

An ad for the newest issue of “Alternative Press” reveals a new picture of the band, it was taken by Lindsey Byrnes.

03 Dec 2011

Caturday + US tour?

Hayley posted a picture of herself on her Tumblr and wrote:

I don’t usually post stuff like this but today is a damn good cat-eye day!

Happy Caturday y’all.

According to Paramore’s booking agency’s website, the band is available for support in the US late next summer. This is quite interesting! Will the band have an album out before that and will they do a headlining tour before supporting a bigger band? What do you think?

28 Nov 2011


Hayley updated her Tumblr with some new pics of her Thanksgiving celebrations. She spent some time in Kentucky with her family and boyfriend Chad. The couple then drove to Nashville, TN to celebrate “Friendsgiving” at the Luck household. Ethan and his wife Kalle made a 100% vegan Thanksgiving dinner and had a lot of people visiting them.

“Spent Thanksgiving in Kentucky with family! And then drove back home to Nashville just in time for Friendsgiving at our friend’s Ethan and Kalle Luck’s place. WOO!

Hope y’all had a great holiday!”

There were a lot of people gathered around the table, such as Mindy White, Justin York, Paramore’s friend Dakotah Rae, Jeremy’s wife Kathryn and some New Found Glory people.

25 Nov 2011

More Alternative Press pics!

More pictures from the Alternative Magazine photoshoot have surfaced! Check out these gorgeous pictures taken by Lindsey Byrnes, in our gallery. You may even get to read bits and pieces of the AP article, if you squint!

17 Nov 2011

Paramore on the cover of Alternative Press

Paramore will be on the cover of Alternative Press’ January 2012 “Most Anticipated Music of 2012” issue. It’ll be on sale all around the US by the beginning of December. Find out more about the issue and how to buy it here.

The magazine will include an interview and a new photoshoot of the band. The pictures were taken by their own photographer Lindsey Byrnes, and the article and interview were done by AP’s Annie Zalenski. The interview and the photoshoot were both done in New York City back in September, when the band played at the 15th Anniversary Concert of Fueled By Ramen. Below is a snippet of the interview, enjoy!

Paramore’s frequent use of the word “fun” [during AP’s interview] is heartening, especially because the band admit that being in Paramore hasn’t always been fun in previous years.

“We’ve always enjoyed what we do,” guitarist Taylor York says, “but we’d watch other bands on tour with us and they would just be having a blast. They’d be in vans, all cramming in one hotel room. Every day, they were just stoked to be there. In my head, I’m like, ‘Either they’re just really mistaken’”—at this, everybody laughs—“‘or we’re missing something. I don’t think it’s possible to have that much fun.’”

“I felt so bad for the longest time, because we made being in a band look like it wasn’t fun,” adds frontwoman Hayley Williams. “In my opinion. Other people might not have thought that, but you imagine all the interviews we did where it was just like, ‘Uhhh…’

“It’s important for young people to know how much fun it is to make music with your friends,” she continues. “You have to fight for it, of course, but it’s the biggest gift to play music for people, and it’s a gift even if you’re not playing for anybody. It’s fun, and I’m excited. We’re stoked to have that spirit revolving around this [forthcoming] album and just relax into the process.”

The members of Paramore admit keeping things low-key—and being selective about their promotional obligations—helped them get through the year. But paradoxically, getting back on the road and being around their fans was good for morale. York says Paramore started rediscovering how much they enjoy being in a band together while touring this year, especially when they traveled to South America in February. “This winter, when Zac and Josh left, we went through a really hard time,” he says. “I think we had to go through that. We all love each other, but we had to come together so closely that we really rediscovered how much we really love each other—and how much we love playing music. We had to go through that to realize what we had.”

“For a while, it felt like music was our only escape, like soundcheck or shows,” says bassist Jeremy Davis. “And it never was long enough; you didn’t really want to leave soundcheck, because that’s whenever nothing else mattered. We’ve always had a blast onstage, had fun with the fans and the interaction and everything. But it seems like so much more fun [now], I have no idea why. What used to not be fun, we find joy in—and find joy in each other. It shows in every way, even onstage. Now we’re bouncing all over the place and smiling. If you mess up, it’s like, ‘Whatever, it’s music.’”