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New picture of Hayley and Dakotah!

Dakotah Rae posted this picture on her tumblr earlier today! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

The image is available in the gallery!

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Hayley by Ryan Russell & some skydiving

Hayley posted a new picture of herself lying on her beloved ex-car, Miss Anne. This picture was taken at Hayley’s father’s wedding in the spring of 2011, and it was photographed by Ryan Russell. Read her Tumblr here.

“RIP Miss Anne. Love you forever!

Photo by the wonderful and loverly Mr. Ryan Russell.”

Paramore went skydiving while in Hawaii. Hayley loved it and tweeted about it. They all got official certificates after the skydive – and as much to our surprise, it was Jeremy who was the most scared to do skydiving!

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Paramore in Hawaii

We have added some pics from Paramore’s show in Honolulu, HI onto our gallery. Check them out!

A fan named CJ Brunke of “The Rocket Surgeons” from Alaska got to sing Misery Business with the band! Check out this cool video of her on stage!

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Here We Go Again in Honolulu

There’s a short clip of Paramore playing “Here we go again” in Honolulu. Click on the picture to watch it!

the band also had an interview at Radio Star 101.9 before their show in Honolulu. Check out the gallery for pictures and hear the interview HERE

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Interviews from Singapore and The Warped Tour

Taylor was interviewed briefly during the Warped Tour, and we now have a video of it below!

While in Singapore the band was interviewed by the Singapore 91.3FM Radio. The interviewers brought the band some gifts, beer for example… what an amazing gift for someone who doesn’t drink! Well, then they played some games and talked about Hayley’s hair etc, so it was entertaining.

We also have a few pictures from their appearance on the radio as well as some live shots from their show in Singapore.

Radio 91.3 Singapore

08.21. – Singapore, Singapore

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Videos and Bali pictures!

RTMorasonMD, who is known for his high quality videos, posted a 40-minute-long video from Paramore’s Warped Tour show in Canada! See the video by clicking the thumbnail below!

And a photographer named Nikko Karki posted some beautiful, HQ pictures from their show in Bali, see them in our gallery!

And a new video of Jeremy golfing in Singapore was posted on Paramore.net. Click the picture to see it!

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