01 Oct 2011

Jeremy is now a married man!

Yesterday Jeremy got married to his girlfriend, Kathryn Camsey! The happy couple got married in Vegas and had Hayley as their bridesmaid and Jeremy’s best friend Patrick as their bestman. Jeremy posted the picture below on along with a comment that said:

Today I married my dream girl and couldn’t be any happier. I love you, Kathryn!

Here are some tweets regarding this marvelous event!

On behalf of all of us here on Paramore Online, we’d like to say congratulations to Mr and Mrs Davis!

26 Sep 2011

Hayley with Taylor Swift and the good old Ajax!

A picture of Hayley, Taylor Swift and Daniel Lambert (aka Ajax) was posted online. Ajax used to earn his living by jumping over people… yes, you heard me. The picture was taken after Taylor’s show in Nashville, TN. That was the day when Hayley joined her on stage!

To refresh your memory, watch a video of Ajax jumping over people, the Farros, to be more specific, click!

19 Sep 2011

Gallery addition

Several new photos have been added to the gallery. Here’s one from Hayley visiting Fashion week in New York.

hayley fashion week

09 Sep 2011

Hayley @ Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Hayley attended the New York Fashion Week whilst in New York, and got her photo taken with designer Rachel Antonoff, whose clothes she also wore during the event. She wore Antonoff’s skirt, tights and shoes to the event.

She updated her Tumblr with the following:

Went to the Rachel Antonoff show today in NYC! (wearing her skirt, tights, and shoes in this pic!) I don’t consider myself to be “in” the fashion world… but wearing anything she’s designed makes me feel like I look pretty darn snappy.

Click the photo below to view the other pics from this event in our gallery.

09 Sep 2011

FBR 15 pictures

We have added some live shots from the FBR 15th Anniversary Concert into our gallery, check those out now! :)

9.7.2011 – FBR15 New York City, NY

RTMorasonMD has uploaded more HD videos from the FBR15 concert onto his YouTube channel, check these gorgeous clips out by clicking here.

07 Sep 2011

New picture of Hayley and Dakotah!

Dakotah Rae posted this picture on her tumblr earlier today! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

The image is available in the gallery!