04 Dec 2013

New message from the band! was just updated with a new message from the band. You can read the whole message below.

Hello P-more family!

Lots to talk about, so little time to talk about it all!

First of all, we can’t say thank you enough to everyone who came to see us on The Self-Titled Tour. Honestly, it couldn’t have gone any better. Big shows, loads of people, new fans and old school fans! To the long-time super hardcore dedicated bunch: it’s a little nuts to think that we’ve been touring for 8 years now and you have stuck with us through thick and thin. Seeing your faces up front will never get old and your pictures from the shows were both incredibly humbling and gratifying. To those of you who’ve just discovered what it means to be a part of our family, it was amazing to see you all out there and hear you sing along to all the songs – even the deep cuts! Thank you to everybody who made that tour what it was and what it will forever be. We will most definitely see you again and hopefully sooner than later!

Some of you will see us this month on our little holiday run. All the Jingle Ball shows and radio shows… we’ve got ’em covered. One little thing though… Maybe you already know but just in case you don’t: Jeremy and his wife, Kathryn, are getting ready to have their baby girl! We’re weeks away now. We all thought that maaaaaybe that was a little bit important and everybody told him that if he needed to bolt, we’d completely get it and we’d cheer him on from over here and swing the holiday shows without him. So he won’t be with us at these Christmas shows but now he can go ahead and be with his family in England and he and Kat can bring their little one into the world! Make sure to send Jeremy lots of love and pictures from the shows and messages for him and Kat and the 1st P-more baby. We can’t wait to meet her!

Maybe you’re wondering how the heck we’re gonna play shows without Jeremy slapping the funky funk out of his bass? Don’t worry… we took care of it. We’re psyched to let you know that for all the dates in December, our producer/friend/ridiculously talented musician, Justin Meldal-Johnsen will be joining us! So Philly, you will see him with us tonight! It’s gonna be a lot of fun and a really memorable bunch of shows. This is an exciting time for our band. Having our best friend become a dad, playing some shows with someone who really helped Paramore get to where we’re at today, and to be able to celebrate the year that we’ve had and end it only to start another great year just doing what we do. Check the tour dates on our page to see if we’re playing any holiday/radio shows near you and if we are, come hang and celebrate with us!

Speaking of next year… We’ll be releasing a brand new single along with a new video! “Ain’t It Fun” will officially be out some time in January :) Thanks for being patient with us. We just shot the video yesterday in our hometown and now we’re just waiting for all the editing, revisions, and approvals to start! No official release date for the single has been set and as usual, the video release will follow suit. We’ll keep you posted! This one is gonna be a good time.

Alright. See you at the show!
Hayley & Taylor (with Jeremy in spirit all the way from ol’ Blighty!!)

13 Oct 2013

Ain’t It Done? Hayley gives us an update on music videos

Hayley updated the band’s Tumblr with an explanation on what’s happening with the Ain’t It Fun music video. Read on to find out what happened to Ain’t It Fun and what’ll happen to Daydreaming!

Hey everybody, it’s Hayley. Back again and I wanted to fill you guys in on something that we’ve been getting a lot of questions about…

We posted a picture a few months ago from behind the scenes of a video we shot for our song, “Ain’t It Fun” … Turns out, the process of making and completing this video has been well, not fun. ZING! To keep things short and BS free, we were not happy with where this video was headed and ultimately, made the decision to pull it.

Not to worry, though! We have since shot another video… for a song called “Daydreaming”, which we’re releasing as a single for our friends across the pond. Of course, we are planning on shooting another video for “Ain’t It Fun” as soon as we get a chance. When we figure out all the details for that, we’ll tell you!

So sorry we kept you guys hanging for so long. Thanks for all the excitement and for all the patience, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. No one is more anxious than us to have the right music video for “Ain’t It Fun”. It’s one of our favorite Paramore songs to date and when the time comes, it’s going to have a video worthy of that sentiment.

Love each and every one of you. See you at the show :)


21 Aug 2013

New LJ post (talkin bout practice not a game not a game)

Hayley updated the band’s LiveJournal with a new blog entry! Read it below or visit the blog here.

talkin bout practice not a game not a game

hey yall

band practice for the upcoming EU/UK tour starts tomorrow! very. exciting. stuff. honestly, i’m just a tad bit nervous. it feels like a big sort of tour. the kind that we really have to put a lot of muscle and elbow grease and, of course, luuuuv into. with us, everything always comes together last minute. and i do mean everything. for some reason i can never seem to remember that though and i freak out like a crazy person with some serious anxiety issues. anyway, now that we’re really all going to get in there and start rehearsals, everything will fall into place. on the one hand, you have to work at it to make that happen… and on the other hand, well… you’ve got to let it happen.

so, i’m pretty sure most of you have heard about Miles, who’s been playing drums with us on the past few tours. Miles got into a crazy golf cart accident (i know, it sounds a little nuts but it’s for real). he really f-d up just about one whole side of his body. mostly his face and shoulder, it seems like. poor dude is such a trooper. today, when i swung by the place we’re going to be rehearsing, he was there and i was pretty surprised at his attitude in spite of how torn up he looked. torn up is a lot different than turnt up, by the way. not at all a good thing! we are not positive that he’ll be on this next tour with us but we are going to figure it all out one way or another and the show will go on! we’re just so damn thankful that Miles is alright and not only is he getting all the right care but he’s also in as good of spirits as i can possibly imagine one being in his situation. feel free to send him some extra love if you’re surfing the web with nothing to do – his twitter handle is @mileskmcpherson.

in the meantime, from now ’til the start of our tour, there is so much to do. first things first, we have a million interviews and promotional stuff we’re working on for all these upcoming shows. lots of basic rehearsals. i’ve got a million merch emails to sort through, which is, for the most part, one of my favorite jobs to have. then the three of us really have to dig in to finish the show, production and set list and everything. the most obnoxious thing i have to do is to figure out exactly what i want to wear for the shows. this may seem like it would be a simple task for a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal but ohhhh no. it’s the hardest thing EVERY TIME! i don’t really enjoy the process of packing a separate stage uniform but it’s just becoming necessary. now that i’m getting older, i have this fantasy of having this great stage outfit that looks sick in pictures but feels as comfy as my regular day time clothes. the truth is, no outfit of that sort exists. slight growing pains. what’s more important to me? living out my freddie mercury dreams, blazing the stage and feeling awesome… or just the simple joy of being comfortable? when i really think down to the core of my issue, it all just has to do with the fact that i’m growing up. my tastes are way different than they were. but you know what? i’m a lot older than i was when i started getting up onstage, wearing the t-shirt i slept in the night before and one of the only two pair of jeans thrown into my suitcase 5 minutes before walking out the door to get in the van. i want a little more… i EXPECT a little more of myself. it doesn’t even feel like a burden so much as growing pains. growing pains are a good thing because… duh. you’re growing. alright, so expect a sequined purple unitard with bright red legs and a tiara. shit’s getting real. paramore 3.0!!!! taylor and jeremy are glittering their beards!

when i was a kid, my dad would take me to ultimate fun world every other sunday and we’d ride go-karts and play arcade games. around the time i was 9, i started to get the worrrrst growing pains in my ankles and around the lower parts of my legs. it sounds funny but pushing on the gas pedal of the go-kart and driving around seemed to ease the discomfort cause i’d be stretching my leg out and putting pressure on my foot while stepping on the gas pedal so hard it hit the floor board. we’d drive all day. i’d race every kid on the track and sometimes dad would ride with me and other times we’d even race each other. by the time we were done, i’d be laughing so hard and smiling so big that the pains in my leg were hardly noticeable and for some reason to this day i think about all that.

the weirdest part of this whole entry is that all i came here to say is this… we are incredibly excited about the next few months of life, paramore, music, everything. i, personally, have this feeling that even though we want to put on the biggest shows we’ve ever put on, they will still feel incredibly intimate to us and hopefully to you too. that energy is what i live for and as much as i go back and think on all the incredible memories we made at tiny hole-in-the-wall places with a few hundred people… the way it feels to know that we’ve really grown and come all this way with you is completely and stupidly overwhelming in the best way possible. thanks for all of it. remember this, as much as we are pressing the pedal to the metal, you are driving this freaking go-kart. you are the reason we’ve gotten where we are. let’s make more ridiculous memories. see you soon, over there!


(i don’t proofread since having earned my diploma in 2006, so i’m sorry for all the errors, misspells, and mistakes)

06 Aug 2013

New post on LJ (private jet to southwest)

Hayley wrote a blog post on the band’s LiveJournal. Read it below or by clicking here.

private jet to southwest

whatttttt a riiiiide this last month has been. first of all, i’d just like to say that i’m updating our livejournal after having read through every single livejournal post that we’ve ever made from the very beginning. it was all incredibly inspiring for me, for some reason. i am the most tragically nostalgic person i know. and i love it. so anyway, it’s nice to be back here giving a little update on things.
we are on a flight home right now. i still can’t get over wifi in an airplane. we almost didn’t make this flight because, after making it to florida on our big pimpin’ private jet (nicknamed “chicken sandwich” – don’t ask) , we got to the next airport and the two men checking us in were having a pretty difficult time just doing the simple tasks like, counting our baggage, collecting our ID’s… you know, things like that. it was like being on episode of Come Fly With Me. (Please check this show out if you haven’t already… it’s the same guys from Little Britain). Anyway, they kept us at the check-in counter for… oh, I’d say about half an hour. At some point we just had to laugh. Then miraculously, we found ourselves at the gate and boarding our flight with about 5 minutes left til take-off. None of it really matters though because we are almost home!
Mexico and South America were both wonderful. The weather was way way colder than I thought it’d be. I basically wore the same outfit the entire trip because everything else I’d packed looked like I was headed for some type of summer beach getaway. I was so excited to actually try and look nice on this tour, too! My flannel shirt and leather jacket just smell like a month on the road. I feel so bad for all these people on the plane. Most of which have come up to us and told us they’re Paramore fans! It’s a warm welcome back to the states but man, I’m pretty embarrassed to look like this much of a scrub in all the photos we’ve taken with folks on the flight.
The coolest part is the variety of people who seem to be getting into our music now since we’ve put out the new record. Very exciting.

Well, this nearly pointless post is getting cut short because apparently we’re descending into Nashville. YEAH!! Can’t wait to see the family. Eat at all my favorite places. Relax.
Thanks so much to all the people who came out to our shows over the last month. Your passion is overwhelming and incredibly humbling. We had a blast!

Alright, I really better be going now. Ps, everyone, Teen Choice Awards this week. I may pee my pants. Or skirt. Or whatever I decide to wear.
Thanks again everyone for all your support as of late. It’s insane to have a song doing well on the radio and to have all these fun opportunities and tours coming up. We’ll see you guys really soon!


24 Jun 2013

LiveJournal post

Hayley has written a new post on LiveJournal. You can either read it below or find the original version here.

what’s cooler than being cool? [23 Jun 2013|04:52pm]
….. being yourself. That’s what.

I was just thinking the other day… Looking at random blogs, fashion sites, online zines… and I got sad. Mostly because I feel like a lot of the different subcultures that exist today, exist because at some point there was someone who felt like they didn’t fit in. (Stay with me.)They had a movement of their own to live for. So they did and maybe at some later point, it caught on or somebody else felt like they could fight for those same things. Maybe it wasn’t even a “fight”, maybe it was just a way of living. Marching to the beat of their own drum. My Granny always told my sisters and I from a very young age… “You girls just march to a different beat”. I didn’t really get it back then and honestly, I’m glad I didn’t because when I was that young I didn’t see the point in pointing out people’s differences. It was just a way of living. Still is, I suppose. Or at least, I hope.

I do get it though and I see it in other people now… mostly young people. My sisters, for sure. But in a lot of our fans, as well. Again, mostly in the younger ones. Cause when we’re just young enough, we’re not yet jaded or bothered by what’s “cool”. We’re not quite as worried about fitting into some of society’s little cliques or sub-genres of human beings. So, we just do whatever comes naturally to us. Funny how there’s an entire part of our culture completely obsessed with youth and beauty – yet we forget the most essential ingredient to youthfulness is that clean slate, non-judgemental, wide-eyed curiosity. You can’t be sold any of that.

Anyway, I got sad because within these subcultures and an entirely new breed of “too-cool kids”… there are likely some people who, at some point, didn’t fit in, weren’t “normal”, and probably needed somewhere to go to feel like they could fully express themselves. I see it everywhere. These are the nerds from junior high that got bullied everyday but then ended up in a band and now they’ve turned their old loser status into a trophy of pretentiousness to beat everyone over the head with. The guys and girls who wouldn’t be caught dead in a regular old mall where they once probably got made fun of for what they were wearing… but are now wearing unique and fun brands like UNIF or Lazy Oaf (which, to be extra clear, I love) and calling everyone else “basic”. I’m just saying, why doesn’t the cycle end with the people who should’ve learned their lesson? Why aren’t the once regarded weirdos and freaks raising up a new generation of people who are more self-assured in their individuality? Why does it seem like some of the strange ones found their bit of success and now look down on anyone else who doesn’t look, think, or have the way they do? It’s like seniors who constantly give sophomores a hard time as if they weren’t just sophomores themselves like 3 years ago. I was not the most popular person in school. And even when I did have friends I still felt a bit like a weirdo. I’m not threatened by that… It’s something that I hope to encourage other people with. That’s a huge part of the message behind Paramore. To lift up the people who feel ashamed that they’re different. To tell them that that’s probably the coolest part about them.

At this very moment, at 24 years old, sitting here in sweats and looking/feeling utterly disastrous (hey, i got my rights)… I have to say, I’m really proud that as a kid I never felt like I fit in with the popular crowd. And as an adult, I don’t feel like I fit in with the self-righteously uncool crowd either. Honestly, it’s nice to be on a real quest to just be me everyday. No matter what. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Silverlake, CA – land of the upturned noses – or back home in Nashville. Doesn’t matter if we’re on a red carpet. I guess I just couldn’t care less. I’m not saying it’s always easy but it’s always worth it to stay true to you.

If anything, this could be a Back To The Future type of warning, to anybody who cares enough about this post, that high school ends but it never actually ends. There will still be people around who try to point at you and laugh. Who think you’re not on some tip like they are. Who feel like their job, their shoes, their money, their boyfriend or girlfriend, their lifestyle … is on some level that you haven’t even ever heard of. The truth is that no one else could live your life. Nobody else – man or woman – could wake up and put on your shoes in the morning. Nobody else could pull it off. So own that. Cool is a lie. Cool doesn’t matter and it never did. Merely perception.

In conclusion, you are your own torch carrier. Don’t let anybody steal your light. Wear what you want. Think how you want. Challenge normal. And yes, even challenge what’s “cool”.

In total conclusion… We’re really excited to be posting the video for “Anklebiters” in a couple of days. This is not an official single release, this is just a video we wanted to have done because of what the song has come to mean for our band. Thanks to all the people who came up on stage with us over the last tour and a half and sang it with us. This song is our way of contributing to the art of self-love and self-acceptance, no matter the odds.

We love you guys and we love you most when you’re being yourself.

xxxxx h

16 May 2013

Paramore Fan Club / Update

Paramore posted this announcement on their official site.

Earlier this year we let you know that we were making some changes to our website and announced that we wanted to offer a different experience to our fans. Hopefully you all are loving the new layout of the website and how mobile friendly it is.

Today we would like to let you know that we are no longer going to have a paid fan club like we did with the Paramore Fan Club. We feel like it limited many of you who still wanted access to the content, community, meet n greets and pre-sale tickets but who were not members of PFC.

We want to open up these opportunities to more fans so starting today, all you need to do is make sure you’re a member of!

As an official member of, you will get the chance to participate in special presales, early entry to venues, meet n greets, limited merch items and new content. So make sure you sign up no matter what part of the world you live in.

We really want to give as many of you as possible a chance to enjoy these perks and we want to say a special thank you to all the PFC members who joined throughout the years.

We just announced more dates in September and we are going to give all members the first chance to buy tickets early starting tomorrow.

We will also offer some new ticketing options to help get tickets in your hands and not the ticket brokers. We saw way too many of you complaining about this when our last dates went on sale and we are doing our best to minimize that. So in response to that, you will see us implement paperless ticketing, special pricing and limited bundles for certain seats as we try to keep ticket prices lower but secure for you to purchase. More about this in the coming days when we roll out our official Paramore ticketing policy.

So please make sure you’re on the email list and watch out for more info on our special presales we are doing for all our tours moving forward. This will give many more the option to get tickets before they sell out.

Thank you,
Hayley, Jeremy & Taylor / Paramore