06 May 2013

Tumblr: “And oh so tired of bein sick”

Hayley updated her Tumblr with an explanation of what’s been going on with her lately. We hope she gets healthy as soon as possible!

Hey everybody,

First of all… Salt Lake City, I am so sorry that we had to cancel our show. There aren’t many things I regret more than letting our fans down. Canceling shows is a big deal to all of us and I tried so hard just to push through them but unfortunately that wasn’t the smartest idea for my health. Canceling was the last resort and again I’m sorry it came down to that.

Maybe I can just quickly try explain what’s going on, so you hear it straight from me. This started last week when we were meant to play Conan… And I woke up feeling really sick. I thought it was just a sore throat but didn’t want to risk not being well for our own shows, so we cancelled. I stayed in and got some food and of course, caught food poisoning from it… Because, why not? Not to get all graphic on you but it was a lot like that scene in The Exorcist where she projectile pukes green and it’s really violent. That ended up burning my throat which made it sore all over again. Then to make matters worse I woke up a couple of days later having gotten some sort of virus, which is what I’m still dealing with now.

And there you have it. Clearly, it has not been my week. I wish that my being sick didn’t affect so many people and again, I am terribly sorry to everyone who I have let down by not being able to perform tonight.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent me a get well soon message or any kind of support over the last week. So thankful that music has connected us.

See you all soon.

17 Apr 2013

#1 on the Billboard 200

Paramore earned their first #1 on the Billboard 200! You can read an article about it here. Paramore also commented on being the number one on You can read their blogpost below.

#1 on the Billboard 200!
Posted by Paramore

This is so unbelievable. A #1 album?! The three of us are still in disbelief. We’ve never had a #1 album and if there were ever a Paramore album that we’d want most to get there, it would definitely be this one. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this gift.

We also want to take the opportunity now, as a band, to say that Boston is still heavy on our hearts and minds. We are praying for all of you there and we look forward to getting back there and helping out however we can.

Love to all of our fans. We are beyond grateful for you.

25 Mar 2013

New LJ post from Hayley + Daydreaming lyrics

Hayley posted a new blog post on the bands LJ, along with the lyrics to the song ‘Daydreaming’ which is to be released on their upcoming album which is to be released on April 9th.


This will be the last of the lyric posts until the album comes! There’s going to be a lot of exciting stuff happening this week so I promise that the time will fly by! Thanks for coming here to read the tiniest preview of some of the songs off our album. The guys and I are all but bursting at the seams with pride and excitement for this record to come out. Thank God.

It’s hard to believe that almost a year ago, exactly, we moved out to LA to finish writing/start recording our Self Titled album. The few months before that were a weird time for me, personally. I was battling the present and just constantly trying to figure out how to get to whatever was going to be next. It’s funny how life goes cause then you start to look back at a time that felt really difficult and realize it was one of the most beautiful times in your whole life. The last two years were strange and hard and I learned a lot… but it was easily one of the most amazing, most peaceful times of my life. When I talk to people about it, I refer to last Spring/Summer as a “golden moment” that sparked so much growth and necessary healing. Funny I didn’t recognize how perfect it actually was when I was living it. We all need a little perspective sometimes. To stand back and really get what we’re right in the middle of.

Last January, I sat up in bed one morning and sang out the chorus to a song that, for pretty obvious reasons, we called “Daydreaming”. I’ve never been the kind of writer to do that. There are like a billion episodes of Behind The Music where the artist talks about writing a song in their sleep… waking up and putting it down on paper before they go back to bed… or some of them just get right up and get to work finishing it. That’s just never been me, though I always wished it was. This particular morning, however, I woke up and from somewhere deep in my head or heart or wherever songs come from… it just came out like word vomit. Later that day I went to Taylor’s and showed him. Eventually the song kind of finished itself.

Looking back on the months before we moved to California, I was having the worst time just getting through my daily life. I didn’t want to see anyone I knew in Nashville. I felt lonely and sad and a little hurt. For whatever reason I just felt like there was more out there for me but it wasn’t wherever I was. Not “more” as in success, or any type of worldly gain… but I just felt like my heart should be happier. I was constantly dreaming up a brighter life in my head. Trying to figure out what to do to get there. When we moved to LA, even the physical act of getting away wasn’t really helping. At that point, I felt completely lost. If I was this far away from my problems and I still felt alone and down… then where could I go to feel any less alone? It took a few weeks. It took getting up every morning and just deciding I was right where I needed to be. It took singing “Daydreaming” out loud in front of a mic in the studio and turning it into a reality. Now I look back at that season of my life with such a deep nostalgia. Growing pains sometimes hurt like heartache. In the moments that you feel change happening and you feel your heart, mind, body and soul resisting it with all your might, try not resisting for only a moment. Go with it, even! It’s like that quote I’ve always loved by Anias Nin… “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. Don’t miss a chance to move forward. Daydream a little. Don’t be scared to embrace the way that it hurts just to grow. You’ll look back and your heart will thank you for not standing still when what you needed the most was to move forward.

“Living in a city of sleepless people
Who all know the limits and won’t go too far outside the lines
Cause they’re’ out of their minds.
I wanna get out and build my own home
On a street where reality is not much different from dreams I’ve had
A dream is all I have…

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I’m alright

Creep past the hours like the shorter hand on the clock
hanging on a wall of a schoolhouse somewhere
We wait for the bell
And we dream of somewhere else

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I’m alright

Not that I won’t remember where I’m from
Just don’t wanna be here no more
It’s not enough
(We’re only half alive)
I’m gonna go
(We’re only half alive)
Where the rest of the dreamers go

Where the dreamers go

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I’m alright

Daydreaming all the time
We used to be half alive
Now I’m alright”

Surprise! There’s the whole song’s worth…


14 Mar 2013

Still Into You lyrics & pics from SXSW

Hayley updated the band’s LiveJournal with lyrics from their next single, “Still Into You”. We have added two new pictures of the band at the SXSW Festival into our gallery as well.l

It’s good to be in love.
“I should be over all the butterflies but I’m into you
And baby even on our worst nights… I’m into you
Let ’em wonder how we got this far
cause I don’t really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time…
I’m still into you.”

09 Mar 2013

Live Journal update

Paramore has updated their LiveJournal account with a new blog post. You can either read it below or find the original post from here.

Hard decisions

It’s so tough trying to pick what lyrics from what song to share with you guys next. I can’t tell if it’s more of a tease for you or for me. It might seem like a well though-out plan, all these “strategically” posted blog updates… but seriously… I’m sitting around in my sweatpants, a little bit bored (and thankful for it!), with a face mask on (God forbid my skin NOT freak out after all those plane rides!), trying to make the time between now and April 9th (4th album!) magically disappear. I’m thinking about doing jump rope for 20 minutes when I’m done with this post just to make myself feel like I was a little bit productive today. Needless to say, these blogs have served as a nice placeholder for me. They’ve quelled my anxiety, or at least kept it at bay. Look, I just really want you guys to hear the album!!

Here’s the thing, life at home with all this comfort and time to spare is really not what I consider to be “normal life”. For me, normal is a day sheet being shoved under a hotel room door with a detailed outline of how the following 24 hours is going to play out. Normal is waking up in a different bed, a different city, peeing in a toilet on a plane at an altitude of 30,000 ft in the sky… over all of you… think about that. Don’t think about that. All I’m saying is, for the three of us, life is usually moving so fast that when we stop for a few moments it’s like the worst case of whiplash you’ve ever experienced.

My first real dose of reality came when the guys and I were moving out the Los Angeles to make the album. I flew out a few weeks earlier just to feel some kind of movement and get my head in a new space. Then after getting exactly what I wanted, I spent the next few weeks throwing silent tantrums… just wishing for a little familiarity or comfort that reminded me of home. Isn’t that how it always goes?! The grass is just always greener, I suppose. We’re wanting summer when it’s winter, winter when it’s not… but sometimes what we really need is just to struggle and strain and feel the growing pains.

And somehow, through all this rambling, I’ve decided to share some lyrics from the new album that have to do with this very subject matter. “Ain’t It Fun” has everything to do with accepting at some point in your life that the world is not your very own Truman Show. The people who walk passed you on the street aren’t extras in your movie. This is the real world. This is where everyone’s looking out for him or herself… and just trying to get through each day and say they did alright! To make it clear, this song is a letter to myself! We all need a kick in the ass sometimes. Since, I had no one around me to tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself, I had to figure out a way to do it on my own. If you haven’t figured out how to do that quite yet then maybe you’ll get the butt-kicking you need from “Ain’t It Fun”.

Ps, this is one of the songs that I’m most excited for everyone to hear Taylor and Jeremy’s parts for. The music is completely nuts. So many parts and layers and melodies. For anyone who’s every been interested in hearing mine and Jeremy’s old funk covers band, this isn’t too far off.

“So what are you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?

Ain’t it fun living in the real world?
Ain’t it good being all alone?
Ain’t it good to be on your own, ain’t it fun you can’t count on no one…
Ain’t it fun?
Living in the real world.”

03 Mar 2013

LJ: One show left..

Hayley updated the band’s LiveJournal and shared her thoughts along with some of the lyrics for “Fast In My Car”!

One show left..
Only one more show of our first ever tour of 2013. My neck hasn’t felt this sore since we started touring in the beginnning of 2005… I keep telling everyone, “My body is resisting my will to rock!” Seriously though, the shows have been so fun that, at least for those 70 – 90 minutes up on stage, I don’t even notice. I love being back at it again. Surely, my creaking 24 year old joints and muscles will all submit to me soon. Submit to the rock. Let’s just not take another 2 years off, amiright?

Like I said in the last post, we have been doing some listening parties… playing 5 songs from the new album for around 20 fans. It’s been nerve-wracking and thrilling and extremely rewarding. I’ll never get over how amazing it feels to bare your soul in a song and then have someone listen and not only accept but fully embrace it. To be any kind of artist is a blessing.

The first song on the album is called “Fast In My Car”. We played this one in the listening parties even I was nervous to show people the way that the album actually begins. It begins this way for a reason though. The last few years of our band-hood were a pretty crazy ride. There were some seriously dark valleys. Lows that felt impossible to escape… but we did! We got outta there! The problem, however, with having lived out those lows in front of the world is that there are a lot of people who would rather see us stay down there. You know folks like that, I’m sure. They don’t want you to get back up and try again, especially if you’re going to try something new. Quite honestly, in our case, journalists and writers seem to want a juicy story much more than to actually have to do homework and say something positive. And you can’t always fault people for their curiosity. Our society perpetuates this… we are drawn to dilemma. I am just as much as anyone so I swear I’m not trying to point fingers! Anyway, Paramore have had our fair share of drama and we’re ready for something different. We want the soap-opera to stay behind us! Thus, “Fast In My Car”.

A lot of the reviewers who’ve heard this song go straight for the obvious when they hear some of the lines in the song. They ask me if it’s about losing 2 band members and being pissed off about it and blah blah blah… and I just want to say, loudly and proudly, that this song is not about that. There aren’t actually any full songs on the album about that. Certainly, I am always inspired by life and the things that my friends and I go through… So, there may be shades of those memories… but alls I’m sayin’ is… Don’t look too hard for something negative cause you’ll always find it. (I should listen harder to this advice!)

This year, I hope that as a band we really live out “Fast In My Car”. I want to just jump in a car, van, bus, plane, train, whatever… with my best friends… and take over the world. Armed to the teeth, ready for anything that comes our way but always with a new peace of mind that we’ve already won. There’s so much out there for us to experience and to gain and I’m ready to not miss out on any of it this time.

Alright, even though my favorite parts of this song are the verses… I’m going to stick with my gut and just give you guys the chorus. Simple and straight to the point. Can’t wait for you to hear the real thing!

“We’re driving fast in my car
We’ve got our Riot gear on but we just want to have fun
No, we’re not looking for violence…
Tonight we want to have fun”