30 Jan 2013

LJ update from Hayley

Hayley updated Live Journal. You can find the original post from here.

A shrivel of an update! I owe ya more later…
The last couple weeks have been so. intense. In the best way, though. We’ve been flying around everywhere telling everyone about the new album and honestly, it’s been such a relief. I’m just thankful we got here. Do you know what I’m talking about?

It’s been a few years. I don’t think I realized how long it’s actually been since we’ve put something new out there. Made ourselves 100% vulnerable again and handed the world another magnifying glass to look back into our lives. Intensity. But it’s about time! If there’s anything that I learned over the last couple of years it’s that there isn’t a doubt in my heart that this is what we are designed to do. Make music and connect to other people’s lives through whatever opportunities that music allows. It feels like we have a whole new chance. The 3 of us are so excited to take full advantage of this chance and all the possibilities that we’re given. So yeah, it’s already been intense but I’m down for whatever!

Our first real single in agggggesssss came out last week. If you don’t know about it… well, it’s called “Now”. I like it a lot. Seems like we were waiting for so long to get it out there and now that it is, we’re just itching to put the whole album out. There’s no way to tell you what our album is like in words… I can’t describe the sound because there are A LOT of sounds. And though we really hope you’ll go buy the single, “Now” alone won’t even really explain what the entire album is about or what it all sounds like. Guess you’re just going to have to come along for the ride! And if you’re willing… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rehearsals later this week and a whole lot more interviews/photoshoots/and all the ridiculousness that is just a means to get to the shows ;) We’ll keep you posted!


31 Dec 2012

New blog post

Hayley wrote a new post on LJ today, finally!! :-D

is this thing still on?

hey guys, sorry to leave everyone hanging for so long.

going to keep this short because we actually have a few things coming up and i don’t want to talk too much before just getting some other stuff out there. (could i be any more vague? no…)

all i want to say is that… it’s been nice having alone time. it’s been nice getting to know who i am outside of the band. basically, in the last year i’ve become a big time loner, for better or for worse. saw a crap ton of movies and went to some amazing shows. watched a lot of tv, from my couch, all alone. wrote a lot of lyrics that hopefully you will soon be singing. i hope that i’ve grown up a lot this year. though, growing up has nothing to do with knowing it all… and i certainly feel like there is much more to learn about living with myself.

i’m not exactly sure what next year is going to be like but i hope that you all know that most days the most genuine thing we see or experience will be you. the conversations we might have or the smiles we exchange at a show, tears, letters you’ve written… thank you in advance for whatever is going to happen. i can’t stress this enough: we couldn’t care less if it’s a million hundred bajillion albums sold or if it’s none and we play first on every bill for the rest of forever. you will still be the thing that is real about all of it. the joy and the drive behind it… besides the fact that we just love music… is you. in fact, it feels like the past 2 years of working to get here has all been a journey mixed with some growing pains just to get to you.

2013 here we come!


07 Nov 2012

New blog post from Hayley

Hayley posted a new blog post titled “One Week” on the bands Tumblr today. It has been revealed that Ken Andrews (vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Failure) will be mixing Paramore’s upcoming album! Check out the post below.

One week that I hardly even remember since we finished the record. I use the term “finished” lightly because even while I’m typing all this I’m listening to an unfinished mix of one of the new songs. The guys and I still have approvals of all those to go through, album art, masters… is this boring to read yet?
Well, at least let me tell you this before we all from excitement over here. We have the extreme pleasure of working with yet another of our heroes on our 4th album… as if this process wasn’t already unbelievable… Ken Andrews of Failure/Year of the Rabbit/ON (some of our biggest inspirations/influences as a band) is mixing this album for us! Between Ken, JMJ, and Roger Manning, Jr. we are sort of in a musical daze. The amount of talent that is going into what we’re a part of right now is awe-inspiring for us as music fans. As a band, it’s humbling. If you’re not familiar with any of these guys’ past work, please do yourself the grand favor of using The Google to research and discover what each of them have created respectively. And if you’re interested in hearing an album that truly gave Paramore a beginning… then buy a copy of Failure’s ‘Fantastic Planet’.
And if you’re bored now then there is simply no hope for the future.
So what now? Basically, we’ll be “off” and “on” for the next little while putting together all the pieces that will (hopefully) be in your very hands before you know it. Just thinking about it makes me dizzy. In the greatest way possible. Like first kiss, first show, first time seeing the Cheesecake Factory menu… that kind of dizzy. It’s been, what, 3 years since we put out an album? Life at home, alone with my thoughts is cool and all but it feels like my brain is swelling up inside my head. I think I need to do something besides cooking healthy meals and fixing up Martha Stewart paper-craft decor for each holiday season. Blahhh domestication. (Let’s get this show on the road please!!)
– hayley

18 Oct 2012

new LJ post by Hayley

Hayley has just written something in the band’s livejournal! Read it below.

good morning

it’s a cloudy, perfect morning in Los Angeles… though i bet by the time i’m done writing this the sun will be absolutely raging in the sky, as usual. anyways, while i have a minute before the rest of the city wakes up, i figured i could come back here and write down (type out – 2012) some thoughts.

should i just say it, right up front? yeah, i can’t keep secrets and what would be the point? here goes: we’re about 2 weeks away from finishing this thing. our 4th album!

to be honest, a year ago… we were only speculating, hoping, praying about what this was going to sound like. what it would FEEL like. remember the Alternative Press cover story we did? the one where we acted so confident about how this whole thing was going to go down? i don’t know who we were trying to convince more, you guys or ourselves! i mean, we obviously had a big dream of what album 4 would be like and the brightness that the songs would sort of radiate. it just didn’t always seem like we were going to get there. now, we are getting ready to wrap it all up and a tie a nice little bow around it. it’s humbling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. to know that we accepted the challenge, took the journey and never looked back.

there are only a few more songs to finish and just like the rest of them, they are all very dear to us. fitting, the way that these songs laid out that the last one on our to-do list is the first of all the ideas i’d ever written down. i can still remember picking two strings of my guitar over and over again and singing the words into my iphone recorder thinking, “this probably won’t make it to the album…” but i liked it just for myself ’cause the words made me feel better.

it took us a bit to finish it. let’s see, i started it in early 2011 and we didn’t get it done ’til… this past spring? (damn.) we just weren’t really sure where to go with it because nothing seemed to give us the same feeling as what was already there. then one day, as the 3 of us and JMJ (our producer, for those just joining the party) were sitting in the studio lounge just messing with whatever random instruments were there that day, the song just fell from heaven into our heart brains and that’s my cool story bro. that was that day we knew the song would most definitely make it to the album. i couldn’t be more excited that you guys will get to hear it. it’s an important piece of the puzzle and for me, a very important part of our entire story.

really though, what if in a few weeks we were like… “JUST KIDDING GUYS!!! we haven’t been making an album, we’ve just been living in LA getting sunburned and eating tons of vegan desserts!” that would make you mad, right? ok, ’cause that’s not what we’ve been doing. sort of. ok, we have been doing those things but we were mostly making an album.


13 Sep 2012

Hayley talks about the new album

A fan asked Hayley how she would describe the general feeling of the 4th album and Hayley replied:

fortunately, this record is the most “upbeat” (emotionally) that we’ve ever written. i am looking at myself and life around my loved ones and i with a new all new senses. it’s like i had to relearn how to feel things, touch, smell, taste things. the coolest part was having enough time between BNE and this album to actually live somewhat of a “normal” lifestyle and have normal, real-life problems to think about and to write about.
it’s a feel good album with a very deep core. obviously, not everyone will feel the same things listening that i felt writing the lyrics… but hopefully everyone can take home their own meaning from these songs and get something out of them. that’s the entire point of our band in the first place.

13 Sep 2012

to be happy now. [new LJ entry)

Hayley updated the band’s official LiveJournal with a new blog entry. Read it below or check out the original entry by clicking here.

to be happy now.

fair warning. i am allllll over the place tonight! so hopefully, you guys can follow along down these rabbit trails…

we’re officially a little over half-way through the tracking of this album. it feels real-er than ever. i’m starting to understand all these songs more and where they’ve actually come from… for a minute, it was such a whirlwind of inspiration, emotion, and sweat. now that we’ve spent some time getting to know the album and growing with it, i can finally tell myself it’s real. i can just almost tell myself that it’s alright to relax.

have you ever been that way? haven’t you ever said “things are so great right now that i know something’s bound to go wrong… any minute.” just so you know, i might be the QUEEN of that phrase. maybe it’s part of being a total realist? maybe it’s just the fact that i’ve been through some rough situations and i know how awful it feels not to be prepared for the worst? it’s been a while since i didn’t have my fists in a ball… since i wasn’t sort of on the defense, waiting for the attack. if there was an actual good reason for why i lived that way for so long i’d give it to you but now that i’m (hopefully!) passed that, it’s a little unclear as to why that would ever be worth it. because now i wake up every morning and i know for certain that there are at least a few good people around me, if not physically then just by an iPhone somewhere, who could look me in the eye and tell me that they love me. i’ve got just enough blood in my veins and air in my lungs to know that i am definitely not dead. and that could be enough to say outloud, to myself… “You’re OK!”

another thing to consider is what if there is a part of us that doesn’t fully want to be satisfied? what if there’s something that asks us: if everything is “OK” then what do we have to strive for? to LIVE for, even? that’s the constant duel in my spirit! i want life to go smoothly but when it’s all working out… i’m sort of bored. ugh. it reminds me of a lyric by mewithoutYou that i’ve always connected with so deeply. “All I want is to want one thing.” how beautifully that depicts our nature as humans to want everything, sometimes multiple things at once that couldn’t be more opposite… and in the end get upset with the whole thing and want to get rid of desire altogether. (i digress!)

what i’ve had to learn during this last year and a half, is that i might actually just be happy with where life is heading at this point. doesn’t mean i’ll always feel this way. nothing’s perfect… at least for very long! anyway, it might just be OK to be happy now. right now in this very moment. i should just go with it, right? by the way, if i don’t sound completely insane to you after 3 paragraphs which all are complete contradictions to each other then i appreciate your patience and flexible perspective.

all this to say, i feel happy and i feel like my soul is actually being fulfilled. not only by the making of this album but also by the few close relationships i have in my life that have either stood the test of time or have bloomed from virtually nothing since entering whatever phase of my life i’m in at the moment. i’m not waiting for the sky to fall because i know that while the sky is staying up there in it’s place, i have my opportunity to live. no more wasting time, hope, emotions, on worrying when, if, or how i could ever be let down again. i’m going to tell myself it’s okay to be happy now.

i guess i want to finish this off by asking you what fulfills you. what is it that reaches your soul? it doesn’t have to be some profound thing or even anything cool. if you can hold that one thing in your mind and know that you’re exactly who you are supposed to be in that moment, then that could be all you need to get from point A to point B. maybe i want to finish THAT by saying, let’s all listen to “One Thing” by One Direction and sing it to each other. you’ve got that one thing and guess what? it doesn’t even need to be named. cause you just know and so does One Direction.

ok, i don’t know how you made it to the end of this…. love you, mean it.