16 Jun 2012

Hayley updates LJ

Hayley updated the band’s LiveJournal a few hours ago, check out the original entry here.

“it’s time to *really* talk about the album…”
so, I figured since this is the first time that we’re “really” talking about it, i would start here. because after all this is where everything started in the first place. well besides Jeremy’s living room and our PureVolume profile. this is where we met some of you and built a relationship from afar with so many who, even all these years later, still support our band.

we’re only about 2 weeks away from actually putting music to tape. no, we aren’t recording this album analog but hopefully you’ll understand the expression. we’ve already gone through all the songs that we have hoped would make it this far and they – about 19 – of them are ready to be recorded. this doesn’t mean that we are going to have that many tracks on the album but it does mean that for the first time in the history of our band, we are going to record more than we actually need for an album and end up with more than a few extra tracks to play around with after the fact. it’s really been a fun process for us.

by now, you know our producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen is fully involved with every part of this process. we spent a week jamming out a handful of songs a day with him and even wrote a few parts to songs with him that were missing or that just needed extra care. it was all vital to what we will do when we’re back to actually hit record. honestly, it was a lot less of a real chore than i thought it might be. pre-production could go either way… at the end of the day you’re ripping songs apart to put them back together again. it either works or it doesn’t… and thankfully, with all of us more encouraged than ever, we were ready for the challenge of making each song as great as it could be. they’ll only get better too. you’ve never listened to a paramore song as much as i’m about to listen to every rough mix we get back from these recording sessions. i am the original paramore fangirl.

over the next week or two, i’m going to be posting a little more often to our tumblr ( with little blogs about song subject matter or even just tiny updates about what’s going on in the studio. plus, now we have instagram… (“paramorestudio”) holy social networking, batman! oh, and don’t forget taylor has his own instagram. he likes to compete with jerm and i for the most likes. usually he wins and i told him it’s just because all the girls have crushes on him since he’s the youngest and cutest. (J.Timberlake of paramore, am i right or am i right?)

anyways, i only have one more chorus worth of lyrics to write before i’m done. we started writing these songs about a year ago… i can’t believe it’s all about to happen!

remember to check the tumblr. talk to you soon,
hayley from paramore

11 Oct 2011

LJ update


hey all,

hope everyone is enjoying “Renegade” and into everything we released today. hard to believe we wrote those songs so long ago and are just now getting them out there. i was ready to post them the week they were all laid down at the studio. so much has happened, changed, been good and bad, over the last year or two… and this is a nice big exhale. the calm after the storm, which sometimes is pretty hard to come by.
now that we are seeing these songs off for you to take care of and keep as your own, we are now beginning a whole new journey. the writing process is always a weird time for me… i doubt myself, listen to past records a lot to reassure myself, i isolate myself to make sure i’m staying focused… like i said, it can be pretty strange. however, this time i’m gonna try and break that mold i made for myself. jeremy, taylor, and i owe it to ourselves to really take us to a new place and just enjoy the whole thing without any stresses or awkward tensions. you guys know as well as we do, that it’s been a while since we’ve made a record that was just plain fun to make without any hangups.

so here goes. we’ve got some songs underway but it’s still the beginning.

on another completely different note, i really hope that the community can be a positive place. i am a person who has strong opinions… i don’t always voice them because i really don’t think it’s my place as an artist to be one of the loud mouths…. but what i’m trying to say is that, i understand people having opinions and wanting to voice them. there’s nothing wrong with not agreeing with everyone. what bugs me is that this place, this community, is a place for fans/family of our band to stop by and leave feeling better, not worse. no.. of course i don’t think the world is all roses and daises… but come on, you can get your fill of negativity just about anywhere else. so please, feel free to say you don’t like a song or you just aren’t into the way my voice sounds on this or that… but i am asking you to do it with purpose and not just because you don’t have anything else better to say. it’s really disheartening to see people here use our original online community as a sounding board for spiteful, bitterness.

anyway, i’m not your mom….

time to go write….


07 Jul 2011

didn’t y’all hear? [LJ entry]

i’m pregnant again… SIKE

ughhh. second hand embarrassment for the whole twitter world and coming back here today to be with people who understand… *sniff sniff*

anyways, what’s up everybody? good news! i’m feeling a heck of a lot better today than i have in a good while. still a little weary but i’ll take that. been staying at my moms pretty much all week. i haven’t done this since i was 18! needless to say, i’ve been a huge baby and totally taken advantage of the whole thing. and now, there’s only a couple days before we’re back out there with you guys. honestly, that’s all the cure i need! gonna fix me right up. whew, can’t wait!

well, this post isn’t really to catch you up on much. of course, i missed the entire 4 days of practice so i can’t say much about that other than i know the guys were stoked at how everything sounded. even though i wasn’t there to top it off with my siqq voxxx. jokes… they don’t need me anyhow… they always sound too good!

i just wanna know what you guys are up to, what you’re into. new season of true blood? toddlers and tiaras? (vomit) what do you guys think about the new Taking Back Sunday record? just fill me in! What’s the 411? Tell me everything! What’s the hot gossip? What’s the hot jams?

– momma h

07 Jul 2011

real life [LJ entry]

i took twitter off my phone the other day and it felt like killing a giant angry spider that was in my garage blocking me from getting into my car… which was amazing cause the real life spider that was actually in my garage was really extremely frightening.. and not killing it in real life was like a total failure. run on sentence, i know. my point is, it felt good to take it off my phone. liberation! besides not everything i do is even all that interesting.

so with all the extra time, i’ve really just been hanging out with my family, watching the casey anthony trial, trying to find vegetarian and/or vegan food in franklin, sitting on my butt… OH! and we made a music video ( <<- i think that's tweet worthy ) we flew to LA on sunday and shot the whole thing yesterday. from the buttcrack of dawn until we nearly died. didn't mind it! we had a blast. of course, we left with battle scars. i can't do anything without getting my stupid knees bruised. at the end of every tour i have like 50 bruises on my legs! i don't understand. anyways, it was so so awesome working with shane again... a very different experience from any of the other videos we've done with him. i won't go into all the reasons why in case it would give anything away. i'm just really excited to see it all finished. my head is killlling me. i guess i need sleep? or maybe a popsicle. rehearsals start this weekend... that much closer to getting out there and seeing you guys. ughhhh can't make time move fast enough! ok, goodnight! -h

24 May 2011

New LJ update from Hayley

Whoa woah woe..

it’s sort of unbelievable how much can happen between these LJ posts…
i don’t say that in a negative way really. i’m just only starting to realize the time that’s passed now that i sit down to write you guys.

with all the off time and the sitting around at home i’ve really just felt afraid to be still. it’s hard to go from moving at a million miles a minute to stomping on the brakes. and now — THANK GOD — we’re getting ready to get a little busier. you might’ve heard but there will be a new song on the way pretty soon and that means, we’ll have some work to do! not to mention, rehearsals for summer shows will be here before i know it. i mean, i really have to keep reminding myself… it’s only a few months off! it should be a good thing right? balls!

i’ve been in LA for quite some time now.. while i’ve been out here, i’ve seen some great shows (A Day To Remember, The Swellers, Zach Galifianakis — ugh i can’t spell that! — Best Coast, Jon Brion, The Watkins Family Hour, and I think more but I can’t remember right now), went on a date at LACMA to see the history of fashion exhibit, and i haven’t eaten meat in months! who knows how long that will last though…. I mean, I can’t really complain. it’s been a lot of fun. you know what i think my problem is though? i think i have growing pains.

i always come back to this… to growing and changing and how it feels when the whole world already “knows” exactly who you are. they know your next step before you take it. they know your every reason for every thing. and hey, this is the life i wanted! honestly, i love the workload (how i miss it right now), the company (you guys), all the different places, and most of all the freedom to create. all i can say is, with all that’s on it’s way to us right now… and i really believe in it… i guess i feel like a different version of me is ready going to be taking it on. i mean, damn, i’ve had enough time right? and yes, i said it before, but i think the guys are there too. i don’t think i’m alone when i talk about how some screw has been tightening… or loosening.. in my head. maybe even some of you are there too? there is never a bad time to start over, in my opinion.

with all that being said.. i’m SO ready for new music to get out there. we’ve been talking about it since february. you’ve sort of heard one of the songs but i’m ready to hear what you think about more of them. i’m ready to see you guys face to face at shows. ready to care about what i look like a little (you know, quit looking like a scrub just cause i know i’m off)… which i guess means i can let myself go shopping.. yes? thank you.

anyways, what was the point of all of this? did you get it? i’m so excited for summer. let’s talk more soon. sooner than it took us to talk last time.

love you guys a lot,

19 Apr 2011

LJ Update: social networking sites. collect em all!

posted this just now on my tumblr:

“Went to the Jeremy Scott x adidas party last night. I’d like to quickly point out (then avert your eyes elsewhere) the fact that I have NEVER been to Coachella yet, as of last night, I’ve been to one of the after-parties. This is so backwards. I should be ashamed.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I met some really cool people last night. People who were all so different from each other. People who were excited to get out and let go. It was nice to just be surrounded by complete strangers for the night. Sometimes, I think it’s good to do something out of your typical routine. I don’t usually leave the house at 10pm to drive 2 hours and stay out til 4am. Maybe I just like my bed too much? What I’m trying to say is… there are a million-bajillion people on this planet (that’s just an estimation) and we’ll never ALL know each other well. Most of us won’t meet at all. But when we step outside our inner circle and start leaving footprints in other places we have a lot more chances to make impact, to learn something brand new, to find out who we really are by seeing a part of us in a total stranger.

Don’t judge. Don’t stay inside all the time. Get out and let somebody know who you are.”

but i wanted to go just the tiniest bit further here with you guys…
my experience last night has so much to do with the song “Careful”. there is a big world out there and it’s made up of a ton of human beings living and breathing their way through every day. most of us, lost and confused and weird. but who cares? we have very little time to be judging and pointing and “protecting” ourselves just because we are afraid of people or experiences that are unfamiliar. the last thing i’m trying to say is that we should cut loose and run rampid in the streets in the name of “looove”. what i’m saying is, the person that i’m standing behind in line at starbucks has a story just like i’m do… and given the right moment, i could probably learn a thing or two from them. it’s easy to stay inside, shut your door, and say you’re fine with the life you have.. but try something different every once in a while just so you can say you took the risk of making someone feel loved.

edit; OH! i forgot to sign off – how rude

love you guys a lot,