10 Jan 2011

New LJ post by Hayley!

small talk

hey guys,

i haven’t wanted to come back here for a long time. so much has been going on with us personally that it’s felt wrong to try and come in here and make it all even more complicated by putting too many feelings into it. this was always a place where i could come and vent or try to motivate myself by reading what you have to say. cause most of you are far more inspiring than even you are ever going to know. but to be quite honest, there are some seasons in life where you don’t even want to feel inspired. it’s just sad and it feels almost better that way. then, on the other hand, there are some people here who have no intention of being supportive. there are some of you who’d rather search until you find something you can pull apart. and in a time where our band is seeming most vulnerable, you flourish. i’m not really sure anymore if this is a place where our band is supported or just speculated upon. the funny part is, this is the place – the group of people – who i talk about most when i talk to friends about Paramore. or when someone asks me about our fans. 99.9% of the time, you guys are the ones that i think about when i think about playing shows, or traveling the world. maybe it’s just because some of you have been with us since day #1. and even though some of the negative stuff here makes me wanna throw a child over a waterfall (ok, that’s harsh), the positive stuff USUALLY trumps all of that. i’m not saying i don’t have bad days. i do let some of you here get to me. but hey, that’s pretty human, i think.

okay, so here we are.

what a world we live in… i mean, damn! i thought for a second i was going to have to hang myself in the public square downtown! kidding. duh. but really, have you all seen Easy A? first of all, what a great movie. but second, so relatable. not in a sense that we are all lying about losing our v-cards and then making money off of it and somehow having fake chlamydia. no, i mostly mean the fact that we ALL know how quickly rumors can spread. i feel so sorry for our generation when i watch movies like ferris bueller’s day off – a payphone in the school?! really?! come on. with the internet, the whole world is just playing one huge game of telephone. i’ve STILL got folks asking me why Paramore is breaking up. it’s sort of laughable at this point. i can’t just keep answering those questions, right? you can’t prove hardly anything to anyone. you just have to show them. actions > words. it will always be that way.

but speaking of us not going anywhere. i need to say thank you. for all three of us. taylor and jeremy and i literally can’t believe how much support we’ve gotten. you can’t imagine how motivating it is. we have so many things to look forward to this year. some of which we can’t even hint at cause it would totally jinx it. but we can talk about writing, right? (yes)

we’ve got 2 songs in the works thus far! they are rockin. taylor is doing such an awesome job with the demos. jeremy and i have yet to go over and see his home studio… i think i’m gonna do that later today. it’s just crazy that we are already getting into this process. i’m not sure if this is the exact process that will lead us to make a record but it will certain lead us to releasing songs in some way. in either case, it’s bringing all of us closer together. i’ve never felt like this in our band before. that’s weird and sad to be honest about; and it’s all i want to say about that.

the three of us are trying to be creative about how we can get involved more with you guys. sort of a means of “putting down roots” all over again. with that, we want to be more interactive with the fan club – especially since there are not a whole lot of tour dates booked. but that’s just one of the things we’d like to “fix”. again, actions > words. we have a lot to do!

hope this wasn’t too sappy, or too anything. it’s been a while since i’ve been here, i might be a little rusty. i can’t promise that i’ll come in all the time like i used to. but i do promise that we notice the people here who are still trying to make this place somewhere that people can come in and feel supported. we appreciate you.

miss the road and seeing your faces in person.

ps. oh! there is something that i did want to clear up that never got cleared up before. the “statement letter” posted on .net from the band, was actually written by all of us. over the phone. it wasn’t just me. phew! that feels good to say.

25 Aug 2010

New LJ entry [PS]

Hayley updated yesterday and answered some questions in the comments.

it’s been long enough…

lordy, where do i start!? miss you guys.
the honda civic tour has been one of the coolest tours that we’ve ever put together. not only because of the size of the crowds but the fact that we have been able to pull off a bigger show, with all the fancy production (never thought it’d happen!) as well as having a line up that is so diverse, i feel like there’s a band for anyone and everyone who comes out to the show. we’ve been having a blast.

right now, we have about a week off of it. and i’m sitting on my living room floor gawking at the TV and everything that is blowing my mind on the new season of True Blood. total vampire anarchy. that’s what’s going down in my house today! if i could count all the times i’ve heard “f*** authority” in the last couple hours i’d be so punk rock, i’d hurt. but anyways, this season is intense. i can barely keep up! between this and dexter coming out in a month my spare time is all booked and busy. which shows are you into right now? anything i should check out? (ps, chad is buying the box set of Lost and i’m going to start that sometime soon!)

the weather at home is so perfect right now. i feel really lucky to come home to a place that is so beautiful. sometimes it’s sad to leave and go out on the road, missing everything that happens here – but honestly, it’s nice to miss the things that you love once in a while. so you never forget to appreciate it. hopefully, i can say this without sounding like a preacher but… remember to enjoy EVERYTHING. the things that feel good, the things that hurt, rejection, acceptance.. it’s all going to make you better. stronger. and more like yourself. every once in a while i get a reminder of how much i’m okay with just being me. i know that sounds ridiculous. cause i’m in this band. we’re lucky. we got successful. but who i am is still this nerdy, silly, flamethrower of a person. and it took me 20 years to see that and get it and love it. now, that i’m home for a few days, seeing some friends and spending some good time alone… with myself… i got one of those reminders:

found one of my old journals. from right around the time we were heading out on tour with NFG in the UK early 2008. i started reading it and couldn’t help but cry a little bit. cause that person was really confused. and very lost. and as it went on, the person behind the pen seemed to get a little bit stronger.. that part felt good. it was the reminder that i needed that right now i’m as strong as ever. there really isn’t a point to telling you all of this. except maybe i want to thank you. cause you are a constant reminder. that i’m not as lost as i once was.

okay, Hoyt from True Blood is cute and distracting. so i’m going to finish watching this episode. hopefully i’ll be back soon! but definitely follow my tumblr if you want more consistent updates. it’s easier to post pictures and what not from the road. ok. Hoyt. gotta run!


26 Jul 2010

New LJ post by Hayley

omg. jeremy is still sleeping.

Hey guys. Hayley here..
I’m sitting in the front lounge of the bus. Being on voicerest is never fun but it’s an almost constant chore when I’m on the road. Maybe I’m getting too old to headbang? I get the most intense “bangovers” (shhh, i know how that sounds).. the first few days of tour and it causes my throat to get a lot hoarser than it would be otherwise. So yeah, needless to say, this off day is pretty event-less. However, typing feels great! So, here I am!

2 days into the biggest US tour we’ve ever done. My head is spinning. So much hard work is paid off every time I look up and see everyone smiling, singing, and having a good time. We want this show to be fun. And while, we’re still getting used to the set-list and the sore necks, it’s already everything we could’ve hoped for. Make sure to hit up Brandon (@branchesbro) on Twitter and let him know what you think of all the videos that we made for the show.

(holy capslock, i just realized i have been writing this like an essay… back to the norm).

there are 2 videos, in particular, that we shot while we were home in franklin only about a week and a half ago. the one for “Decode” and the one for “Looking Up”. there is a small cameo by my younger sister, Erica, in the “Decode” video. she plays a menacing shadow person. that sounds ridiculous… but i don’t know what else to call her role hahah. anyways, Brandon pulled off those two videos – as well as a few others – extremely well. and in such a short amount of time.

another thing… the clothes. my friend Jen (@bunnyjenny) and I designed some stuff for the guys and I to wear. so much fun. for whatever reason, i really enjoy girl-scout stuff.. one of the first goodwill purchases i ever made was a toddler sized girl-scout dress that i wore as a shirt. there’s a pic of it somewhere from 2006 when i brought it on tour with me. so yeah, i still have that sort of obsession.. (mostly with the cookies) and wanted to go with that type of “punk rock girl scout” sort of style for this tour. and since the color scheme was very similar to what the guys like to wear anyways, we just made clothes for everybody! this is my first go-round with the whole designing/costume making biznass. i enjoyed the process very much.
still figuring out a way to sew my mic pack into the dress i made without messing with the style of it. we’ll get there. i’m just stoked that we actually made some skin-tight pants and they are durable… but stretchy enough that my booty isn’t hanging out the back when i jump. that’s so embarrassing. ugh, i could go on about clothes for days. sorry to bore you all. i’m gonna post a few close up “making of” pics of all the pieces i’ll be wearing on stage over at my tumblr and if you’re interested, you can check it all out. >> (

oh, and i’ve also just started blogging for i think it’s just for the duration of the tour… but go and check it out and comment me a lot so i look like a real important journalist.

i really hope that jeremy is actually sleeping and not dead. because it’s like 3:45. i’m gonna go shake him and tell him our bus is on fire.
thanks again if you’ve already gotten tickets to the shows. can’t wait to see you out there. let us know each night what you thought of it…

ps, brandon from delaware is a great singer.


25 Apr 2010

Hayley talks about faith / LJ update

Pray, Think, Wish, Cross your fingers?
Which do you do?
and does it offend you when someone else doesn’t do what you do?

i’ve been thinking a lot about how everyone in our band shares the same faith… but what if we didn’t?
the best part of being in a band, to me, is meeting anyone and everyone we can just because of the fact that those people and i share a deep love for music. you don’t go to a show because you think someone in the band is hot. you don’t go because they always wear this cool, awesome outfit, or have the right hair. those things are part of what makes up the whole picture of the music… but those things wouldn’t compel you to spend your hard earned money on a ticket to spend a night watching those clothes or that hair move around for a little while. music resonates with everyone, which is why we call it the “universal language”. and every day i thank God that i’m a part of that language. that i have the ability to use that language to hopefully offer something, or anything, to all these people that i otherwise would have absolutely no connection to whatsoever.

over the past 5 or 6 years, i’ve met all kinds of people. people who love the same God as me. people who hate him. people who don’t understand him. people who don’t want to. people who are mad at him, sad at him, hurt because of someone else that believes in him. and you know what i’ve realized about all these different people? that i freaking love them all. the best gift that you can give yourself is an open mind. i realize, you don’t just give it to yourself. it’s something that is either learned, forced, or it just happens… ? i don’t really know where i’m going with that… but what i’m saying is, right now, i know that i am who i am today because i have watched and listened to people all over this world share their stories with me. whether it was in conversation, over livejournal, in a letter or a note, or whether they didn’t even know that i heard about it. if there is anything that i’m grateful for as much as my love for music, it’s a passion for people.

i know i’ve said it before but you are all awesome. and rule. and can be anything you want to be. just remember to enjoy the process of being where you are while you are getting to where you want to be. something i am trying out, myself. and always keep an open mind.

– wow, i didn’t expect to say all that. i really came here to ask for your prayers, thoughts, wishes, crossed fingers… anything that you believe… for my throat. i got sick just before this tour but i’m not about to back down and postpone anything again. i know i can get through tonight. (2nd Grad Night at Disney) but really what matters to me is the next couple of weeks. i’m so ready for an amazing tour. and i’m not too bad off right now. just asking for your prayers. or again, whatever you believe in. need my health back, 100%

lastly, thanks for helping make this a place where people in the community can come in and make these sort of posts… myself included.
love you guys, see you on tour!

05 Apr 2010

Hayley finally updated LJ again

Hey guys, it’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I’ve popped in here.
The tumblr journal is going well… and I’ve found it really easy to update with pictures and mp3’s and all the random stuff I’m not computer savvy enough to post here on LJ. Anyways, what am I using capitalization for?

so… the weather has been nuts here in franklin. in a week, i’ve seen just about all my friends and partied hard (if coca-cola and buttloads of ice cream really qualify for a party). i’ve been to a freaking wedding! (unbelievable!) and actually cleaned out miss anne’s interior (miss anne is my car, ya big perv). it’s been nuts. non stop. i’ve even been writing a lot. and now, i think i need to slow myself down. any time we’re off tour, my time is divided between two things: 1) go nuts and eat everything and don’t take care of myself cause i don’t have to work. 2) recoup from being nuts. start eating healthy again, get sleep, don’t talk as much… boring stuff. if i wasn’t hoarse, i wouldn’t be starting part 2 for at least another 3 or 4 days. but i had sweet cece’s frozen yogurt 5 times in the past 4 days and talked until i can’t talk anymore and i think it’s time to grow up just a smidgen. the word smidgen is cringe-worthy. had to.

you know when you leave a hair band on your wrist and when you take it off it hurts?

so, keep an eye out for a couple pics from the wedding. (i didn’t take many, mostly cause i forgot. wompwomp). some pics from my time at home… and as soon as we start rehearsal… which i think is like a week from now… i’m going to post a “menu” of our new merch items. all of this will be on the tumblr blog so i can easily organize all the attachments. the new merch is awesome. we’re pulling designs from many of our friends and quite honestly, it’s the best and most cohesive line of merch we’ve had in a long time. i’m proud of it, for sure.

and while i’m getting started about this next tour. let’s discuss.
i’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Relient K. (if you haven’t, don’t tell anyone and run – don’t walk – to their myspace). those dudes are awesome. and i am a long time fan of their records. i remember someone giving me “Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right… But Three Do”. and singing songs about chapped lips and chapped stick on my way home from school.

and opening the shows for the tour is a band called fun. their name couldn’t be a better summary of what you are going to experience when they take the stage. their debut record “aim & ignite” is just ridiculously good. if you like incredible vocals and creative arrangements… or the sound of gods making love… then you will like them.

good music happening this year. everywhere! and a lot of good music on tour with us. we’re a very very lucky band to have so many talented friends to share the stage with. i noticed a post on the LJ community asking for new music suggestions and a lot of you suggested some seriously good music. it feels like we’re all growing up together and discovering (or re-discovering) a lot of music that maybe we wouldn’t have been into 5 years ago when all of this started. so i got to thinking… how could we discover more music together? apparently, at old hardcore and punk shows, there would be a bucket at the door where kids could drop mix tapes in and take one out. it was a way to pass music along cheaply and easily. not to mention, a great way to strengthen your scene. think about all the local bands in your town that you want people to hear or your favorite song that you always always have to put on all your mix cd’s. would you guys want to do this at our shows? i figure, the next tour is super short. all of 14 shows. it would be an amazing way to test run this whole thing. i’ve talked to fueledbyadam and johnny minardi about it before but it’s been a good year since that conversation happened. i wanted to bring it back to you guys and figure out if you’re into it or not.

here’s how it might work: we’d put a box or bucket at the merch table with Aaron Holmes (merch man of the stars)… and you’d bring either a tape, a CD, or a USB/memory stick thingy, with all your favorite songs on it. let’s say about 10 songs, to keep it simple. you drop one in at the beginning of the night… and if you wish to, at the end of the night you take one out on your way out the door. i think it could be awesome. maybe we’ll even put our own mixes in the box every now and then. the point is to share music that YOU love. we don’t get enough PHYSICAL swapping of music anymore. it’s always online. “here’s a link to this” or… “go to their myspace”… and now maybe we have a chance to relive something that we almost missed!

let me know your thoughts in the comments.

i’m also going to start doing band bio things on my tumblr for all the bands that come out on tour with us. so that people start getting a better idea of who they’re seeing on stage. ooh! i could even try to get interviews with those bands and post em up. so many possibilities. here we go.

can’t wait to see you guys in a couple weeks :)

13 Mar 2010

Hayley’s got a Tumblr

Tumblr vs Livejournal

my sentimental/nostalgic state of being won’t ever let me leave this place behind! however, this post is actually just a link to a post I just made on my tumblr. to be honest, tumblr is more personal to me cause it’s not the band’s. it’s not like i’m taking the liberty of posting my own personal journals in a place where the guys should be updating too… but i guess i just like blogging way more than the guys hahah it does seem a bit like more of a girly thing. though some of my favorite blogs are dudes’.

here’s the link. there is some news i wanted everyone to know about Will. you guys know Will – and if you don’t… he’s the guy with the camera at meet and greets. the one that is so huggable.

Love you guys.