08 Apr 2014

Toby Knapp interviews Hayley

American radio presenter Toby Knapp interviewed Hayley over the phone yesterday. They talked about Ain’t It Fun and the songs writing process, Monumentour and other things too. You can listen to the interview below.

05 Apr 2014

Hayley’s interview with Radio Disney

Hayley did an interview with Radio Disney last month but it didn’t air until yesterday. She talks about meows, their tour bus and living with a bunch of guys and Monumentour. Listen to the interview below! (volume is low)

08 Mar 2014 interviews Hayley interviewed Hayley about the tour with Fall Out Boy, Parahoy! & why she’ll (probably) never go solo. You can watch the interview below.

23 Feb 2014

Saturday Night Online interviews Hayley and Jeremy

Saturday Night Online’s Maxwell interviewed Hayley and Jeremy about writing, Still Into You, fans and Hayley’s hair. You can listen the interview below.

14 Feb 2014

102.7 KIIS FM interviews Hayley

Hayley stopped by at 102.7 KIIS FM’s  On Air with Ryan Seacrest this Valentine’s Day to talk about Paramore’s upcoming tour with Fall Out Boy, the band’s new video for “Ain’t It Fun,” her love for Jason Segel, southern accents, and more!

You can watch her interview below in three parts, photos from the interview can be found here.



12 Feb 2014

Hayley and Pete Wentz play a game of “Who is most likely to…”

In this new video Hayley and Pete Wentz weigh in on which member of their bands, Fall Out Boy and Paramore, would be most likely to eat everything at craft service, start a twitter feud, and more.