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Hayley on the cover of Rock Sound – New interview and photos

Hayley is on the cover of the newest issue of Rock Sound. The cover photo and other new photos in the magazine were taken by Lindsey Byrnes during a photoshoot at her home last year. You can see HQ versions of the photos in our gallery.

In this month’s issue, Rock Sound put together a list of the most influential, inspirational, important people in today’s scene – The Rock Sound 50. Hayley is number one on that list and the magazine includes a special interview with her, you can read it from the scans in our gallery, or below (click to enlarge). She talks about what it means to be influential in 2016, her experiences of growing up in a male-dominated and extremely public setting and what the future holds for her and Paramore.

According to the magazine Paramore’s 5th album is expected to be released in early 2017.

“Life can be pretty crazy sometimes, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel right now, and we’ll be back out there at the end of it. Life is a journey that is about finding your place and your purpose, and finding out what means the most to you, and following it with everything that you have. That’s something that I hope nobody – myself included – loses sigh of.”



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Popsugar interviews Hayley

Hayley talked to Popsugar about Good Dye Young during her and Brian’s visit to NYC a few weeks ago. You can read the whole article/interview below.

Hayley Williams’s New Line of Dye Makes It Simple to DIY Rainbow Hair

While rainbow hair has been the top beauty trend for the past few years, Hayley Williams was rocking colorful coifs well before it was cool. If you are a Paramore fan, then you’ve been familiar with her ever-changing mane since she and her bandmates got together in 2004.

“It’s amazing what dyeing someone’s hair will do for their day, let alone their identity, be it who they are or who they present to the world,” Hayley gushed to POPSUGAR. “I became passionate about that side of it.” The singer explained that she usually picks her hair hue based on her emotions, whether it’s due to her mood or the music that she’s working on. True fans have seen her sport every shade from red and blue to her favorite hue, orange (which she wore on her wedding day).

Because Hayley has been experimenting with hair color for so long, she knew exactly what she wanted from an at-home dye — and she couldn’t find it. She and her colorist, Brian O’Connor, would often mix two to three different brands together to achieve their desired results. That’s why they decided to collaborate on their own vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly color line, Good Dye Young, launching this June.

If you’ve never taken the plunge into rainbow hair, trust us when we say this brand will inspire you. Hayley and Brian worked hard to create a collection that is as fun and funky as it is good for your hair. The drip-free, creamy formula is packed with sunflower and bergamot oils to richly nourish every strand as it infuses it with semipermanent pigment. Good Dye Young is launching with five shades ($14 each), as well as the mixing potion “Fader” ($14) that allows you to customize your own pastel shade, a bleaching kit ($9), and a tool arsenal ($6).

And, yes, that means that Hayley and Brian want you to bleach your own hair at home — safely, that is. They’re equally passionate about education as they are about bright colors and have provided extensive resources on the Good Dye Young site. “We want people to feel empowered by Good Dye Young,” Hayley said. “The idea is to really create a world within hair, beauty, and fashion for people who are excited about expression.”

The duo has plans to provide fans with color recipes so they can craft their own perfect shade and are starting to shoot and share DIYs. But they’re already getting great feedback from Hayley’s celebrity pals, who got early access to the products. “I got to send hair dye to Shirley [Manson] from Garbage,” she said proudly. “And Josh [Dun] of Twenty One Pilots takes the pink on the road and touches up himself. He’ll write me randomly like ‘Man, it’s so easy to use!'”

Still wary of dyeing your strands at home? Color virgins, you can still add some pizzazz to your style without taking it platinum first. Brian suggested trying Rock Lobster or Blue Ruin (or mixing the two!) for a subtle stain on your mane that’s only visible in certain light. “I love that look,” Hayley added. “It’s really pretty but dark and mysterious, like [Fairuza Balk’s hair in] The Craft.”

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Day 2 of promoting Good Dye Young in NYC

Hayley and Brian are currently in NYC promoting their new hair dye line ‘Good Dye Young’. Like yesterday the two are doing interviews again today, keep checking this post to get the latest updates.

First they visited Buzzfeed. There’s no video content yet, but you can see new photos in our gallery:


Video from their visit to Cosmopolitan is available below in two parts. Brian is dyeing a Cosmo editor’s hair blue and purple and they are also answering questions.

New photos from the visit to Cosmopolitan available in our gallery:


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Hayley and Brian promoting Good Dye Young in NYC

Hayley and Brian are in NYC promoting their new hair dye line ‘Good Dye Young’. The two will be having meetings, doing interviews etc. Keep checking this post to get the latest updates. Lots of new photos from all the meetings available in our gallery.

At first they were at Bustle Headquarters, the interview was streamed live on Facebook so they answered questions by fans too. If you missed the live stream, you can watch the video below.

Talking about hair dye and beauty with Allure:

Talking about Good Dye Young with HuffPost Lifestyle:

Talking about Good Dye Young, writing new music, Parahoy and other things with Racked:

Hayley and Brian also visited PeopleStyle and Teen Vogue. There’s no video content yet, but you can see new photos from the interviews in our gallery.



Teen Vogue:


Fans spotted Hayley between the meetings in NYC, go to our gallery to see lots of new photos with fans.


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Hayley talks to WWD about her hair dye line

Hayley talked to WWD about her new hair dye line, goodDYEyoung. Read the article below to find out more about the colors and which shades will be available. The online pre-sale begins on April 15th and Hayley will also be promoting the line on Parahoy, which starts today!

Hayley Williams is on a mission to empower her fans — especially when it comes to their hair.

The twentysomething Grammy Award winner and lead vocalist for the rock band Paramore, is now launching Good Dye Young, a vibrant hair-dye line designed for in-home use. And she’s putting her money where her mouth is: the line is entirely self-financed.

“I wanted to take the intimidation factor out of doing hair at home,” Williams told WWD. The singer’s own ever-changing, brightly dyed hair was the inspiration for GDY, and she noted that she hopes it will create an “all-inclusive counterculture than inspires creativity, community and most of all, color. The definition of self-expression is when you wake up in the morning and ask, ‘Who do I want to be today?’”

Williams collaborated with her longtime Nashville-based colorist and stylist, Brian O’Connor, and L’Oréal alum Erik Hoover, general manager for GDY, to bring the collection to market, a process that took four years.

Five colors, each priced $14, will be offered. GDY combines professional-grade pigments with a non-toxic, fragrance-free, synthetic formula that conditions the hair as it deposits color, and all of the offerings are vegan and cruelty-free formulas, Williams noted.

Rock Lobster is a bright red; Blue Ruin is a vivid blue; Ex-Girl is a vibrant pink; (red), Steal My Sunshine is a sunny yellow and Riot is a high-octane orange. (Williams said her favorites are Steal My Sunshine and Riot.) Application instructions are express in cartoons rather than long-winded explanations, said Hoover.

Also planned are a lightening bleach, tools such as a reusable bowl and brush and a fader that allows for custom pastel shades.

The line will be pre-sold on the web beginning April 15, for a May ship. Williams is also promoting the line to her fans on a cruise that will take place March 5-9. (“They’re the people who empowered me in the first place, so I wanted them to see it first,” said Williams.) Hoover added that the brand is examining bricks-and-mortar distribution and most likely will launch there in 2017. Global distribution is also in the plans.

The 27-year-old Williams, who married fellow musician Chad Gilbert on Feb. 20, plans to add more colors to the line “down the road.”

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Hayley’s and Joy Williams’ interviews in Rookie Yearbook Four

The Rookie Yearbook Four features a friend crush interviews with Hayley and Joy Williams. They talk about their friendship, how they met and other things too. You can read the interviews below and see photos of the yearbook in our gallery. The book is in stores now, order your copy here.


Hayley Williams and Joy Williams

The Paramore frontwoman and Civil Wars vocalist on the power of singing your own stories.

Brittany: How did you and Joy meet?

Hayley Williams: I think I was 12. My mom and I moved to Nashville to try and get away from my hometown in Mississippi. She was going through some stuff in her marriage. One of my closest friends had moved up here, so we came up to stay with them. We started going to this church right outside of Nashville and I guess Joy must’ve gone there, because we met her one of the first weeks we were there. Joy used to sing a lot of Jesus and gospel music, and just had this incredible voice even when she was super, super young. I think she was maybe 18 when I met her. I was already a fan. So when I met her my mind was absolutely blown that she wanted to talk to me and hang out with me. You know, because I was so inspired by her. And she had no ego. She didn’t act like she was better than anyone, even though in my mind, she was this incredible, talented, wonderful person.

So we started hanging out kind of often. She would come over to see my mom and me, and hang out. She would listen to me sing songs on the piano, or we would talk about life and boys and all that stuff. It was cool, because it was like having an older sister. I’ve always been the oldest sister.

When did you go from good friends to best friends?

It’s been a long journey, because she and I went our separate ways for a while just by accident. I joined Paramore at 13. And life started moving at super speed. Later, when I was 19, I was hanging out with Taylor Swift and she was like, “I love this band the Civil Wars.” And I was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that band.” And I went home and downloaded their EP and loved it. I was like, “Ah, this is so beautiful!” And I had no idea it was Joy, for probably a couple of weeks. And then, when I realized it was her, it was like [re-discovering] someone you’ve known for a very long time. Like, Why are you here? How are you here? I reached out and was like, “Oh my god! The Civil Wars is so amazing. I had no idea that was you, and I’m so excited for you.”

We slowly started talking more and more. Then the middle of last year, we asked her to do a duet with us. We’ve always sort of checked in with each other. And now, we’re at the point where I just feel we’re, like, soul sisters, you know?

What was it like to hear the Civil Wars and watch Joy become successful with that?

It kind of felt like a long time coming. When she was singing Christian or gospel music as a teenager, you could already tell. Her voice was insane. Her range was crazy. She grew up on a lot of singers who really sing. It’s like an art form. It’s not just singing a melody. That’s why I loved her voice so much and that’s why I was so excited to meet her, because I was like, “I like to sing like this too.” I like my voice to sound strong and I like to do these big sweeping notes.

Then I found the Civil Wars stuff she was writing and singing… I think it’s always interesting when you have a vocalist who grows up focusing on their vocals and then they learn to write for themselves – the lyrics and the way they move the melody around for their voice – it usually changes how they sing. It changed how I sing a lot. When I was singing other people’s songs, as a kid growing up in church, those weren’t my stories so much. But now Joy is singing her own stories and there’s such depth. She can sing anything in the entire world, but when she sings her own stories, there’s so much power you can’t deny it.

What makes Joy stand out from the other people in your life?

She’s so calming to be around. She’s very strong and she has a lot of opinions, but you don’t ever feel like you have to shield yourself from her words. She’s one of the most honest people I’ve ever known. But also, she’s so graceful about it. I’ve gotten to watch her grow up, too. I’ve seen her in her marriage. I have seen her have a child. I have seen her navigate different eras of her musical career. And now she’s starting a brand-new career with a solo album that’s so insanely good.

In what ways are you most alike?

We do everything with a lot of conviction. But we also don’t think that we’re the best. We feel like we are on this journey to constantly get better and better. To me, it isn’t a comfortable place, because every day, I’m in a mindset of OK, what can I be doing better to do this?

And in what ways are you opposite?

She  moves with a lot of grace. I feel like I stumble around a lot. I don’t feel graceful at all. Because she’s just a handful of years older than me, I’m always hoping, “Ah, in six years, I hope I’m like Joy.” I don’t feel like I will be, ‘cause I feel like the clumsiest person, both emotionally and physically. But you know, we can aspire to greatness.

Do you ever write songs together?

Yeah. The first time that we ever really sang together was for our duet that came out last fall called “Hate To See Your Heart Break.” It was so amazing because Paramore’s never done any collaborations, really. The thing that worked about it is that Joy and I both grew up listening to a lot of divas, like Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, Mariah Carey… really poppy music with a lot of vocal aerobics or acrobatics. But we ended up singing different styles of music. For the Civil Wars, Joy did a lot of that Americana sound that was dark. And I ended up singing aggressive songs and pop songs with Paramore. But none of it really sounds like what we grew up listening to.

It was so amazing to share that duet with another singer who understands little inflections… she’s such a smart singer. She puts so much taste into what she does. When I was harmonizing with her, I would follow those little things. So, if you really pay attention, you can hear where her style is sitting right on top and I’m following that. And then the moments where she’s harmonizing to my melody, you can hear how she’s following my little subtleties. So it was amazing to share that moment as friends, but even more, I think, as singers who really understand singing together. We don’t get to just sing with other women all the time. I wish I did it more, because I feel like that experience was so good for me as a singer. I learned a lot and felt like it showcased something in both of us we haven’t been able to show for a while.

Do you ever talk about business-related stuff, or give advice? Or is it very separate, like when you two are together you don’t really think about work?

No, it totally overlaps. We’ve grown up in the music business together. She saw me as a person before she ever knew me as the girl who’s in Paramore. And I knew her as a completely different artist than she is today. So we kind of have always gone to each other for advice. While she’s been working on this record, I’ve been so lucky to hear songs take shape. She sent me a picture she did for her photo shoot for the album package. It’s so beautiful – it’s stunning. I was like, “Oh my god, this is my friend Joy who is literally about to take over her area of music and it’s going to be so powerful and it’s going to mean so much.”

So it’s been cool for me to watch because we are friends and because it’s not like we have to run every single thing by each other to do what we do and do it well. But it’s nice when you have someone who trusts you. It’s not weird to talk about music. It’s just part of who each of us is.


Brittany: What was your first impression of Hayley when you met?

Joy Williams: Hayley was in junior high when we met, and I wasn’t much older. I remember she had this spark even then. She had this bounce in her step always. She had determination. Bangs, bright clothes, an obsession with ‘N Sync. I can still remember her pounding away on her red keyboard in her bedroom, eyes closed, singing me a new song she’d just written.

Hayley told me that hearing the Civil Wars’ EP helped you rekindle your friendship. How did it feel to reunite with her?

Getting back in touch after a few years of us both touring and going through our own whirlwinds on the road was a gift. It’s not like we had a falling-out or anything like that-it was just schedules, and life in general, that got in the way. But I was always keeping an eye out on the tours, the songs- and looking back, she was doing the same. When we were able to reconnect, it was like sitting down with someone I’d never really been out of step with. That’s when you know you’ve found a dear friend – when you can pick right up where you left off.

What makes Hayley stand out from the other people in your life?

Hayley has amazing blend of badassery and total humility, neither of which is put out forced. I’ve said it before, but she’s the type of person whose arrows go outward, not inward.

How are the two of you the most alike and most opposite?

We seem to really value similar things, in the way we see the world and how we interact with people. We are both ridiculously short humans, which we laugh about a lot. We’re the opposite in the way we decorate, maybe? I live in a postmodern house in California that’s all white… and at one point, Hayley’s house had an octopus chandelier in the dining room, scratch-and-sniff cherry wallpaper in her hallway, and a giant dinosaur next to her pool.

What’s been your favorite memory with Hayley?

Whatever the next one is going to be, because all the others have been pretty awesome leading up to now.

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