12 Mar 2013

HelloGiggles interviews Hayley

Jennifer Still of HelloGiggles interviewed Hayley recently, you can read the interview below or visit for the full story.

The music on the new, self-titled record seems really joyful, especially in comparison to Brand New Eyes, which was absolutely gorgeous but still a really heavy album – was that a natural progression or a conscious departure?

“It’s totally a thing that just happened, but at the same time, I really wanted to focus on not just, I don’t know, harping on the same old thing. Brand New Eyes was a really hard record for me to write lyrically and I was not into repeating history. It was really just a fun album to make, so I’m psyched that you feel that. That’s how it felt recording it!”

‘Ain’t It Fun’ is probably my favorite so far and I really love the gospel choir addition – it’s unexpected but still seems to fit. How did that come about? Are you into gospel?

“I love gospel music so much. I grew up in Mississippi and was in and out of a lot of churches, so I don’t know, the closest thing I get to that now is a Tyler Perry movie. I just feel really connected to gospel and when Taylor and I were writing that song, I had spend about three weeks in LA before we made that record and I found myself feeling sorry for myself, which is so stupid. I was at this great crossroads in my life: Am I going to go home and live the same old life where I was miserable for so long or am I going to try something new and step out of my comfort zone? It was kind of a letter to myself to just stop crying. I wrote that part with Taylor and I said, ‘What are we going to do to take this to the next level?’ We kept layering our voices over and over to make fun of ourselves like we were some gospel choir and then six months later, we were actually in the studio with one. That’s the best example of how for this record, we flew by the seat of our pants. We did what we thought could work, and when we followed that inspiration, it always turned out okay, into something we love.”

Is there an overarching concept for the album or is it just a little bit of everything?

“I mean, it’s a good balance between not really knowing what the hell we were doing and at the same time, being the best version of Paramore we could really be. If there had to be a theme, it’s just that we wanted to grow up and it was the first time we were really in a place to have open minds to grow. It’s amazing how you can be your own enemy and for the past six years, especially throughout the process of Brand New Eyes, we were our own worst enemies and we got out of our own way for this album.”

You had a bit of a tough time when the Farro brothers left the band. I don’t want to talk about that, but rather, can you tell us how you held onto yourselves as a band through that and managed to rebuild and reinvent yourselves successfully?

“The first few months of going through that, especially when the press outlets got a hold of the story and the blog posts and stuff, it was a nightmare. I could not leave my house in Franklin without seeing a million people that I knew who thought they knew the story better than I did. It sucked – there was nothing fun about this part of our lives. We did, again, have to learn how to get out of our own way, and once we did that, there was no reason to hold a grudge or be pissed off. You can always think about something long enough to kind of harbor resentment. I guess that’s just become my journey – that process of letting go of things and being okay with where I’m at right now. It’s like being in a relationship and a dude breaks up with you and you get really pissed and resentful even when you’re happy and in a new relationship. There’s no point – you should just move on with your life. We just want to be who we are with no apologies.”

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08 Mar 2013

Interview with Drowned In Sound & competition to win a signed album of “Paramore”

Yesterday Drowned In Sound posted an in depth interview with the band:

DIS: In terms of the process, where do your songs start for this record? I guess it was a slightly different process to previous albums but was it one of the guys in your practice room during most of it and then bringing songs to each other?

Taylor: It’s different every time for sure, it’s just kind of…we were just trying to figure it out every day, sometimes…full songs used to be written musically and then sent to Hayley and she would do all her melody and lyrics over it and that was it. We tried to do that on this record and it just didn’t work. None of our old tricks worked on this record, which was a bummer at first but then I felt we had a real sense of awakening. It just felt like we felt alive again. It wasn’t like we were worried because things were different, but there was this kind of nervous energy, like ‘can we do it?’ pushing us. It was a really healthy thing. But yeah, sometimes we’d start with a guitar riff and there’s a lot of ideas that were written that didn’t make it anywhere close. It was different every song, honestly. There wasn’t really a formula so much.

DIS: How much of the writing happened in the studio and how much was ready to roll?

Hayley: Surprisingly a lot of it was written before we entered the tracking phase. That never happens for us, we’re always like…I think I was telling someone, when we went in with Rob Cavallo for Brand New Eyes we had four songs. That was it.

Taylor: The songs, at their core were written, but there was so much that happened in the studio. They all pretty much took a massive turn because we didn’t have five bodies to really work out, like these different guitar parts and this drum part…we can only do so much ahead of time. I think it was really cool because the canvas was wide open and I felt like we had more room to explore. It’s funny because a lot of times we would leave it that way. Rather than before I think before we would try to…not clutter it, that’s too negative…we would try to fill up all the space. I think on this record there were times that Justin says it’s OK that there’s only one guitar part here, like you don’t need to do these things you’ve always done.

You can read more of the interview here!
They also have a competition going where you have to guess what Hayley’s favourite self-titled album is, the winner will be picked on April 2nd, so head over to their website fast and check out how to enter!

27 Feb 2013

Music Feeds Interview

Music Feeds TV interviewed Paramore in Sydney, and they have uploaded the interview to YouTube. Watch it below.

26 Feb 2013

New Soundwave Interview

Paramore have been playing Soundwave Festival in Australia. A new interview by SoundwaveFestTV has been added to YouTube.

23 Feb 2013

Paramore in the new issue of Rock Sound

Paramore appears on the cover of the new issue of Rock Sound Magazine. The magazine also includes an interview with the band. We will upload scans of the interview to our gallery when they appear, but for now you can view pictures of the magazine below. Click the pictures to see larger versions of them!

23 Feb 2013

“Why Did Paramore Self-Title Their Fourth Album?” has recently published a new interview with Paramore. Paramore is discussing why they self-titled their fourth album. The interview also includes a video clip. You can read the interview below or find the original here.

During an exclusive interview with, lead singer Hayley Williams discussed Paramore’s highly anticipated fourth album, and why they chose it to name it after the band.

“The self-titled aspect of the whole thing is definitely a statement. I feel like it’s not only reintroducing the band to the world, but even to ourselves,” Williams explained alongside bandmates Taylor York and Jeremy Davis. “We wrote this album kind of blindly, just letting it lead us wherever it was gonna take us. Each song felt very different and felt very new and exciting for us. By the end of it, it felt like we’re a new band.”

Video –

“I definitely think we’re reintroducing ourselves to the world and to our fans,” the singer continued about the band’s first album without founding members Zac and Josh Farro. “At the same time, it’s so definitely us, you know? It’s so Paramore. I just don’t think there would’ve been any other title that would’ve worked. Anything else would’ve felt like we were trying too hard.”

Paramore recently announced U.S. tour dates in support of the new album, set for release on April 9. Kicking off the American leg with a show in Austin, Texas on March 13 during the annual South by Southwest music conference, the group has U.S. shows booked through May 21, when they play Atlanta, GA.