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Zac Farro opens up

Finally, after two years Paramore’s former member Zac Farro agrees to do an interview with NME and speaks about leaving Paramore and working with his new band. In the interview Zac reveals that he has avoided media’s attention and that the main reason for his decision about leaving the band was feelings of homesickness. Zac also tells that he had negative feelings for music as it took him away from his family and home.

“I had a lot of negative feelings towards music, it was the thing that took me away from my family and my home and I felt like it cost me my childhood. Now I see it as a blessing and I don’t regret it, but I needed a year to see it like that.”

You can also find another interview of Zac speaking about Josh and his realitionship to Paramore’s current members. After all Zac reveals that Josh has attempted to make peace with them.

“Josh definitely regrets being so emotional right after he left. He stands by what he believes, but he has tried to make peace with everyone in the band about that letter. I know they’re still not fond of him because it was so hurtful.”

Read the interview about Zac’s explanation for leaving the band and about his new music from here
To find out more about Josh and his feelings after the exit statement from here

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Paramore in the latest issue of Kerrang!

Paramore can be found posing in the cover of the newest Kerrang! magazine. The magazine also includes an article of Paramore. The article consists of an interview from Hayley and information about Paramore’s return to the UK after almost 2 years.

There will be better pictures of the article soon!

Kerrang! cover

Kerrang! article

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Audrey Kitching interviews Hayley

Audrey Kitching interviewed Hayley and asked her 20 questions. Read the interview below!

You guys are working on your new album, I heard that it’s being produced by Meldal-Johnsen, who most recently worked on M83’s albums. How was it working with him on this album and how would you compare it to previous albums?

At this point, we have recorded one song with Justin. That time in the studio was easily the most relaxed, inspired, and liberating experiences we have had in any studio thus far. We are huge fans of his work not only as a producer but as a musician, writer and musical director. He wears all those hats well and with a lot of humility.

What is the main inspiration behind the new record?

I am laughing things off a lot more easily these days than I was at 19, when I wrote the last album. A lot of change… a lot of positivity. Even the songs with the more serious subject matter feel less toiled and troubled. Musically, I am most inspired by the personality captured in every instrument. That, to me, is actually what is making up this newer sound that is happening.

Are you guys planning on doing any touring or festivals this spring/summer? If so where can we expect to see you?

Yes! We are one of the headliner’s at Reading and Leeds fest this year! We play, literally, right before The Cure. Someone is going to have to help me stand up when I see Robert Smith.

Do you prefer to be touring and out on the road, or home recording and living the day to day life?

I prefer the business of touring, but the convenience of home and having my own big shampoo bottles and pillows and healthy foods. Traveling and playing shows is worth losing all the unnecessary comfort though. Really, there are people starving and without beds, I think I can do without a designated toilet for a couple months.

You get to travel all the time for your job, Is there one place you haven’t gone that you would love to visit?

Iceland. It’s always seemed so mysterious to me. Maybe just because of Bjork but anyway, I would love to play a show and spend a week there.

How would you describe your personal style, Where do you pull your inspiration from?

My style, to me, seems more like the anti-style. I never feel like I’m really wearing a popular trend or something that a lot of other girls would just kill to wear. As I get older, my interest in beautiful things is peaking but I still feel most comfortable in pants or more androgynous styles. I could’ve never lived in a day where it wasn’t seen as socially acceptable for women to wear pants. Rude Girl vibes are especially inspiring to me right now. Plus, being in California where the sun is always out and the palm trees look like Tim Burton characters… Everyone looks cool with a backdrop like that.

Favorite designers? 

I’ve worn a lot of Miu Miu and always feel great in their clothing. Rag & Bone and J Brand seem to understand denim, or at least my idea of jeans, and I appreciate that. I also really love Helmut Lang. I don’t know a lot about their brand but it feels like they really honor a woman’s power in most of their designs. I was just looking at some of their blazer/pant looks for a/w 2012 and I know I would feel like a superwoman in some of those pieces.

Do you have a favorite brand of bright colored  non conventional hair dyes?

I have never been loyal to any one kind. I’d love to have my own line.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m great at leaving my purse in the movie theater.

Five things you can’t live without?

My family, pen and paper (can that count as one?), Wayne’s World, hot tea, faith.

Last really good movie or TV show you loved?

Girls! Obsessed.

The last thing I ate was…

Scottish oatmeal and apricots.

Are you crafty? Do you make anything in your spare time?

Funny you ask, my friends and I have Craft Thursdays! Really it’s just a night for us to be girls and talk and be creative… And make root beer floats.

Night owl or early bird?

Six months ago I would’ve said night owl. But after being off the road for so long, I love my mornings.

Favorite restaurant ever and where?

Native Foods. We need one in Nashville! When I go back I’ll be having the worst withdrawals.

What’s your favorite band / music at the moment? 

My favorite band has always been mewithoutYou… For like ten years now. But my love for music stemmed from old Motown artists like The Temptations. Right now, I’m loving Alabama Shakes cause they’ve got those vibes but it’s grittier. So great.

Traveling all over the world with the time zones must catch up with you and leave some serious jet lag! Best cure for it, do you try to beat it or give in!?

I give in every time. Grab some tea, put on a movie and I’m out.

What’s something about you that might surprise your fans that they wouldn’t know, or expect?

I love pickle juice. I’m sorry, it’s true.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Granny’s cookin’.

Cats or dogs? Do you have any pets?

I don’t. Forever wanting a pitbull.

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Interview with Jeremy and Hayley

Parayeah Tumblr interviewed Hayley and Jeremy online, and below is the result! The interview is dated May 9th, read the original one here.

alessinwonder1and asked:

Hayley: How do you think your stage presence has grown over the years, from when you started out till now? Has being a lead singer given you more confidence?
Answer: I still get nervous like I did in the beginning but maybe I’ve just learned how to better channel that energy into something bigger than me. I’m not very big so it’s not that hard to do! And no, I’d say that being a singer actually made me less confident while getting older and just growing into the woman I’m supposed to be has made me more comfortable with who I am.  – Hayley

mstandsforme asked:
How do you guys feel about the fact that Paramore fans from all over the world are meeting up and getting to know each other not only online, but for real and becoming really close friends? Knowing that it was you guys that made it all possible?
Answer: We were just talking about this literally seconds ago! It’s amazing, first of all, to see how you guys grow up with us. Whether it’s being there before and after you got into the college you wanted to go to… or before you got married… or right after you graduated high school. To see you all support each other and know we are a part of your lives is really humbling. – Hayley

tallforest asked:
What do you do when you’re not feeling positive or motivated?
Answer: If I’m feeling really unmotivated or just tired of being at home away from tour and the busy schedule, I actually go and read fans’ blogs or watch YouTube videos of us on tour. It actually helps. – Jeremy

paramorecity asked:
3 words to describe the Parafamily?
Answer:  We just did this for one other interview so we’ll give you the same words just so you know it’s true: Steadfast, creative, and unparalleled. 

piarazzi asked:
I’ve been supporting the band since AWIF and I felt like I grew up with you guys (Record-speaking), do you guys ever felt any pressure in growing up? I mean, people somehow expect that there will be changes per album.
Answer: Honestly, we grow and change everyday. Not only the three of us but everyone. If there were no growth or change between each album then we wouldn’t be being honest with ourselves. There is pressure but mostly I think it comes from us always wanting to one-up ourselves and try to become better human beings. – Hayley

renfers asked:
If a movie was made of your life who would play you and what songs would be on the soundtrack?
Answer:  Ryan Gosling, with a beard, from the Notebook. – Jeremy
Emma Watson… she might need extensions… but my bangs are super short right now so it could work out nicely. – Hayley
Taylor isn’t here right now so we’re going to pick for him. We pick young Kirk Hammett from Metallica. – Hayley and Jeremy.

trololo010 asked:
Would you consider making an album for all of your previously unreleased demos?
Answer: Realistically, no.  Obviously, the band has been through a lot of member changes and it wouldn’t be right for us to use all of the older songs that weren’t 100% from us as a full body of work.  – Hayley

andrealadybug asked:
What is it that keeps you going? Why are you still doing this after 7 years?
Answer: This is our calling and our purpose in the world. We love playing music, we love playing music together and we love playing for you guys.  – Hayley

withmynewwings asked:
How does it feel knowing that your music save kids’ lives? Do you really know how much you mean to us?
Answer:  It’s pretty awesome. It’s kind of an amazing feeling to know that when some of our fans feel like no one else is there, even though we can’t physically be there, they still think about us and our music. If our music is the only thing in these kids’ lives that is positive that makes them want to stay alive, well it’s sad but it’s also a huge honor. – Jeremy

mattb4rnes asked:
If the three of you were dropped in the hunger games arena, who do you think has the biggest chance of winning?
Answer: Jeremy.  If Taylor were here too he’d say Jeremy.  I bet even Jeremy would say Jeremy. – Hayley

im-using-you asked:
Hayley: How did you get over being bullied and what do you want to say to people who are being bullied?
Answer: Actually, I ended up dropping out of public school towards the end of 7th grade. It sucked! But then I started going to a much smaller sort of tutorial and that’s where I met the guys.  Maybe that’s why I’ve become so nerdy… I went to this tiny little school made up of super smart kids and burn outs. There really was not much normalcy happening in my adolescence but that’s ok. Everyone has their own story and that’s something I hope for everyone to learn at a young enough age. Just because something is right for someone else doesn’t make it right for you. It’s cooler to be yourself.  – Hayley

towardsagoalthatsnonexistant asked:
Hayley: What is your favorite lyric that you’ve written?
Answer: Wow. This is a tough one for me. I’ve always enjoyed the line “your anger, your anchor… but I’ll sail much further on” from the 2nd verse to “Renegade”. A lot of the lyrics I’ve been writing for the new album are some of my favorites in a long while. But I can’t give those away just yet! – Hayley

hell0-c0ld-w0rld asked:
Any advice for young musicians looking to make a name for themselves?
Answer:  There’s so many people in the music business or even in general who will tell you that you can’t do this or that just because you haven’t already had success but I feel like anyone can do anything they put their mind to as long as they stay devoted and stay passionate. – Jeremy

ch-ndl-r asked:
If you could describe the new album as a combination of two animals, which two animals would it be?
Answer: Any Lisa Frank animal and a blowfish. – Hayley

threewhitelines asked:
Hayley: How would you react if Taylor suddenly transformed into a fish?
Answer: A blowfish? – Hayley

theawoop asked:
What are you guys’ favorite Paramore songs?
Answer: “Daydreaming” – Jeremy

invalidia asked:
There’s a band called “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”, if you had to name a band after yourself what would it be called and why?
Answer: Hayley Williams’s Gap-Tooth Face. – Jeremy

defjucia asked:
If the band wasn’t called Paramore, what would the name be instead?
Answer: I don’t want to know! – Hayley

wehavethevictory asked:
Hayley: I’ve made some of my best friends through my love of Paramore. I was wondering if you became good friends with anyone you met while at a gig or in online fan clubs?
Answer: Yeah definitely! We have made so many friends at our shows. For instance, I met my friend Dakotah on the Warped Tour. – Hayley

-fragilebrokenthing  asked:
If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Answer:  Jeremy just left, so I’m taking the rest of these… I just recently figured out that Narwhals are actually real animals and aren’t merely mythical creatures. So, that’s an easy answer. I’d be a Narwhal… unicorn of the sea. – Hayley

swiftingparamore asked:
How did you guys came on the idea of the Paramore bars sign?
Answer: We wanted something that represented the security we have now as the 3 of us and something that also encompassed our devotion to this. The reason that the actual bars are just negative space (only visible because of the border around them) is because the border represents our family on tour and the family that we have with our fans. You guys essentially, “make us” up.  – Hayley

htadotaylor asked:
Since you are not on tour, I want to know if you can say a “bad part” for being on. I mean, everything has two sides, we want to know if touring has a bad one?
Answer: The obvious answer is that we just miss our families a whole lot.  There’s also little things, like not having to keep your shampoo and lotions and stuff in a tiny bag all the time… and having your own space and familiarity… that I always miss. – Hayley

himynameisignorance asked:
Which of your music videos was the most fun to do?
Answer:  “Monster” was so much fun to make. The explosions were awesome and floating in a big warm pool was the best way to end the night. – Hayley

Tilda’s question:
What is it that makes you bring up people on stage every show? (Thank you so much for letting me be one of them. I will forever be thankful for that.)
Answer: Not many people know this but I was pulled up on stage once when a Nickelodeon game show came to my hometown. I think I was 7 years old. My team lost so we got slimed… and it’s still one of the coolest memories I have of growing up in the 90’s.  Memories are what make up our human lives. The experiences we can take with us and the people we hold in our minds can shape us. Going to a show of a band you love is memorable enough but actually being a part of it could really change the way you remember a certain day or even a certain year of your life. We love having the opportunity to make memories with people that we may have never met otherwise. – Hayley

Linnea’s question:
If you were to hold a concert where you could only play 3 songs of your own choice, what songs would you play and why?
Answer: Oh my. I hope the guys are ok with these answers: “Misery Business”, “Daydreaming”, and “Misguided Ghosts”. – Hayley

Also, so many people have asked the following questions:
– Hayley, favourite hair colour that you’ve had?
Answer: The “crushcrushcrush” hair!

– How’s everything going with the new album?
Answer: This album is going to be so much fun to record. I can’t even believe how much I love these songs.  And we’re really excited to be able to blog/post pictures from the studio and keep you guys up to date on our progress once we’re actually in the studio. – Hayley

– Your biggest inspirations?
Answer: My family.

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Hayley opens up regarding Cosmo.

Hooray for AP! They are in the holiday spirit by giving us another installment of their bonus material from their interview with Paramore.
Source: Ccccheck it out

Hayley, I was reading some of the Paramore diary/blog entries from this year. There is a theme of rebirth in what you were talking about—like when you were discussing how you were on the cover of Cosmo earlier this year. You were saying things like, “I’m going to accept my role” within Paramore.

Hayley Williams: I still think about that. Being on Cosmo is not something I’ve ever strived for. I never was like, “I want to be a Cosmo girl.” I don’t know if you know me, but I don’t typically care about things like that—even [though] as a girl, I love fashion magazines, I love beauty products. That was a weird thing for me to go through, because I did have to accept, like, “Dude. Cosmo magazine just came to me and they were like, “You know what? Your band’s kickass, we like you. Come be on our cover.” What other band band are they even talking to? Other than a pop singer like Rihanna, all the rest of the cover girls this year have been actresses—I remember right before me was Olivia Wilde. [They were] just gorgeous, beautiful women—and I will never put myself in the ranking of those women. It’s not like I have super issues with myself—I definitely am like any other person, I’m self-conscious a lot of times—but I will never put myself on a list of women. But Cosmo did.

Holy crap! I still don’t accept it, and I still don’t feel like it was real, but I accept the fact now more than ever that I am the girl in Paramore, and even though I don’t always want people looking at me, sometimes they’re going to. And I gotta get over it and stop whining about it. Because we’re okay—we weren’t okay, and that’s probably what made me so kind of insecure about being the singer. But we’re fine now, and I don’t have anything to prove to [my bandmates]—they know I’m not trying to be, like, [Gestures like she’s attention-getting] all the time.

That was a head trip doing Cosmo, for sure. I’ll never wear those outfits ever again. [Laughs.]

Jeremy Davis: Anything [published] that looks like she’s standing out in front of everyone else in the band, she’s always not like that. Even though [Taylor and I are] sitting there—or anyone else—we’re sitting there, saying, “It’s important to do that.” Even music magazines that we do will have her on the cover and not the full band—but the band name is right there. You have to be okay and be confident to be able to do something like that.

Taylor York: That’s true. I think probably since the beginning [of the band we] all did have to work through our own insecurities. Now we’re at a place where me and Jeremy…[Laughs] We kind of feel bad sometimes, because we like when she gets attention, because we can go places and people don’t really know who we are. I’m like, “Oh, we can be normal!” But she’s really good at handling her position.

We did have to work through insecurities and become more confident and realize our identity isn’t in this band, necessarily. The amount of people that want an autograph or the amount of pictures that we get—that’s just not what our identity is. We just love playing music and being in a band. We realized—you know, if Hayley wants to do this shot by herself and we’re not in it, well, that’s an outfit I don’t have to find. [Everybody laughs.] You just have to look at the positives.

But yeah—we don’t care at all. People always assume that me and Jeremy are super-bitter, we just hate she gets this attention…

Williams: Yeah, that was always the story.

York: Which has never been the case. It’s not important to us.

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AP’s bonus excerpt

Original article: here

In AP #282, Paramore talked a lot about how they leaned on each other and their fans to get through a tough 2011. In this bonus excerpt, the band expand on this idea by exploring the idea of home, talking about what Warped Tour means to them and reminiscing about their early touring days—and how things have changed. Don’t forget, AP #282—which also happens to be our Most Anticipated Music of 2012 issue—is in stores now! For a list of places where you can find AP, go here!

Being at home hasn’t always been a comfort to Hayley Williams this year. In an entry on Paramore’s band Livejournal, she mentioned off-hand that she’d been staying at her mom’s place quite a bit—even though she owns a house of her own. “It goes back to going through a really difficult time last winter,” Williams says, when asked about it. “The town just got smaller. When you’re living in a small town and some crazy drama happens and everyone wants in on it…”

“Everybody,” Taylor York interjects.

“Everyone wants to choose a side for themselves and usually it’s not your side they choose,” Williams says with a rueful laugh. “I just started to feel very, like—I don’t know. I didn’t feel at home. I felt very watched and weird. I’ve been staying at my mom’s for a while. I think I’m going to do it again when I get home. Part of it I think is that feeling of comfort, almost being taken care of. Like laziness, really.

“I was listening to Discount, and one of the songs [vocalist Alison Mosshart] goes, [sings] ‘Home isn’t where we should be hiding,’” Williams says. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so me!’ I shouldn’t be trapped in this place, and I did feel like that.”

What brought Williams out of this mindset was not only a renewed sense of confidence—brought on by “not caring as much what people think,” she says—but also the touring Paramore did this year. “It made me feel like [I had] a sense of purpose again—even though we weren’t off tour for very long, it was a tough off-time we went through. [I was] feeling that renewed sense of purpose and feeling hope again.

“It was nice just getting back to our fans. They’re the reason we’re still here, anyways. Being so close with the ones that kind of built us up since we started, those are the people that were in the front row of every Warped tour date. Every single date we played, I saw at least 2 or 3 people in the front row that had been coming to our shows since 2005. And that was huge for me. I could have cried every single day, cause it’s just like, ‘Why are you still here?’” she laughs.

Paramore’s guest appearances on Warped Tour have become somewhat of a tradition, as close as the trek gets to having celebrity cameos. Of course, Warped Tour benefits from their presence, but hanging out at their career’s ground zero is therapeutic for Paramore as well. “Everything felt so supportive and positive on Warped Tour,” Williams says. “I remember the first time we came here; we were playing on the back of a pink truck. I think Warped Tour is such a primitive situation; you’re there and it’s just bare-bones. There’s nothing else to make you better except for your own self. It reminded me of being in the little storage space we used to practice and having my stupid PA that didn’t ever work, and all we wanted to do was be good at what we did, have fun and sneak off to the movies later. That’s what it feels like now to me.”

Still, it’s not quite as easy for Paramore to recapture that simpler time. At the Cleveland Warped Tour stop in July, there was a visibly heightened security presence when the band did a signing at the AP tent. But this doesn’t mean there’s any pop star ego-tripping going on internally; it’s simply a side effect of Paramore having a hectic schedule because they’re one of the most popular bands in the world. “It used to be, like, when you’re in a band, you can stop wherever you want and hang out,” Williams remembers. “Even the first time we were on a bus, one of our good friends was tour-managing us, so we’d just be like, ‘Ronnie, let’s stop and hang out at 7-11.’”

“And that’s true,” York confirms. “Back then, we’d all cram into hotel rooms, so we’d all be together. Now we have our own hotel rooms, which is awesome for us, but you really have to figure out what extension to dial.” [Laughter.]

“You have to make time to be friends rather than just meet up for soundcheck and meet-and-greets,” Williams admits. “It’s like what Taylor said—you’re really spread out now. I don’t mind it; I think that as adults, you need your space.”

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