24 Aug 2011

Interviews from Singapore and The Warped Tour

Taylor was interviewed briefly during the Warped Tour, and we now have a video of it below!

While in Singapore the band was interviewed by the Singapore 91.3FM Radio. The interviewers brought the band some gifts, beer for example… what an amazing gift for someone who doesn’t drink! Well, then they played some games and talked about Hayley’s hair etc, so it was entertaining.

We also have a few pictures from their appearance on the radio as well as some live shots from their show in Singapore.

Radio 91.3 Singapore

08.21. – Singapore, Singapore

16 Aug 2011

Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ

Paramore stopped by the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ a few days ago and had a long interview with them. They talk about the band’s past, future, Taylor does some impressions, we learn that Hayley paid two people to come and watch them when the band was starting to play shows and so much more. Listen to the interview (part I & II) below and check our gallery for some pics of the band in their studio! also has a video of the band visiting their studio. Check it out by clicking the picture below.

29 Jul 2011 Interview

As you might know or might not know, I work for the german fanclub and we got the chance to interview Taylor via e-mail which is now up on our site. You might wanna read it ’cause Taylor has left some great answers! :) Every artist wants to express something, a kind of message with his music. Are there any topics, emotions or messages you don’t want to express with your songs? Why?

Taylor: I think there are a lot of things we don’t want to express to people, but personally the idea of meaninglessness bothers me the most. Recently I’ve heard songs talking about the idea that essentially nothing we do on this earth matters and that there is nothing beyond this. Everyone is free to have their own opinions on this of course, but that always leaves me feeling sad and insignificant. I feel like there is enough in the world that makes us feel this way, and we don’t want to add to that. You matter and there is hope! Do you believe that people are too ignorant with folk around them and rather should tell them immediately what they think, especially when they are friends?

Taylor: Every situation is different. I’m struggling with this right now. Still trying to figure it all out, but I guess what I’m learning is simply to approach honesty in a loving manner. Be honest, if you feel it’s constructive, but there is always a tactful way to communicate that. I guess it’s up to all of us individually to figure out what that means. That’s my opinion.

Full interview: HERE!

27 Jul 2011 exclusive interview + Monster pictures

Check out the exclusive interview that our Spanish section did with Paramore! It was filmed on July 11th in Madrid, just before their first EVER show in Spain! On behalf of all of us who work here at, we are so grateful that some of us had the chance to interview the band while they were in our representative countries. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!

A four-picture-collage from behind the scenes of Monster was posted on Check it out below!

22 Jul 2011 interview is up now!

21 Jul 2011 interview interviewed Paramore on their Scranton, PA date on July 14th and that interview will be posted on TODAY! Make sure to check it out, as they talk about their new album and much, much more!