04 Nov 2012

Jeremy, Kat & Solo in Vegas

Jeremy, Kathryn and Solomon took a road trip up to Vegas the other day and saw a Guns N’ Roses concert. Kat uploaded a few pictures on her Instagram so we uploaded them to our gallery. Check them out!

02 Sep 2012

Jeremy’s flip

A new video of Jeremy doing the famous Pressure flip over Taylor has been posted on! The footage was shot at Reading festival.

Check it out below.

13 May 2012

Taylor and Jeremy on Carpool Confessional

Taylor and Jeremy make an appearance in Episode 7 of Tegan And Sara’s Carpool Confessional. Check it out below and look for the guys at 2:43.

09 May 2012

Interview with Jeremy and Hayley

Parayeah Tumblr interviewed Hayley and Jeremy online, and below is the result! The interview is dated May 9th, read the original one here.

alessinwonder1and asked:

Hayley: How do you think your stage presence has grown over the years, from when you started out till now? Has being a lead singer given you more confidence?
Answer: I still get nervous like I did in the beginning but maybe I’ve just learned how to better channel that energy into something bigger than me. I’m not very big so it’s not that hard to do! And no, I’d say that being a singer actually made me less confident while getting older and just growing into the woman I’m supposed to be has made me more comfortable with who I am.  – Hayley

mstandsforme asked:
How do you guys feel about the fact that Paramore fans from all over the world are meeting up and getting to know each other not only online, but for real and becoming really close friends? Knowing that it was you guys that made it all possible?
Answer: We were just talking about this literally seconds ago! It’s amazing, first of all, to see how you guys grow up with us. Whether it’s being there before and after you got into the college you wanted to go to… or before you got married… or right after you graduated high school. To see you all support each other and know we are a part of your lives is really humbling. – Hayley

tallforest asked:
What do you do when you’re not feeling positive or motivated?
Answer: If I’m feeling really unmotivated or just tired of being at home away from tour and the busy schedule, I actually go and read fans’ blogs or watch YouTube videos of us on tour. It actually helps. – Jeremy

paramorecity asked:
3 words to describe the Parafamily?
Answer:  We just did this for one other interview so we’ll give you the same words just so you know it’s true: Steadfast, creative, and unparalleled. 

piarazzi asked:
I’ve been supporting the band since AWIF and I felt like I grew up with you guys (Record-speaking), do you guys ever felt any pressure in growing up? I mean, people somehow expect that there will be changes per album.
Answer: Honestly, we grow and change everyday. Not only the three of us but everyone. If there were no growth or change between each album then we wouldn’t be being honest with ourselves. There is pressure but mostly I think it comes from us always wanting to one-up ourselves and try to become better human beings. – Hayley

renfers asked:
If a movie was made of your life who would play you and what songs would be on the soundtrack?
Answer:  Ryan Gosling, with a beard, from the Notebook. – Jeremy
Emma Watson… she might need extensions… but my bangs are super short right now so it could work out nicely. – Hayley
Taylor isn’t here right now so we’re going to pick for him. We pick young Kirk Hammett from Metallica. – Hayley and Jeremy.

trololo010 asked:
Would you consider making an album for all of your previously unreleased demos?
Answer: Realistically, no.  Obviously, the band has been through a lot of member changes and it wouldn’t be right for us to use all of the older songs that weren’t 100% from us as a full body of work.  – Hayley

andrealadybug asked:
What is it that keeps you going? Why are you still doing this after 7 years?
Answer: This is our calling and our purpose in the world. We love playing music, we love playing music together and we love playing for you guys.  – Hayley

withmynewwings asked:
How does it feel knowing that your music save kids’ lives? Do you really know how much you mean to us?
Answer:  It’s pretty awesome. It’s kind of an amazing feeling to know that when some of our fans feel like no one else is there, even though we can’t physically be there, they still think about us and our music. If our music is the only thing in these kids’ lives that is positive that makes them want to stay alive, well it’s sad but it’s also a huge honor. – Jeremy

mattb4rnes asked:
If the three of you were dropped in the hunger games arena, who do you think has the biggest chance of winning?
Answer: Jeremy.  If Taylor were here too he’d say Jeremy.  I bet even Jeremy would say Jeremy. – Hayley

im-using-you asked:
Hayley: How did you get over being bullied and what do you want to say to people who are being bullied?
Answer: Actually, I ended up dropping out of public school towards the end of 7th grade. It sucked! But then I started going to a much smaller sort of tutorial and that’s where I met the guys.  Maybe that’s why I’ve become so nerdy… I went to this tiny little school made up of super smart kids and burn outs. There really was not much normalcy happening in my adolescence but that’s ok. Everyone has their own story and that’s something I hope for everyone to learn at a young enough age. Just because something is right for someone else doesn’t make it right for you. It’s cooler to be yourself.  – Hayley

towardsagoalthatsnonexistant asked:
Hayley: What is your favorite lyric that you’ve written?
Answer: Wow. This is a tough one for me. I’ve always enjoyed the line “your anger, your anchor… but I’ll sail much further on” from the 2nd verse to “Renegade”. A lot of the lyrics I’ve been writing for the new album are some of my favorites in a long while. But I can’t give those away just yet! – Hayley

hell0-c0ld-w0rld asked:
Any advice for young musicians looking to make a name for themselves?
Answer:  There’s so many people in the music business or even in general who will tell you that you can’t do this or that just because you haven’t already had success but I feel like anyone can do anything they put their mind to as long as they stay devoted and stay passionate. – Jeremy

ch-ndl-r asked:
If you could describe the new album as a combination of two animals, which two animals would it be?
Answer: Any Lisa Frank animal and a blowfish. – Hayley

threewhitelines asked:
Hayley: How would you react if Taylor suddenly transformed into a fish?
Answer: A blowfish? – Hayley

theawoop asked:
What are you guys’ favorite Paramore songs?
Answer: “Daydreaming” – Jeremy

invalidia asked:
There’s a band called “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”, if you had to name a band after yourself what would it be called and why?
Answer: Hayley Williams’s Gap-Tooth Face. – Jeremy

defjucia asked:
If the band wasn’t called Paramore, what would the name be instead?
Answer: I don’t want to know! – Hayley

wehavethevictory asked:
Hayley: I’ve made some of my best friends through my love of Paramore. I was wondering if you became good friends with anyone you met while at a gig or in online fan clubs?
Answer: Yeah definitely! We have made so many friends at our shows. For instance, I met my friend Dakotah on the Warped Tour. – Hayley

-fragilebrokenthing  asked:
If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Answer:  Jeremy just left, so I’m taking the rest of these… I just recently figured out that Narwhals are actually real animals and aren’t merely mythical creatures. So, that’s an easy answer. I’d be a Narwhal… unicorn of the sea. – Hayley

swiftingparamore asked:
How did you guys came on the idea of the Paramore bars sign?
Answer: We wanted something that represented the security we have now as the 3 of us and something that also encompassed our devotion to this. The reason that the actual bars are just negative space (only visible because of the border around them) is because the border represents our family on tour and the family that we have with our fans. You guys essentially, “make us” up.  – Hayley

htadotaylor asked:
Since you are not on tour, I want to know if you can say a “bad part” for being on. I mean, everything has two sides, we want to know if touring has a bad one?
Answer: The obvious answer is that we just miss our families a whole lot.  There’s also little things, like not having to keep your shampoo and lotions and stuff in a tiny bag all the time… and having your own space and familiarity… that I always miss. – Hayley

himynameisignorance asked:
Which of your music videos was the most fun to do?
Answer:  “Monster” was so much fun to make. The explosions were awesome and floating in a big warm pool was the best way to end the night. – Hayley

Tilda’s question:
What is it that makes you bring up people on stage every show? (Thank you so much for letting me be one of them. I will forever be thankful for that.)
Answer: Not many people know this but I was pulled up on stage once when a Nickelodeon game show came to my hometown. I think I was 7 years old. My team lost so we got slimed… and it’s still one of the coolest memories I have of growing up in the 90’s.  Memories are what make up our human lives. The experiences we can take with us and the people we hold in our minds can shape us. Going to a show of a band you love is memorable enough but actually being a part of it could really change the way you remember a certain day or even a certain year of your life. We love having the opportunity to make memories with people that we may have never met otherwise. – Hayley

Linnea’s question:
If you were to hold a concert where you could only play 3 songs of your own choice, what songs would you play and why?
Answer: Oh my. I hope the guys are ok with these answers: “Misery Business”, “Daydreaming”, and “Misguided Ghosts”. – Hayley

Also, so many people have asked the following questions:
– Hayley, favourite hair colour that you’ve had?
Answer: The “crushcrushcrush” hair!

– How’s everything going with the new album?
Answer: This album is going to be so much fun to record. I can’t even believe how much I love these songs.  And we’re really excited to be able to blog/post pictures from the studio and keep you guys up to date on our progress once we’re actually in the studio. – Hayley

– Your biggest inspirations?
Answer: My family.

04 May 2012

Jeremy twitpic update…

Jeremy posted this pic of Hayley, Taylor, and himself on twitpic. Check it out!

We’re heading to dinner with @bleugrassboys ….Don’t tell the Feds that Taylor is in the trunk #Rebels

05 Apr 2012

Paramore helps Intern Hayli

Johnjay and Rich ( made an Intern Challenge competition and asked his interns to write a handwritten letter to a celebrity and ask for an autographed photo. The winner of this challenge gets an all-access pass to PHOOSON in May. Intern Hayli wrote a letter to Tom Felton (also known as Draco Melfoy from Harry Potter) and asked Paramore for a little support and help to win this competition. Paramore responded with this video: