24 Oct 2011

Gallery update & Taylor interview

We have just added some more pics from Jeremy & Kathryn’s wedding to the gallery! You should check them out!

And here’s a new interview with Taylor talking about Josh and Zac and the new album. Watch it below:

10 Oct 2011

Wedding pics and Jeremy’s interview

We have added two pics from Jeremy and Kathryn’s wedding in September. Then we have a random picture of Hayley and Chad, but looks like it’s an older one as Hayley’s hair is different than it is now.

And below is an interview from a Portuguese magazine, Antifrase. Thanks to unfolias from the LJ community for translating it into English.

We talked on the phone with Jeremy from Paramore, who besides being super nice, spoke briefly about country music, religion, Paramore’s new album and what it’s like to be a superstar. Check it out:

Interviewer: You were born and raised in Nashville, a place where country music is everywhere. Do you like it, do you listen to that kind of music?

Jeremy: Yes, we are surrounded by country music, so you can’t help but like it. You know, I tried to not like it for a long time, but living in Nashville, you live country music and fall in love with it. So yes, we all like to listen to country music. We have a lot of friends who play this music, and country artists are always very good people. So yes, the answer is yes.

I: You are working on a new album? When will it come out?

J: Yes, we’re resting a bit after finishing our tour of the brand new eyes, now we are composing and writing our new album, especially Hayley and Taylor. And we’re very excited about this, we have no exact plan for now but we are definitely writing. So, I don’t know when it will come out yet, but you know soon. Hopefully soon.

I: You are very religious. Do you think it reflects something in the band?

J: So, you know. We are not a Christian band, but we are Christians who play in a rock band, which is totally different. We don’t go around preaching anything or ask anyone to follow our views, opinions, or whatever. We have faith in God and are open to our fans. Everyone knows that we are Christians. If they want to talk to us about their faith, they can. We will always listen, but what we are trying is to play rock music and bring hope to people.

I: What’s it like to be in the “most sold records” from Billboard and to be nominated for awards all over the world?

J: It’s just amazing the simple fact of being listed in the charts, because we know how important it is. I always check the charts of the week and I see all the sales, ours and from other bands. It is an honour to be on the same page as many cool and big artists that we like. It feels great. It’s always good to be [nominated] because it shows us that we’re doing something right, which is good. And the prizes… We were nominated for a lot of them… We won some, we lost others, but it’s always good. It’s one of those things that shows you that your hard work is really being recognized, which is cool.

01 Oct 2011

Jeremy is now a married man!

Yesterday Jeremy got married to his girlfriend, Kathryn Camsey! The happy couple got married in Vegas and had Hayley as their bridesmaid and Jeremy’s best friend Patrick as their bestman. Jeremy posted the picture below on along with a comment that said:

Today I married my dream girl and couldn’t be any happier. I love you, Kathryn!

Here are some tweets regarding this marvelous event!

On behalf of all of us here on Paramore Online, we’d like to say congratulations to Mr and Mrs Davis!

24 Aug 2011

Videos and Bali pictures!

RTMorasonMD, who is known for his high quality videos, posted a 40-minute-long video from Paramore’s Warped Tour show in Canada! See the video by clicking the thumbnail below!

And a photographer named Nikko Karki posted some beautiful, HQ pictures from their show in Bali, see them in our gallery!

And a new video of Jeremy golfing in Singapore was posted on Click the picture to see it!

10 Aug 2011

Videos and Paramore on KROQ

Paramore will be on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ today, and the show will air between 5am to 10am Pacific Coast Time and 8am to 1pm EST. We do not know will the band play, be interviewed or what but hopefully we’ll find out soon enough!

We have a video of Jeremy saying hi to an Estonian fan, Eliis. The video was recorded during a meet&greet at Ruisrock in Turku, Finland. Then we have a brief interview video of the band talking about their Warped Tour experiences. As Fueled By Ramen is turning 15 this year, they are releasing these tiny interviews for our entertainment. ;) Check out the videos below!

23 Mar 2011 Colorado Beach (video)

Watch this video of Hayley and Jeremy hanging out at the beach in Denver, Colorado.