23 Feb 2013

Paramore in the new issue of Rock Sound

Paramore appears on the cover of the new issue of Rock Sound Magazine. The magazine also includes an interview with the band. We will upload scans of the interview to our gallery when they appear, but for now you can view pictures of the magazine below. Click the pictures to see larger versions of them!

17 Feb 2013

Hayley joins mewithoutYou on stage in Kuala Lumpur

The title says it all. Hayley joins mewithoutYou on stage in Kuala Lumpur.

16 Feb 2013

Paramore arrives to Kuala Lumpur

Paramore has arrived to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, today, and we have some pictures of the band at the airport.

You2Play posted a video of Paramore’s very first concert in Thailand, it features some of the Thai fans sharing their thoughts and then a clip of “Now” being performed live for the first time. The audio quality is poor though. Watch the video here.

06 Feb 2013

A poster in Kerrang!

Once again there is a poster of Paramore in the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine. Paramore is also involved in the comics of the magazine!

26 Jan 2013

Paramore on The Guardian

Paramore is on the cover of the newest issue of The Guardian. The Guardian also made an article of Paramore. You can find some scans of the article in our gallery but you can also read an online article in here. Click the pictures to see bigger versions of them.

21 Jan 2013

“Now” available on iTunes tonight!

Paramore’s first single, “Now”, off of their fourth album will be available on the US iTunes store tonight at 12am EST (midnight/New York time). So, depending on where you live you either listen to it in the morning or around midnight!


Paramore will be on BBC’s Radio 1’s Breakfast Show around that time to talk about the new single and play it acoustically. The host of the show will be asking the band some questions the fans have sent in, and later on Paramore will do something they have never done (as far as we know), and Skype with a fan while they’re on air!

@JennieKlotz, the lucky one, will be Skyping with Paramore at 3.20am EST (8.20am London time) so make sure you tune in! Listen to it online right here. When you go onto that website click on “Programmes” on the right and choose “The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw”.

We will interview Jennie about her experience later tomorrow, if she’s still alive after that!