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Fueled by Ramen: Holiday Sale ’10 & Grammy’s

According to the tweet below, Hayley will be presenting a Grammy award at this year’s Grammy’s! She is also presenting an award at the CMT Awards, if I’m not mistaken.

Another GRAMMY-fans first piece of news: Dave Grohl and @yelyahwilliams will be presenting at #GRAMMYNoms! More details tomorrow!

And… it’s the Fueled By Ramen holiday sale! What a catchy jingle…

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Playing God now on YouTube!

Watch the “Playing God” music video also on YouTube:

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Playing God music video premieres today!

Paramore’s newest music video for their single, Playing God, will premiere today at 12:00pm EST on Paramore.net. The members of the official Paramore fanclub (PFC) will be able to watch the video on the fanclub website at 11:45am EST, so a little bit earlier. The music video is directed by the best director in the world, Brandon Chesbro.

We’ve seen some promos and behind the scenes pics that give us a good impression what the video will be like, but I bet the actual video will blown us away! Below are some more promo pics of the video. They were taken by Ethan Luck.

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Another video “blog”, from Liverpool!

Hayley posted another video on her Tumblr YouTube account, it’s a short one, but worth watching! Taylor and Jeremy are also present.

Testies 1,2,3…
Hello from backstage in Liverpool?

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Hayley’s Tumblr videos

Hayley uploaded some videos for her Tumblr. This one was backstage at the EMA’s before the show started.

First day into the UK tour in Nottingham, UK with Hayley and Jeremy:

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You Ain’t Woman Enough

Preview of the studio version: LISTEN HERE!
We’ll get to hear the full version of it as soon as Loretta Lynn’s tribute album comes out which is on November 9th! :D

Also, check out this video from the Australia/NZ tour with Relient K, Jury & the Saints and of course Paramore:

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