23 Jul 2010

Hayley in New Found Glory’s “Truck Stop Blues” music video

Hayley appeared in a few scenes of New Found Glory’s new music video for “Truck Stop Blues”. Check it!!

23 Jul 2010

Paramore will record the “You Ain’t Woman Enough” cover

A couple months ago, Loretta Lynn wrote them a letter asking them if they want to sing “You Ain’t Woman Enough” on her 50th anniversary compilation album. I uploaded the video, where Paramore record the cover that Hayley posted on her Tumblr, on youtube.

Welcome to the crappiest editing job you’ve ever seen. This is as much as I could do tonight after dealing with nearly losing all the photos/videos while trying to upload them… So, I basically just threw a bunch of clips together from the studio. *~* We’re so stoked to be a part of Loretta Lynn’s 50th Anniversary compilation. I heard there are a lot of incredible artists on it… Not sure of the entire list. Think it goes without saying, this is an honor we never expected. I’m such a fan of Loretta, not just because of her music but because of how high she rose above all the bullshit life tried to throw at her. This woman is tough as nails. Hope we do her song the least bit of justice!
Also, note that we recorded this cover (“You Ain’t Woman Enough”) with Chad from Paper Route at JOY Mansion. It was built by a Colonel Wright after the War of 1812. Paper Route bought it not too long ago and are transforming it into a studio/band house that could be easy mistaken for Neverland. (The one in the movie, not Michael Jackson’s place). Maybe they will let us come back and record there whenever we demo new songs? Yes please.

18 Jul 2010

Jeremy and Hayley Interview @ Southside, Germany interviewed Hayley and Jeremy when they were in Germany. Check out what both have to say!

15 Jul 2010

Nylon TV: Hayley on set

Below you can find a video of Hayley on the set of the Nylon photoshoot. She looks absolutely gorgeous!

15 Jul 2010

Hayley on Nylon tv

Behind the scenes of the Nylon photoshoot. Hayley is talking about her hair and make-up.

07 Jul 2010

Careful – Australian/NZ Version

Warner Music Australia posted this official Australian / New Zealand version of the Careful music video! Check it out below.