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Alternative Press scans

Our gallery has been updated with HQ scans from the newest issue of Alternative Press. The magazine includes a short interview with Hayley, new photos of Hayley and also new photo from Paramore’s photoshoot with Kane Hibberd. You can find all the scans here.


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Paramore and FOB talk about going green on Monumentumtour

If you want to see what Paramore and Fall Out Boy have to say about being carbon neutral on Monumentuntour, you can now watch a video of it published by JustGreen.
The video, along with more information about being carbon neutral can be found here.

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Paramore to perform on American Idol Season Finale

Paramore will be performing on the American Idol Season Finale next week with contestant Jena Irene. They will most likely perform the bands ‘Ain’t It Fun’ single.

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Hayley on Channel 93.3’s Are You Smarter Than..

Frankie & Geena from Channel 93.3 had Hayley on the phone yesterday for a round of a game called Are You Smarter Than. In the game she and one of the listeners had to answer some questions and they also finished lyrics to a Paramore song! You can listen the whole game below.

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Day 4 recap

You can find the link to Billboard.com’s last recap of Parahoy! below.

Day 4

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Billboard’s Parahoy! journal

Billboard.com’s Chris Payne is on board on Parahoy!, and he has written a recap of the day on every day of the cruise so far. You can find the links to the entries below, and don’t forget to check the website tomorrow for the recap of the final night of Parahoy!.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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