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Paramore x UNIF Sunflower Shirt

Paramore released another UNIF t-shirt today! This one has a sunflower on it and it says Paramore across the shirt. The shirt sold out pretty quickly, but if you still want to check it out, you can do so here- http://store.paramore.net/pocket-sunflower-t-shirt-6.html

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New Holiday Merch

Fueled By Ramen released photos of the new Holiday items that are available from this weeks Friday. There’s few new Paramore items and you can see them all below.

Most of the items will be available worldwide and can be found from the Europe store. The Winter Sticker Pack can be found from the FBR store.


Skeleton Ribs T-Shirt – Available Worldwide and Broken Heart PJ Onesie – Available Worldwide


Denim Frayed Vest -Available Worldwide and Winter Sticker Pack.


Still Into You Windbreaker – Available worldwide to Paramore.net Members Only!

Members Only Charm Bracelet – Available Worldwide to all Paramore.net members.

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Paramore merch

No sooner had the Self Titled Tour begun than Paramore released new merch. Watch the video below to find out the new merch that will be available at any show of the Self Titled Tour:

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New Paramore merch

Paramore have recently released new merch, featuring new images, new lyrics and new styles.

This merch is (by now) only available in the European Tour, so if you want any of them you will have to go to a Paramore show this fall.


They have also released “declare boxsets” for him and for her. You can get them online HERE for a limited time only.

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Video outtakes

Back in the spring, Paramore made this video to give the fans a preview of the merch sold on the North American tour. You can now watch a video with some outtakes from that below!

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FBR Back To School Sale

As you all may know, Fueled By Ramen’s yearly Back To School Sale is here to bring us daily deals, new items and many Paramore (as well as other bands) merch up for sale with crazy discounts.

Click HERE to go to the Fueled By Ramen – Back To School Sale page; or click HERE to go straight to the Paramore webstore.

Remember, get FREE SHIPPING on any order of +$50 by using the code: “FREESHIP” today only (8th August 2013). Keep an eye on FBR’s Twitter if you don’t want to miss out future deals.

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