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Paramore on BBC Radio 1!

Paramore will be revealing their single “Now” on BBC’s Radio 1’s Breakfast Show this Tuesday at 6:30am (London time). Hayley just tweeted she has arrived to London and although there are no “twitter signs” of the boys, we assume they are in London as well.


It is yet unknown whether or not the band will be playing a live version of the song or just being there on the radio show talking about “Now”, when the single airs for the first time. Nick Grimshaw (@grimmers) of the Breakfast Show invited fans to “join him on Tuesday with Paramore when they will be revealing their new single.”

We don’t know if fans outside of the UK will be able to listen to this or if there will be a webcam/satellite thing, but if yes, we’ll let you know as soon as possible!


Paramore’s single “Now” will be available for download on iTunes on Tuesday, January 22nd. Thank you @ParaCaaitlin for the heads up!

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“Now” music video

According to an article by MTV, Paramore will be shooting a music video for “Now” in Los Angeles later this month. It’s unclear whether or not the band will film it before the release of “Now” but nonetheless, it’s great news. Can’t wait to see the video.

“Now” is set to hit iTunes on January 22, and, according to a spokesperson for their labels, Atlantic/Fueled By Ramen, Paramore will shoot a video for the song later this month in Los Angeles.

Source: MTV.com

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Preview of “Now”

Fueled By Ramen posted a video of Paramore in the studio and a sneak peak of their new single “Now” which is to be released on January 22nd! Check it out!!

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“Now” out this month!

MTV wrote an article on their “Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2013” and Paramore made their list. Below is what they had to say about Paramore’s self-titled album, out on April 9th, 2013.

After surviving two years of turmoil and turnover, Paramore will return on April 9 with their self-titled fourth album, and, from the sound of things, they’ve got something to prove: “Making this album was a rediscovering of ourselves,” they recently wrote. “It was a process that allowed us to liberate ourselves as musicians, singers, and people.” The liberation begins with first single “Now,” which heads to radio this month.

Source: MTV.com”

And as you might have understood already, “Now”, the first single off of “Paramore” will be out this month! Paramore hasn’t yet confirmed the exact date of the single’s release.

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4th Album Announcement

Paramore posted a new blog post on their official website stating that their fourth, self-titled, album will be released on April 9th, 2013. The first single off this album will be called “Now”.

The time has come Paramore fans, friends, and family… And for that matter, the time has come for the rest of you as well. We are ready to spill the beans about what we’ve been doing over the last *coughYEARcough*. With the most pride and passion we could ever possibly express, we would like to announce that this album, our fourth freaking album… Will be self-titled, ‘Paramore’. It has been self-titled through nearly the entire process. In fact, what usually takes us weeks on end to sum up and put a label on only took us a five minute conversation this time around. The whole making of this album was a rediscovering of ourselves as a band and as friends. It was a process that allowed us the freedom to explore new territory artistically and to liberate ourselves as musicians, singers, as people! Sincerely, we feel that the best way to give it a name is just to call it what it is. This album is us.
The first single off the album is called “Now”. Not really sure what else to say except for we love this song. It just feels like the perfect way to start this new journey we are embarking on not only as a band but as a movement. To show people that you can lose battles but come back and win full on wars. You can rise from ashes. You can make something out of even less than nothing. The only thing you have to do is keep moving forward!

Thanks to our fans for believing in the three of us before we ever even did. And to our producer, JMJ, for seeing a brand new band in us. We are prouder than ever and more excited now than ever to be Paramore.
‘Paramore’ will be released April 9th.

Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor.

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Done with Paris… heading to London?

Paramore started their little promo run from Hamburg, Germany, then travelled to Paris and according to some tweets they are now headed to London! They have been doing photoshoots, interviews and given the press and their label’s representatives a chance to listen to their upcoming album. Hope it won’t be too long before we get to hear it too!

And to make this post a little bit prettier, take a look at this picture Hayley took and posted on Instagram a while ago.

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