18 Apr 2012

Finally, an update from Paramore

Hayley posted an announcement from the band on, head over to .net to read the original note.

It’s April… Honestly, I don’t believe how fast the months go by anymore. The older I get the faster time flies. The other day I was looking at my calendar from last year (which was, admittedly, a lot less full than I had hoped it would be…) and thinking of how I was dreading how slowly it might go by. I’ve never known what it’s like to be home for more than a few weeks at a time that absolutely nothing is going on. The only thing I could think about was if we could snap our fingers and make the 4th album happen so that the next time I looked up, we’d be back on a stage somewhere and not sitting around at home. But you can’t just make things like that happen. For something to be great, there has to be some kind of trial or some type of struggle that actually makes it special or valuable to you. Otherwise, anything could be easily taken for granted.

There’s no reason to lie about it, the first few months of writing were ridiculously draining and a lot more of a pain than a pleasure. It was supposed to be fun right? We made it all the way to this point to just struggle some more. So, you can probably imagine that when the flood gates burst this past January and inspiration started filling us up again, we were more than willing to let it take us wherever it wanted. We’ve written a lot of songs I never thought we would write. And we aren’t done yet! The writing will continue even as we enter the studio… Which, of course, is what I’m writing you about right now.

The guys and I went in to record a song for our 4th album about a week and a half ago. Except that we weren’t exactly sure how it was going to go or that the end result would be something we actually wanted to use, it was all very exciting. At the end of our time in the studio, it was clear to us that this was definitely right! So without delaying any longer, we would like to announce that our 4th album’s producer is Justin Meldal-Johnsen. And what the heck, we might as well tell you that the one song we recorded will be called “Daydreaming”. (It’s the one we “tweeted” about writing in a hotel room in LA back in Feb).

In case you can’t tell, we’re working on a pretty strange schedule, by our standards. There has never been so much time and care put into a Paramore album. Usually, we are rushing to make a very strict deadline which so far has just not been right for this record. We cannot assure you it will be out this year. What we can tell you is that from now on, when we go in to create this thing, whether for a day at a time or for a month, you will be kept more informed. It is a total joy to make our fans/family a part of what we do because we couldn’t do it without you anyway.
Phew! It feels so good to get all that out there… Felt like I was going to word vomit on twitter or something if I didn’t write this soon.

The guys and I have been constantly amazed at the enthusiasm and excitement we’ve seen on fansites/blogs/in handwritten letters/and elsewhere. Again, we just want to say thank you for your patience and the way you’ve kept us hungry to make music and to play shows. This is a very incredible life to live and you have all been the best reminder of that.

See you around the internet, surfing Tumblr and Twitter and all that mess… But not Facebook. I don’t know how to use it.

Dispatching for Paramore,

22 Feb 2012

Paramore to cover mewithoutYou?

Hayley commented on Absolute Punk’s site that she would be interested in covering a mewithoutYou song, “Tie Me up, untie me!”.

Listen to Tie Me up, untie me! and let us know your thoughts about this!

26 Dec 2011

Chad Gilbert has Hayley Williams Singing backups

Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, Hayley’s boyfriend, had Hayley and Paramore’s touring member Jon’s wife Natalie Taylor sing backups for some of his own songs! Chad had tweeted this: “Check out this vid of @yelyahwilliams & @NatTaylorMusic singing backups on one of my new What’s Eating Gilbert songs!”

Chad’s tweet

You can check out the video below:

Please comment and let us know what you think! Also please follow Chad’s blog. You can also follow him on
twitter @XChadballX.

05 Dec 2011

FBR Holiday Sale letter & In the Mourning

Paramore wrote a special letter for the Fueled By Ramen Holiday Sale. Read it below!

In The Mourning will be released in two hours! Keep your eyes and ears open!

08 Nov 2011

Lots of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates around here, we’ve all been very busy and there’s a lot of news on Paramore now!

“Hello Cold World”, one of the singles of Paramore’s “Singles Club” was released yesterday. You can buy it from the Paramore webstore. We will not post the link here, but we’re sure you can find it on YouTube or Tumblr if you look closely enough. We can however post the lyrics for HCW, enjoy!

I feel happy, I feel sad
I feel like runnin’ through the walls
I’m overjoyed, I’m undecided
I don’t know who I am
Well, maybe I’m not perfect
At least I’m working on it
Twenty-two was like
the worst idea that I have ever had
It’s too much pain
it’s too much freedom
What should I do with this
It’s not the way you plan it
it’s how you make it happen
yeah it’s how you make it happen

It’s such a cold, cold world (hello cold world)
and I can’t get out
so I’ll just make the best
of everything we’ll never have
Such a cold, cold world (hello cold world)
and it’s got me down
But I’ll get right back up as long
as it spins around
Hello cold world

Girls and boys keep lining up
to see if they can measure up
And they look good and they feel wild
but it will never be enough
You say you’re really hurting
at least you’re feeling something
We can hope
and we can pray
that everything will work out fine
but you can’t just stay down on your knees.
The revolution is outside.
You wanna make a difference
get out and go and get it
woah get out and go and get it


Oh whoa

Don’t need my eyes open wide (oh whoa)
I just wanna feel something

It’s such a cold, cold world (hello cold world)
and I can’t get out
so I’ll just make the best
of everything we’ll never have
Such a cold, cold world (hello cold world)
and it’s got me down
But I’ll get right back up as long as it spins around
Spins around (oh whoa)
Hello cold world

And unfortunately Paramore did not win the “biggest fans” award at the EMAs, Lady Gaga did. Don’t let it bring you down though, we all know who should’ve won. ;)

Hayley also tweeted that the band is heading to studio again, can’t wait for thr 4th album!

10 Oct 2011

Paramore Singles Club

The waiting is over! The studio version of Renegade is ready for you guys to download along with In The Mourning, Monster and a brand new song called “Hello Cold World”! Paramore just posted a blog on their website to tell you how it works to get these songs. Read their message below:

For months now, we’ve promised that we’d be releasing some new songs before the end of the year. Well, here is where we finally make good on all of that. We are very happy to announce the Paramore Singles Club that will be happening throughout the rest of the year. This club is our way of getting these songs directly to the Paramore family. The only place you will be able to get them is on so think of these songs as our little secret to you.

As most of you already know, when we went into the studio at the beginning of the year to record “Monster” we also recorded a few other songs. By now, you might’ve heard an acoustic version of “In The Mourning” on the YouTubez and you might’ve caught a clip of “Renegade” at the beginning of our “From The Field” Warped Tour webisodes or live at the FBR15 show in NYC. There is one, however, that should be completely brand-spankin’ new to all of you and that one, dear friends, is entitled “Hello Cold World”.

If you join, you will get a download of one of the songs every couple of weeks and at the end of it, we’ll send you a limited edition 7″ box set. We’re only making 3,500 of these sets which include four 7″ records – one for each of the new songs plus “Monster”. We’ll have more details for you about the artwork and packaging as soon as it’s totally finished.

We really wanted to do something special for all of you around the holidays to thank you for making 2011 so amazing and sticking with us as we go into 2012 and start working on the new album. So, without making this any longer than it already is, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us.

We are Paramore,
Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor

-Renegade MP3
-Hello Cold World MP3
-In The Mourning MP3
-limited-edition 7″ box set
-‘bars’ t-shirt
-access to Singles Club-only merchandise

-Renegade MP3
-Hello Cold World MP3
-In The Mourning MP3
-limited-edition 7″ box set
-access to Singles Club-only merchandise

-Renegade MP3
-Hello Cold World MP3
-In The Mourning MP3
-‘bars’ t-shirt
-access to Singles Club-only merchandise

-Renegade MP3
-Hello Cold World MP3
-In The Mourning MP3
-access to Singles Club-only merchandise

And just a little reminder,
if YOU want to prove that Paramore have the biggest fans in the world, make sure to vote for yourself HERE! You can vote as much as you want. Let’s give them the chance to win another EMA!