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Stay The Night Music Video premiere

Zedd tweeted that he’ll be premiering the music video for “Stay The Night” featuring Hayley Williams on VEVO tomorrow. Who is excited? We’ll be updating this post with more information on the premiere as soon as possible!

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Making of the Stay The Night music video

The making of video for Zedd and Hayley’s Stay The Night has arrived! The actual video comes out on September 23rd but while you’re waiting, check out this little preview below. Beautiful!

Read more about the making of the video right here.

Hayley also did an interview with Yahoo! Shine and talks about her MAC Cosmetics make up series, her skin and their upcoming tours. Read it here.

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Stay the Night by Zedd feat Hayley Williams

Hayley is featured on Zedd’s new song, “Stay The Night” out next week on September 10th! Below is a preview for the song, what do you think? Very different than Airplanes!

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‘Paramore’ certified gold in Australia!

Paramore’s self-titled album has received a gold certification in Australia having sold over 35,000 copies both physical and digital! Paramore has been doing really well in Australia, when the album was released it debuted at #1! In order to receive the next cerfitication, a platinum certification, 70,000 copies need to be sold. Congratulations for this milestone!

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Paramore filming Ain’t It Fun

The fanbase has been hit with these two new pictures of Paramore, supposedly shooting the new “Ain’t It Fun” music video (that’s why Hayley’s hair is now blue). Pictures taken by Jory Lee Cordy.

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All We Know Is Falling is 8 years old!

Paramore’s debut album, All We Know Is Falling, was released exactly eight years ago! In honor of AWKIF, Hayley posted the following picture on her Instagram and wrote:

yelyahwilliams Instagramissa

Our 1st album is 8 yrs old today!! So crazy. Touring on our debut album held some of the greatest experiences I’ll ever know. Seeing the country for the 1st time from the back of our 12-passenger van, getting kicked out of venues after our sets cause we weren’t old enough to really hang there, playing our first sold out show at Beat Kitchen in Chicago! So many memories. Picture to the left is from our 1st SXSW show. (Jerm and I were trying so hard to be tough, even though he’s wearing a headband and I’m wearing a Harry Potter shirt.) And the one on the bottom right is from our very 1st show ever after we got signed to @fueledby … We opened for Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is… , Gym Class Heroes and Silverstein. (Yeah, some newbies don’t know but I played guitar at acoustic shows back then). Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who’s come along with us on the most ridiculous rollercoaster ride ever. Here’s to 8 more years?!

What’s your favorite song off of AWKIF? Please let us know in our chatbox!

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