04 Apr 2013

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge videos

If you missed the radio show on BBC Radio 1 yesterday, you can now watch it on Youtube!

04 Apr 2013

C-side of “Paramore”

C-side of “Paramore” has been published. You can listen to it below.
It includes Still Into You, Anklebiters, Interlude: Holiday, Proof and Hate To See Your Heart Break. Remember that Side-D, the last side of “Paramore” is going to be out tonight on!

03 Apr 2013

Listen to Side B

You can now listen to the B-side of “Paramore”. It can be found on but it has also been uploaded to Youtube.

02 Apr 2013

The B-side of “Paramore”

The B-side of “Paramore” will be streamed tonight on at 7 PM EST.
You can find the exact address here. The songs that are going to be premiered tonight are –
Interlude: Moving On, Ain’t It Fun, Part II and Last Hope.

Side C will be streamed on the 3rd of April and Side D on the 4th.
So be sure to check them all out!

02 Apr 2013

Side A of Paramore

You can now listen to the side A of “Paramore” on Paramore’s official website.
Side A includes Fast In My Car, Now, Grow up and Daydreaming.
If you wish to listen to the songs, you can find them here!
Or you can just watch the video below!

28 Mar 2013

Paramore to premiere starting from Monday!

“Visit for 4 nights starting Monday, April 1st to hear Paramore’s new album 1 side at a time. Each night, Paramore more will be playing 1 side of the vinyl version of the new album. Don’t miss it!

Side A: Monday, April 1st
Side B: Tuesday, April 2nd
Side C: Wednesday, April 3rd
Side D: Thursday, April 4th.”