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Paramore on VH1 Divas Salute the Troops

Don’t forget to watch Paramore on VH1’s Divas Salute the Troops on Sunday night! Here’s a little bit of a preview for the show ;)

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Taylor & Jeremy talk to NME

The boys talk about touring, about the o2 arena and so on!

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Playing God now on YouTube!

Watch the “Playing God” music video also on YouTube:

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Playing God music video premieres today!

Paramore’s newest music video for their single, Playing God, will premiere today at 12:00pm EST on Paramore.net. The members of the official Paramore fanclub (PFC) will be able to watch the video on the fanclub website at 11:45am EST, so a little bit earlier. The music video is directed by the best director in the world, Brandon Chesbro.

We’ve seen some promos and behind the scenes pics that give us a good impression what the video will be like, but I bet the actual video will blown us away! Below are some more promo pics of the video. They were taken by Ethan Luck.

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Josh’s life story in Manchester

Josh had a private “M&G” with some fans in Manchester on November 12th, at a “secret location”, where he talked about his life, religion and so on. The event was for those who bought an e-ticket to the Manchester (?) show only, and they were emailed about it. I heard the whole band wanted to participate in this, but due to travelling and their schedule only Josh could, I’m very proud of Josh for doing this, he’s a sweetheart.

I think this is very generous of Josh and must’ve been a great experience! Thanks to @jon_hodges and @FrancesEatWorld on Twitter, we have some pictures from that event, and they’re being added to our gallery as I type. From what I’ve heard, I gathered that he talked for two hours, chatted & hung out with the fans and took pictures with them. :)

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Another video “blog”, from Liverpool!

Hayley posted another video on her Tumblr YouTube account, it’s a short one, but worth watching! Taylor and Jeremy are also present.

Testies 1,2,3…
Hello from backstage in Liverpool?

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