17 Dec 2010

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Today is the 21st birthday of Paramore’s guitarist, Taylor Benjamin York! On behalf of all of us here at Paramore Online, I’d like to wish Taylor a happy birthday! We love you!

14 Dec 2010

2011/2012: NEW ALBUM!

It’s been 16 months ago since Brand New Eyes, Paramore’s current record, has been released and according to the band “Playing God” is their last single of this album. They have added some South American tour dates for next year in Febuary/March, but what are their plans after that tour?
In THIS MTV interview Taylor and Hayley told us they will be taking time off to write for a new record which will probably be released at the end of next year or in the beginning of 2012. What are YOUR thoughts about it? Answer this poll and find out what other fans have picked!

What do you think about Paramore writing a new album in 2011?

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07 Dec 2010

VH1 Divas & Jingle Ball 2010 performances

Paramore went to Seattle on December 4th to perform at 106.1 KISS FM Jingle Bell Bash.

The Setlist was:

1. Ignorance
2. Feeling Sorry
3. That’s What You Get
4. For A Pessmist
5. Emergency
6. Playing God
7. Decode
8. Miracle (outro)
9. Crushcrushcrush
10. Pressure
11. The Only Exception
12. Brick By Boring Brick
13. Misery Business

You can watch all videos of this performance HERE

Also, two videos of Paramore’s VH1 Divas Salute the Troops performance are up on MTV.

Introduction + The Only Exception: HERE

07 Dec 2010

More Interviews

Here’s an interview with B.o.B and Hayley at 102.7 KIIS FM Jingle Ball in LA. They’ve got some interesting christmas gifts!


Z100 NYC Jingle Ball interview with Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley:

There are tons of other new interviews online with Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley. I listed all of the new stuff here, in case you want to watch them. Have fun! :)

Hayley talking about performing at VH1 divas
Hayley talking about their Grammy nominations
107.9 The End Jingle Ball interview with Jeremy and Hayley
“Playing God” is the last single off of Brand New Eyes!
Hayley and Taylor about Paramore’s most meaningful moment
7 year old Matty B. rapps for Hayley and B.o.B
Johnny & Jayde interview Taylor, Hayley and Jeremy

04 Dec 2010

Paramore collaboration with B.o.B?

There’s something that B.o.B and Paramore have planned for us. In a recent interview B.o.B mentioned he will do another collaboration not only with Hayley but with Paramore IF he wins a Grammy.

Here are some videos of Hayley talking about B.o.B and the nominations:

She also added in an MTV interview:

“Oh yeah, well I think we just entered into a verbal contract about it right here,” Williams said, smiling. “We’ll definitely do it … I love music, I love working with other artists, as long as I feel it’s true to me as well. I wouldn’t have done ‘Airplanes’ if I listened to it and thought, ‘Uh, I don’t really care.’ But I heard it and I heard something really special, and I related to it.”

What are your thoughts about this idea? Would you like to hear a Paramore/B.o.B collaboration or do you think “Airplanes” featuring Hayley is enough?

04 Dec 2010

A day in the life of Paramore…

…with Jeremy and Taylor showing us some backstage stuff!