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BNE went Platinum in Australia!

Brand New Eyes got sold 70.000 times in Australia. Congrats, Paramore!! Jeremy tweeted a photo of the plaque:

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In other news, Paramore will be performing at Jingle Ball 2010 on December 3rd in Sacramento, CA! B.o.B, Jesse McCartney and 3OH!3 will be performing there as well. :)

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VH1 Divas Salute The Troops

Paramore and are going to take part in this years “VH1 Divas” as well as Katy Perry, Sugarland, Keri Hilson and Nicki Minaj. They’ll be singing for the military through a partnership with the USO. It premieres Dec. 5 on VH1! :)

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Hayley on drums, again!

Check out Hayley’s awesome drumming skills with her iron man mask and Jury & the Saints! Pretty good, huh? ;)

Also, Paramore’s songs “Ignorance” and “Brick By Boring Brick” are featured on the game Disney Sing It: Party Hits which is available now.

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Hayley & Jeremy NZ interview

Here’s an interview from New Zealand with Hayley and Jeremy!

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Dolarhyde feat. Hayley – “We All Fall Down”

Hayley sang as guestvocal on the song called “We All Fall Down” by this band from Nashville, TN called Dolarhyde. You can hear her short part towards the end.

Listen here!

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Zac & Taylor: No Twitter + Kerrang!

Zac and Taylor deleted (or deactivated) their Twitters over the weekend. There have been some stupid rumors floating around, speculating will Paramore now split up. The answer is: “No”. You people really shouldn’t make these kind of sumptions over some social networking sites. ;) I’d say the boys just got tired of having Twitter, but also some behavior of the so-called Paramore fans might have influenced this, however, Twitter is not the answer to everything and I think it’s way too overrated. This is also a good time for me to say; remember what you say online, what you wouldn’t say offline, don’t say it online. And even in real life, think about what you say.

Enough about preaching, Kerrang has a special edition that has around 10 posters of Paramore! There are some posters and pics I’ve never seen! If you wish to see some of the pics in this Kerrang!, someone kindly took pics of those and posted them at the LiveJournal Community. Click here to see them.

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