04 Nov 2010

Playing God: Behind the scenes

As you might know, Paramore shot their video for “Playing God” two days ago and Brandon Chesbro directed it.
Here’s one picture that could give you some hints of what this video is going to be about:

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Check the gallery for some more behind the scenes pictures of the music video!

04 Nov 2010

Taylor and his Fender guitars

25 Oct 2010

You Ain’t Woman Enough

Preview of the studio version: LISTEN HERE!
We’ll get to hear the full version of it as soon as Loretta Lynn’s tribute album comes out which is on November 9th! :D

Also, check out this video from the Australia/NZ tour with Relient K, Jury & the Saints and of course Paramore:

23 Oct 2010

Airplanes Live in Nashville, TN!

B.o.B had a show in Nashville, TN, USA at the Vanderbilt University Homecoming Concert. He played Airplanes and because this was Hayley’s hometown show, she joined B.o.B on stage to perform their hit song, Airplanes! As said before, Airplanes will be seen live the third time at the EMAs in Madrid, Spain on Nov 7th! We also have a picture of Hayley and B.o.B backstage of the Nashville show last night, it’s the latest add in our gallery – check it out!

It has been confirmed that Brandon Chesbro, Paramore’s friend who directed “The Only Exception” will also be directing the music video for “Playing God”. Hayley’s car, which broke down, Miss Anne, will be making a cameo appearance in the video!

21 Oct 2010

“Airplanes” at the EMA’s 2010

One of the performers who were announced today were B.o.B together with Hayley. They’ll be both performing “Airplanes” at the EMA’s 2010. Looks like Paramore are not going to perform :(

I’ll be mentioning it here again, please vote for Paramore to win “Best Alternative” here:

20 Oct 2010

“Playing God” single release date

As you already know, Playing God is going to be the next UK single. Paramore are going to shoot the music video soon! The release date is on November 15th in the UK :)

Also, if you’re a huge fan, don’t forget to vote for them in the category “Best Alternative” for the EMA Awards!
Voting ends on November 4th. KEEP VOTING! :)