14 Nov 2010

Another video “blog”, from Liverpool!

Hayley posted another video on her Tumblr YouTube account, it’s a short one, but worth watching! Taylor and Jeremy are also present.

Testies 1,2,3…
Hello from backstage in Liverpool?

10 Nov 2010

Hayley’s interview with Nate Ruess of fun.

Hayley interviewed a fellow label mate, Nate Ruess of fun. a while back, before these bands went on the UK tour! Nate also interviewed Hayley, and did NOT ask about her hair, which Hayley found positive. ;) Read the interviews here.

We have added a lot of pictures from the EMAs 2010 to our gallery, there should be a post about it later, but you may go and check those out now. :) What did you people think of Hayley’s make up?

09 Nov 2010

Hayley’s Tumblr videos

Hayley uploaded some videos for her Tumblr. This one was backstage at the EMA’s before the show started.

First day into the UK tour in Nottingham, UK with Hayley and Jeremy:

09 Nov 2010

Congratulations, Paramore!

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Sunday night was a lucky one for Paramore. Johnny Knoxville presented the “Best Alternative” award and you guys voted enough to let the guys and Hayley win. They’ve got their first EMA ever and I’m sure we are all very proud of them. They deserved it! Congratulations, Paramore!! :D

You can watch this and Hayley’s & B.o.b’s performance again on

Check out the Gallery for more pictures of EMA’s!

04 Nov 2010

Playing God: Behind the scenes

As you might know, Paramore shot their video for “Playing God” two days ago and Brandon Chesbro directed it.
Here’s one picture that could give you some hints of what this video is going to be about:

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Check the gallery for some more behind the scenes pictures of the music video!

04 Nov 2010

Taylor and his Fender guitars